Disney Christmas Mickey Ears from Small Shops

Disney Christmas Mickey Ears from Small Shops

If you’re planning a trip to the happiest place on Earth during the merriest time of the year, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re ready for all the festive fun! We believe that a pair of Christmas Mickey Ears or Minnie ears are the key to elevating any outfit at Disney and always add the perfect touch of magic.  Whether you’re keeping your outfits simple or adding a bit more holiday flair, a pair of festive ears is the perfect accessory to show your love for the mouse and the most wonderful time of the year.

Disney Inspired Etsy Shops for Handmade Mickey Ears

There are so many amazing small shops out there now that create unique and comfortable ears and we’ve scoured Instagram for some of our favorites for this holiday season.These are all tried and true small shops that we’ve personally purchased ears from or have received lots of recommendations from our friends, so hopefully this list helps you find your next favorite pair or Etsy small shop!

Disney Christmas

Magic Mouse Ears Mickey Christmas Ears

For some of the most creative and well made ears we have ever seen, Magic Mouse Ears blows us away every time she releases a new design. If you follow Jen on Instagram, you will know that these ears go FAST. And when I say fast, I mean like you-better-not-blink fast. They usually sell out in less than a minute.  She restocks her ears every Thursday at 9pm EST and every week her lineup is a little different. She occasionally holds lotteries, giveaways and auctions as well, so be sure to follow her on Instagram for all the magic!

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Ears by Ray Winter Big Bows

Home of the original big bow, Ray makes simple but fun 3-D printed ears, and of course, topped off with a big bow! We have been purchasing ears from Ray for a long time and she is always such a joy to work with! Whether you’re looking for some classic staples to add to your ear collection or for a festive big bow for Christmas at Disney, her ears are super lightweight, comfortable and always receive lots of compliments. Be sure to check her out on Instagram for new designs, sales and all ofher love for Epcot.:)

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Castle Bound Supply Co Floral Holiday Mickey Ears

Castle Bound Supply Co pretty much makes our jaws drop every time she releases a new design. This boss babe is the queen of unique and sometimes over the top floral Mickey ears and her holiday designs are no different. Her ears go lightning fast too, so if you have your heart set on a specific set of ears, you’ll have to be quick! We’ve been lucky enough to score several pairs of her floral ears and are always thrilled with the final product. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for her new releases, shop openings, and her adventures!

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The Magic Shoppe 3-D printed Holiday MickeyEars

3-D printed ears are slowly becoming some of our favorites and we absolutely love The Magic Shoppe for their quality and designs. One of our favorite things about this shop is that most of their ears are customizable! For any of the designs, you get to choose the bow color, ear color and whether or not you want glitter! They’re so fun to work with and you can truly come up with one of a kind Mickey Ears for your trip. Their service is amazing, the quality is fantastic and Amy and Jon are some of the nicest shop owners we’ve come across. For all the 3-D printed fun, be sure to follow them here!

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Ears Full of Sugar Holiday Mickey Mouse Ears

Best known for her confetti ears(and now she actually makes an entire confetti box!), we think that all of Ears Full of Sugar ears are practically perfect in every way! We are loving her holiday collection and she even sells scrunchies, scarves and headbands!  Whether you’re looking for something holiday specific or something more seasonally themed, you’re sure to have a jolly holiday with ears from EFS. For new designs, shop announcements and New England fun, make sure to follow her Instagram account here. We know Mary Poppins would approve!

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KulturShop Christmas Mickey Mouse Ears

If there’s one thing that Daisy from KulturShop knows,  its how to make us all feel just like a princess! From her gorgeous floral crowns to her beautifully crafted Mouse Ears, there’s no denying that there’s a lot of magic put into every item she makes. We are huge fans of her jeweled Christmas Ears and received so many compliments on them last year, even from Minnie Mouse herself! You can follow her on Instagram here to see all of her gorgeous creations and follow along on her Disneyland adventures!

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Bowtiful Mouse Ears Holiday Mouse Ears

For fun fabrics and beautifully crafted Minnie ears, Vanessa from Bowtiful Mouse Ears has lots to choose from.  Whether you’re in need of some classics or something a little more fun, her ears are so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them! We are loving her buffalo plaid ears for the season and are trying to find everything to match them.  She also recently came out with velvet ears and we are seriously in love! For shop updates, new designs and sales, be sure to follow her Instagram.

MainStreet Marvels 3-D printed Gingerbread Mickey Ears

Another 3-D printed ear shop, Mainstreet Marvels is anything but ordinary! Their designs are unique and gorgeously crafted. From simple to intricately detailed painted designs, we are always amazed at their creations. We are swooning over their new Gingerbread Ears and they even made matching ornaments! And if you’re looking for something specific, they do take custom orders as well. You can follow them here for all the 3-D printed magic.

Christmas Mickey Ears on ETSY

We hope you have found this to be helpful on your quest for the perfect Mouse Ears this holiday season! There are so many talented ears designers in the Disney community and this is just a small sampling of some of our favorites! Happy shopping and cheers to finding the perfect pair of ears!

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