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5 Things to Do when Crowds at Disney are High

5 Things to Do when Crowds at Disney are High

It seems lately that crowds at Walt Disney World are more unpredictable than ever, and more importantly that they’re always higher than we expect. This doesn’t have to ruin your vacation though! Luckily, Walt Disney World has plenty to do when the crowd levels are high and we are here to share a few of our favorites!

Take the Monorail Loop to the Resorts

When the crowd levels in the Parks get a little too bothersome, why not hop on the monorail and explore some of the resorts on the monorail loop? Whether you love the island vibes of the Polynesian Resort or want to relax in the splendor of the Grand Floridian, the monorail resorts have a lot to offer! Try out Contempo Café at The Contemporary for lunch, grab a Dole Whip and relax on the beaches of the Polynesian or head to the new Enchanted Rose for a quick bite and a drink at the Grand Floridian. 

Check out a show at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has plenty of shows scattered throughout the Parks if you need to escape the crowds for a bit. We are big fans of the Frozen Sing-a-Long (don’t worry, its super funny!) and The Beauty and The Beast-Live on Stage in Hollywood Studios, Festival of the Lion King in Animal Kingdom, Philharmagic in Magic Kingdom and a variety of the shows that can be seen in Epcot. These shows are great to take a break from the heat, rain and yes, even the crowds. 

Take the Skyliner to Disney’s Riviera

Walt Disney World recently opened its new Riviera Resort and with it, a variety of new places to grab coffee, a treat or even a full meal. With a cute new gift shop, fun new murals and a life size chess board, this resort is super fun to explore. And if you’re looking to relax, walk over to Caribbean beach and lounge on the hammocks or grab a bite at Sebastian’s Bistro!

Head to the Boardwalk

The Boardwalk continues to be one of the best kept secrets at Walt Disney World and we can’t get enough. To get there, take the skyliner to Epcot and instead of heading to Epcot when you arrive, go the other direction. Or if you’re already in Epcot, exit through the back between the UK pavilion and France. At the boardwalk, you’ll find beautiful beaches for relaxing, gift shops, a bakery, restaurants and even a piano bar. The Boardwalk really comes alive at nighttime and it’s the perfect escape from the crowds.

Take a trip to Disney Springs

When the crowd levels at Walt Disney World get too high, why not head over to Disney Springs? Disney Springs has some of the best shopping, dining and even entertainment options you could ask for. And even when the Parks get crowded, Disney Springs has plenty of room to spread out. It’s an easy bus ride from the Parks and most resorts, walk from Saratoga Springs and boat ride from Port Orleans.

When the Parks get crowded, there are plenty of things to do that don’t require you brave them. Happy Traveling!

Crowds at Walt Disney World have been very overwhelming lately! With the elimination of the off-season and everyone who is anyone traveling to Disney parks, everything is getting more crowded. Thankfully, it doesn't have to ruin your Disney Vacation. Here are our TOP 5 TIPS of how to deal with the crowds at Walt Disney World. Disney tips for Your Disney Vacation #polkadotpixies  #waltdisneyworld #disneyfamily #disney2020

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