Beauty and the Beast Cooking Class for kids

Beauty and the Beast Cooking Class for kids

Have you guys seen the new Beauty and the Beast soup pot that Disney and Le Creuset teamed up to create? Holy canoli, it is gorgeous! Aannndd expensive.  But still gorgeous and its limited edition, so I’m sure its going to fly right off the shelves. Anyway, everyone is going crazy for Beauty and the Beast right now(including us!) so of course when Williams-Sonoma announced they’d be selling the coveted soup pot(who knew that’d ever be a thing?), they also decided to integrate the Beauty and the Beast theme into one of their Junior Chef cooking classes.

Wait, you didn’t know that Williams-Sonoma had cooking classes for kids? Don’t worry, neither did I. I only found out because I was searching for that blasted soup pot and it popped up in the promo.

The Junior Chef Cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma are actually pretty awesome. And the best part? Some are even free. Can’t go wrong with free classes, especially when you’re looking for things for the kids.

So how does it work? Well its super easy, and seriously I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before. Maybe its because I’m not really a mall shopper, but there’s actually a promo board outside their door that advertises a product on the top and then in smaller print near the bottom, tells you about upcoming events in store. Just call and register your kid beforehand and you’re set. They’re usually held at 10 am on Saturdays and are held 1-2 times per month. You can find the list for events here. Check with your local store for details.

After talking the awesome teacher of this particular class, she said most of them are free. They host an American Girl cooking class from time to time and generally those will run you about $30, but the class itself does include an American Girl branded item to take home with you from the class. So if you’ve got an American Girl fan, you know that stuff isn’t cheap anyway so its probably still not too bad of a deal. If there is a cost associated with the class, it will be listed on the events link I gave you above.

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about this class. I really wasn’t sure if it was going to be too cheesy or more like a demo rather than a class but I figured, what the heck, its free. So we tried it. G loves to cook and I am always trying to find ways to encourage that passion, so it seemed like a fun opportunity.

The teacher started out by having the kids wash up and then explained what they would be making. At our store, in a mall near Cleveland, the class is just held near the front of the store and you can hang out and watch or walk around and shop for a bit if you’re not into what they’re making or if you have some shopping to get done. I stayed because I was curious and of course because I wanted to be the embarassing mom taking a million photos.

This particular class they made Beastly Bread Pudding and Chip’s favorite Banana-Oat Chocolate Chip cookies to go with the Beauty and the Beast theme. So bread pudding is actually kinda gross to make; I mean soggy bread in general is just not appetizing, but I thought she did a great job explaining the directions and really delivering it on a child’s level so that it was fun and easy to understand while keeping their attention. And guys, that bread pudding was actually SO GOOD! Like surprisingly so good.

Since bread pudding has to soak for a while, she had actually already made a batch for the kids and parents to try before starting on the cookies. She sent their creations home in a container so that we could finish cooking it at home, along with the toppings for the bread pudding.

Once they started on the cookies, again I thought she did a really great job of explaining it to the kids. If you know anything about Disney’s mission for kids, they try to stay away from large portion sizes, extra added sugar, you get the point. So the cookies actually didn’t have sugar but a mashed banana for sweetness. Again I thought she did a really great job of explaining this to the kids in a way they could understand. I mean overripe bananas do look pretty gross and everyone was kinda like, you want me to put that in a cookie? But yea she did great explaining it.  The cookies only contained 5 ingredients so they were able to whip those up pretty quickly and she baked them right in the store. They were super cute and were supposed to look like Beast….seriously how cute?? They were actually pretty good for a healthy cookie, so again I was pretty impressed.

One perk for the parents she did mention while they were cooking is that you get a 10% discount on everything in the store the day that your child is in class. So if you need to purchase anything from Williams Sonoma, I’d take advantage of that. I love that store and could probably go bankrupt just by shopping there, so I personally just browsed, but I thought that was a pretty nice perk considering the class was free to begin with!

If your kids love to cook, or even have a slight interest in cooking or baking, I would definitely recommend checking this out. It can sometimes be difficult trying to find free stuff for kids to do that they actually enjoy and I thought this class fit the bill.  Happy cooking!! Have you tried a Junior Chef class before? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclosure: Neither myself nor this blog is associated with Williams-Sonoma. I just wanted to give an honest review to inform other moms about this experience!