Kona Cafe Breakfast at The Polynesian Resort Disney Restaurant

Kona Cafe Breakfast at The Polynesian Resort Disney Restaurant

Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe. It’s a big deal. Apparently you can even get variations of Tonga Toast, and if you’re like us, we see the pictures of this magical toast all over the place. Who knew two pieces of bread with some bananas in the middle french toasted up in cinnamon and sugar could be so good! It is….but that’s not all you can get at a Kona Cafe Breakfast. Lets start with that flight of mimosas…

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kona cafe at disney polynesian resort

Kona Cafe Menu

So, I don’t usually go straight for the bubbly, but this had been a crisis kinda morning, so decided to just dive right in.  You can choose from orange, cranberry, pineapple and grapefruit mimosas. You get three of the four and let me just say, it’s an awesome way to start off the morning! Especially since no matter what you’re eating, sipping on these darling cups just makes everything slow down a bit. If you’re part of the Disney World for Adults crowd and not as stoked about the Ohana Lilo and Stich character breakfast, Kona Cafe can offer you some fun quite early in the day . Always a nice treat.

flight of mimosas at kona cafe polynesian disney

Breakfast at Kona Cafe

Ok, ok, onto the main attraction. Melanie bit the bullet and got the Tonga Toast, which just looked amazing but also GIGANTIC.  This is a 12inch dinner plate and you can see the shadow from that toast- a good 5 inches I’d say. Lots of toast. Of course a breakfast full of  carbs always worries us- we’re from the midwest and without surfing as a daily physical activity we are very very aware of what all carbs does so early in the morning, so she got baby broccoli ( the best ever) to balance things out a bit. The broccoli is not on the menu by the way— but we always ask for broccoli- I mean, it’s a kitchen, who doesn’t have broccoli on hand?

tonga toast at the polynesian kona cafe

G and I ended up getting a typical breakfast with eggs, sausage, and a mickey muffin ( macadamia nut). At first we thought these were little hash browns, but alas no.  So cute. This breakfast by the way was much more portion sized to the point where I could have actually finished it, nothing like the Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno. And I probably would have finished it had it not been for all the mimosas, and cappuccino, and tea… I do have a slight need to have ALL the beverages- especially cozy ones- when we go anywhere.

breakfast at kona cafe polynesian

Easy Mornings at The Polynesian Resort

The other major treat of having breakfast at Kona Cafe is, you guessed it, because its at The Polynesian- our most favorite Disney Resort. Apart from roaming the Moana Mercantile, and peering into the displays of the original Pineapple Princess, Minnie Mouse we love love love the whole island atmosphere and can always daydream about island living, with a dole whip stand near by.

Polynesian Pineapple Princess Minnie Mouse

Hidden Mickeys at The Polynesian

Perhaps you have travel friends who are in need of the tonga toast, but you have no interest? No worries, you can always just stop and grab a mocha at the Kona counter. I always get these made with the almond milk and they are amazing. While you’re there,  be sure to look down at the counter near the fruit bowl while you wait.

Hidden Mickeys can be spotted all over the Polynesian!

hidden mickeys at polynesian resort

This hidden mickey is crafted with the hanging lanterns, and if you get in the exact right just near the entrance of Kona Café, you can see it.

polynesian resort hidden mickeys at walt disney world

There are tons upon tons of hidden mickey’s all over Walt Disney World, but at the Polynesian, since everyone is on island time you actually have time to roam around and find them! If you’re ready to be a die hard Hidden Mickey hunter, Be sure to download the Hiddey Mickey App. It’s 7.99 but for the money totally worth it- as it covers all the resorts, parks and Disney Springs.

Greetings from Walt Disney World

Another reason we love getting to the Polynesian early in the day is you get first dibs at the “Greetings from Walt Disney World” Coconuts you can send home for 20 bucks. We have searched for these the last 3 times we went to Disney with no luck! So were so so excited to finally get one. You can usually find them at the Polynesian and at Caribbean Beach Resort. As always check the shop parks app to see if they’re in stock before making the trip.

Greetings from Walt Disney World Coconut


polynesian resort at walt disney world

Whatever your morning plans you can’t go wrong with starting your day at the Polynesian. We especially recommend this on a day when you’re heading to Epcot or Magic Kingdom as you get the convenient monorail access to both parks.

So there you have it! Try out the tonga toast, sample some mimosas, grab a mocha, snag a souvenir or two and try to find those hidden mickeys. Our favorite mornings are the ones that start slow and easy and end on the beach at the Polynesian Villas. Try it sometime. You will be hooked.


Kona Cafe at the Polynesian is one on of those underrated disney restaurants that never lets you down. From mimosa flights, to capuccino, full breakfast to tonga toast, you're sure to find what you want here! #konacafe #disneyrestaurants #polynesianresort #disneytips #polkadotpixies

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