Christmas Peppermint Cookies and Cocoa Charcuterie Board

Christmas Peppermint Cookies and Cocoa Charcuterie Board

Looking for last minute treats to feed friends and family? Pull together a quick Christmas Cookies and Cocoa Charcuterie board. We chose a Peppermint flavor profile here to keep everything matching. But, no matter the flavor, you can make a few batches of cookies, whip up a batch of homemade cocoa and gather up your best marshmallows for a fast fun and festive treat. 

Christmas Charcuterie Board- Peppermint Edition

A classic Charcuterie board usually features meats and cheeses, in sparse little helpings of a wide variety. Here, we’re going to do the same thing. The best advice we can give is to make this simple. If you don’t have time to bake, run to the store for pretty cookies to display. If you don’t have cocoa on hand you can make your own with the easiest recipe, perfect for guests who need a milk alternative. Or grab last minutes cocoas from our post here. 

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Cookie and Cocoa Tray

Grab a tray that’s big enough to pile on your marshmallows, cocoas, and cookie selection. Believe it or not, you and your guests are not going to eat whole batches of cookies. So there is no need to set out tons of variety here. Just a few will do. 

Peppermint Cookies

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Peppermint Christmas Cookies

Peppermint Bark, Dark and White Chocolate cookies covered with crushed candy canes, and peppermint chocolate crinkles are easy to make and buy. If purchasing your peppermint treats, check out Williams Sonoma for the best bark, and Sur La Table for Valrhona chocolate cookies. 

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Cocoa and Peppermint Cocoa

If you have milk-sensitive friends and family or just people giving up dairy, make it easy and put together this 4 ingredient cocoa recipe, below. We also love grabbing hot cocoa from Starbucks and the Lake Champlain Chocolate Company.  If you’re making basic hot chocolate and need a peppermint boost, grab peppermints or candy canes and add them to your hot drink. 

Christmas Cookies and Cocoa Charcuterie Board


Our favorite marshmallows are usually in fun shapes or flavors. We added polar bears from Sur la Table, snowmen from Williams Sonoma and Smashmallows in Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Flavors. You can also add some coffee to the mix for a little Peppermint Mocha magic. P.S. If you’re more a gingerbread person, check out our Gingerbread Marshmallow Recipe and make a gingerbread board instead. 

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Vegan Hot Cocoa Recipe

This recipe is for dry cocoa mix. That way you can go sans dairy and add your own favorite milks, like almond or cashew.

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

December 24, 2019
: 40 Mugs
: Easy

A Quick and Easy Homemade Non-Dairy Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Recipe


  • 3 c. Organic Pure Cane Sugar- Granulated
  • 2 c. Organic Pure Light Brown Sugar
  • 3 c. Unsweetened Cocoa
  • 1 tbsp. Sea Salt
  • Step 1 1. Mix all ingredients
  • Step 2 2. Whisk together until smooth
  • Step 3 3. Store in an airtight Mason Jar
  • Step 4 Keep up to 2 months in a cool, dry place.

Christmas Peppermint Cookies and Cocoa Charcuterie Board just in time for a last minute holiday treat! #peppermintmocha #christmascookies #peppermintcocoa

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