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Cooking and Baking Supplies for the Disney Kitchen

Cooking and Baking Supplies for the Disney Kitchen

Stock your Kitchen with the Right Supplies

Whether you’re stocking your kitchen with cooking and baking supplies for the first time or just taking inventory and trying to figure out what you still need, we have some absolute kitchen must-haves for when hunger strikes. It is easy to get caught up buying all the things you think you need…but really how often are you making homemade pasta? Doesn’t your mom have a juicer you can borrow? This is the essential supply list you’ll need to be prepared for most things.

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On this list we’ve also added a little bit of Disney flair to this list because if you’re going to be in the kitchen, it should be fun!

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Measuring cups set and spoon set

We like it when things are easy. Getting a fresh set of measuring cups and spoons is always a good idea and this set comes together for 15.99  on amazon. They match. Love it. They’re stainless steel which means they’re easy to wash and don’t have any of that harmful non-stick stuff found in some baking supplies. They’re attached with a ring which can definitely help you from losing them. Yay!
Liquid Measuring Cup

We’ve used the same Anchor Hocking Glass Measuring cup for like 20 years. They last forever, are ultra durable and somehow no matter how much you use it or wash it that little red lettering does not come off. We always prefer glass to plastic because its easier to clean and better for the planet. An absolute must-have.



Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

This cookie cutter is 3 dollars cheaper at the Find the best Disney home products for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, outdoors and office when you shop at DisneyStore.com.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Disney Store than on Amazon. We love it for large cookies to make ice cream sandwiches or to use in our favorite Easter Sugar Cookie recipe. This is also perfect for the Mickey PB & J Sandwiches that require no-crust. Little G and I love using this for Eggs in a Basket. Just take a piece of bread and cut the mickey head right out of the middle. Spread coconut oil on one side of bread and put it oil side down in a frying pan. Then crack an egg in the mickey shaped hole. Voila… eggs in a basket. Disney Style.


disney kitchen supplies

Blender/Food Processor

Since we’re not usually making large batches of anything pureed, we love this smaller food processor with a spout.  Mainly too because I have a huge pet peeve about buying small kitchen gadgets that just get stored in a cupboard and never get used. This little kitchen aid is adorable, available in a ton of colors and small enough to put on your countertop for easy access. You can make smoothies, shakes, dole whip and pour the good stuff right out. You can also use it to chop veggies and all the other things a food processor does.




This past year I learned that electric teapots made of plastic can actually be horrible for you and cause all sorts of health problems! Even the BPA free ones still essentially house boiling water, which breaks down the lining, and gets chemicals in your water. As much tea as we drink, I couldn’t risk one more day of drinking plastic chemicals just because I wanted a convenient, decent hot cup of tea. I immediately bought this teapot for my mom as a result and then bought one for myself as well. I love it. It turns blue while boiling and automatically shuts off. It’s also on an electric base, so you can serve multiple cups without worrying about the cord. Buy it here.

Coffee Maker/Press

We go back and forth on all things coffee. A basic coffee maker usually suffices, but then we also have a french press, an espresso pot from IKEA, a chemex, and a cappuccino maker . I don’t have a Keurig mainly because of the crazy amount of waste those k-cups make, but other than that we’re pretty open about whatever kind of coffee maker floats your boat. Click here to see the lineup at amazon.


Mixing Bowl Set
Stainless Steel or Glass is best when it comes to mixing bowls. We like ones with lids. Mainly because sometimes those cookie recipes call for the dough to be chilled or set overnight. With these bowls you limit dirty dishes and are still able to preserve even the simplest things, like potato salad in the fridge without worry.  These are cheaper, but Cuisinart, so very good quality.







Cookie Sheet Set with Muffin Pan, Round Cake Pans and Cooling Rack : This superstar baking set is from Williams and Sonoma. We like the cake pans for the stacked birthday cakes, and the cookie sheets for all those Mickey cookies.


Cake Pan

If you get the baking set you’ll have two round cake pans for things like cinnamon rolls and tortes, but for brownies… you’re gonna need a good sturdy last-forever cake pan. The only downside of this one is that it doesn’t come with a lid, but for me the depth of the pan was more important than the lid- especially through the holidays when I’m making seven layer bars and all sort of goodies.

If you’re into baking enough to buy extra pans you’ll also need a Springform pan for cheesecakes, angel food cakes and deep dish pizzas and a Bread pan . Both of these are Williams and Sonoma Goldtouch nonstick and will last forever.

Silpat Baking Mat

Have you seen the adorable Mickey Macarons on pinterest lately? Perfect for Easter, and not as hard as you think to make with the right stuff. A cake decorators kit and a silpat will help you make those harder-to-make goodies. I use it for turtle cookies, macarons and anything involving merengue. I have two different sizes of these and am always super impressed at how well everything bakes on them.


One Awesome Disney Mug

This cute teacup has a teapot that matches, but you can go with any kind of mug. We like ours  big enough to hold soup or 20 oz of something cozy.


7 Qt Slow Cooker

I love love love this slow cooker, it’s cute and the perfect size. While it doesn’t match my kitchen, and isn’t on permanent display, it does come out when I make spinach artichoke dip, chili, and homemade applesauce. It’s easy to clean and an awesome way to show your secret Disney Side.

Le Creuset Cookware

You simply must have at least one le creuset dish! Especially helpful for baking then serving for holidays like Thanksgiving, these things will last forever, so they’re a great investment. And of course, they have a mickey mouse inspired dutch oven.

mickey mouse kitchen and baking supplies


Hopefully this list has helped you get a good idea of the things that will help make your kitchen more magical. Have fun with your Kitchen Spring Cleaning and let us know about your absolute must-haves in the kitchen. You can also start filling your cart up at shopDisney.com. Check out their whole kitchen section here. 

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