Is an Annual Pass to Walt Disney World Right For Your Family

Is an Annual Pass to Walt Disney World Right For Your Family
One of the most asked questions we get is whether or not a Disney Annual Pass is worth it. The real question isn’t whether or not the annual pass is worth it but more about whether or not a Walt Disney World annual pass is right for your family. How often will you visit Walt Disney World in one year? Will you actually take advantage of those impressive Annual Passholder discounts? How about the restaurant discounts? So many things to consider! Lets dive in. 
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Should you buy a Disney Annual Pass?

To level set, we are Walt Disney World annual pass holders, but we haven’t always been and may not always be. It’s  ahuge investment to make. And some years allow more travel than others. The Disney World Annual Pass is just that, ANNUAL. So consider there may be some years that it make sense for you, and other years that it doesn’t.

What Does a Disney World Pass Cost?

A Disney Platinum Pass is gonna cost you $1119 plus tax ( so 1192.74)- yep, you read that right- almost 1200 dollars a person.
And since Disney increases these prices often, always check the site to be sure of the current Disney Annual Pass price
The Disney Platinum Pass means there are no blackout dates and you do get a slew of perks. Here’s the snapshot of what you’ll get, but read the full post for ALL the perks of a Disney World Pass.
  • Admission for a year to all 4 theme parks
  • Free MagicBand
  • Park Hopper Status: Ability to visit all 4 theme parks on the same day
  • Disney PhotoPass downloads are included
  • Up to 20% off on select dining at select restaurants
  • Up to 20% off select merchandise in store or online at Shop Disney Parks, including 20% off a Disney Dooney.
  • Standard theme park parking
If you’re hoping to have pass holder status at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland then you’ll need a Premiere Passport. A premier passport costs $2099 a person. 
We’ve only actually been passholders for the last couple years. And while an annual pass has definitely changed the way we vacation, its also something that we always question when the time comes to renew.

Even as a Disney Passholder there are OTHER costs to a Vacation.

As Walt Disney World Annual Passholders that live in Ohio, there is a certain level of commitment involved to make the Disney Annual Pass worth it for us. We do try to visit the quarterly festivals at Epcot, and any new land opening, like Pandora, Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. And we always make sure to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. But, surely, there will be some years where 5-7 trips to Disney are out of the question. And as with any vacation we have to consider flight availability, flight cost, and if we can get time off of work. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! Think of everything else that may or may not work for your family? If you have kids in school, your own business travel, a job that doesn’t compensate vacation time. For us the holidays are jam packed and make another trip to Disney difficult. 

What is the Walt Disney World AP Cost Break Even Point?

So lets start with the cost breakdown here, since that’s usually one of the biggest factors in whether or not you will want to purchase a Walt Disney World annual pass. We’ve seen different figures from different sites, and especially now with tiered pricing in place, it can be slightly more difficult to calculate. Generally you start by figuring out exactly how many days you’d need to spend in the Parks to break even.
Generally, if you plan to spend 14-16 days in the Disney Parks per year, the cost is comparable to a Park Hopper ticket of the same number of days. Remember, Disney tickets get cheaper per day when you buy a longer ticket! 

What Should I Know Before Buying a Disney Annual Pass?

That said if you’re someone who only gets 2 weeks of vacation a year off from your job, will you be spending all your vacation time at Disney?What about getting the kids out of school? Or perhaps you just visit for an extra long trip around the holidays. Before you start thinking about money and how much it’s going to cost your family to get a Disney Annual Pass for everyone, think first about the year ahead. How many times do you plan to visit Disney? Are you traveling during busy or expensive times? Or were you visiting in the lower priced off season? Were you hoping to take advantage of the free dining offers that are only available in the Magic Your Way packages? If so, you no longer get access to package offers, unless you buy them outright. Now, if you’re a Florida resident, keep in mind that there are special passes and prices just for you. So this number goes down considerably and if you’re planning on even taking a few trips throughout the year, you’re likely to break even cost-wise.
Annual Pass

Annual Pass

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Walt Disney World Resort Specials

One of the best parts of being an annual passholder at Disney is that you do get access to discounts off Disney Resort rooms sometimes throughout the year. So,  if you were a family that was used to staying off-site because it was cheaper, you may actually find comparable rates on-site with the passholder discount. Mind you, these aren’t dirt cheap rates and since these are sales, they run for a limited time and with some rules attached. But 25% off a room every now and then really helps. These discounts, however, are sporadic and shouldn’t really be configured in your cost analysis. Mainly because the discounts aren’t guaranteed, and could easily happen outside of your vacation dates.


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Walt Disney World Annual Pass Discounts and Perks

In addition to your “free” park admission, you also get 20% off select dining, 20% off most merchandise, and free parking. The annual pass also includes unlimited park hopping, so depending on how you vacation, this could be a great perk. To clarify, the built in park hopping option just means you can visit more than one Disney park in one day. So if you’re a family with little ones, or elderly you may be more inclined to pick and stick with one park a day, especially if you’re using the Disney buses or transportation option, which could eat up more time since you’d be waiting in line for these services. Annual Pass

Walt Disney World Annual Pass Exclusions 

One thing to keep in mind  is that when you’re using your annual pass in lieu of purchasing separate tickets, you will lose out on other specials that Walt Disney World offers like free dining and Magic Your Way Packages. Sometimes the Magic Your Way Package could reap a deeper discounted vacation than having the pass, so these cons are worth looking at ahead of time. Same goes for Free Dining Offers. If you live for the free dining deals and depend on it to feed your family on vacation, a minimum 4 day ticket and 3 nights is required at a Disney resort to earn the dining promotion. That said, you would actually have to buy that 4 day/3 night package at the regular Magic Your Package prices in order to get the free dining. Having the pass in this case may be redundant.

So, how do you know if a Walt Disney World annual pass is right for your family?

Well, be honest with yourself here. Do you plan on taking several trips throughout the year to the happiest place on Earth, or would you rather take one nice long vacation? Are you hoping to make it to all of the special festivals and events or is one enough for you? Does your work and life situation even allow for this kind of frequent travel?
Annual Pass

These are all things to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase a Walt Disney World annual pass. It can be an investment. Only taking one week long trip won’t justify purchasing an annual pass. Especially if you’re buying for more than one person.

One thing we have seen some families do is just purchase an annual pass for one person in their family, so they can take advantage of the discount perks without the extra cost of buying a pass for every person in their family. This may or may not be an option for you, but is definitely worth considering!
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We have found that having annual passes has allowed us to take more frequent and less rushed trips.  We love that we can go to Walt Disney World whenever we can find a cheap flight. And that our current situation allows for travel that is only an hour and half by plane. What are your thoughts? Do you have or ever have had an annual pass? Let us know, we’d love to hear what you think!
Annual Pass
Annual Pass


Considering the Disney Annual Pass for your family? Here's all the things to consider when deciding to get a Walt Disney World or Disneyland Annual Pass #disneyonabudget #disneyfamily #disneyannualpass

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