15 Disney DIY Supplies

15 Disney DIY Supplies

If you’re new to DIY or are just tired of having to run to the craft store every time you start a project, we hope this little list can help get you started. Here are all the Disney DIY Supplies you need for any fun Disney project at home.

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Disney DIY Supplies

Let’s face it we need to have a few things on when the creativity big strikes. So whether you’re making a Disney Christmas Wreath, creating your very own Disney Tsum Tsum Easter basket,  or just looking for some inspiration, these tools and supplies will help. 


Mini Hot Glue Gun

We use our glue gun for A LOT of things. And we love the mini variety because its easy to store and doesn’t take up much room!

Mini Glue Sticks

Obviously, if we have the glue gun, we are going to need refills on the glue sticks! We always try to keep extra on hand since its something that gets used a lot faster than we think it will!




If you don’t love hot glue guns, my favorite alternative is E-6000. It can hold just about anything together and lasts FOREVER




Good Scissors

Whether you’re cutting fabric(especially if you’re cutting fabric!), cardstock or really anything, you’ll need good scissors. These are the ones we use, but any high quality scissors will work!




Exacto Knife

Especially if you will be cutting fabric, but also other meduims, such as cardstock and cardboard, an Exacto knife will help keep all of your lines nice and straight.


Measuring Tape

This will come in handy for almost any DIY project you will need, especially if you are following another DIY-er’s instructions! Worth the $4 investment for sure.



Mod Podge

Mod Podge works great on fun DIY items such as coasters and photo collages.

And it comes in a variety of finishes depending on what look you’re going for.


Spray Paint

I actually have a little bit of an obsession with Spray paint. Most items in my house are actually repurposed using spray paint and I always get compliments. Such a fun, easy way to refresh something. I love the Rust-Oleum brand if you are in need of a metallic and I always keep a nice variety on hand.



Acrylic Paints


We actually use acrylic paints a lot when we decorate our Magic Bands for the parks, but these can be used on a variety of projects and you will want to make sure you have a decent color palette to choose from.



Painters Tape

If you’re using paint, you’re going to want to make sure you have nice, clean lines. This is achieved using Painter’s Tape. I personally love Frog Tape but there are a variety of tapes to choose from.


Magical Fabric

We always keep fun, magical fabric on hand for our Mickey Ears, lanyards, headbands and more. Even if you’re nowhere near being a seamstress, fabric can be used for much more than just sewing projects. So if you find one you love, grab it up!


Fun Cardstock

Cardstock is great for so much more than just scrapbooking! We keep it on hand for card-making, gift tags, table placeholders and a lot more!

Sewing Kit

Even if you’re not into sewing, having a simple sewing kit can do wonders! Even for the simplest of projects, a sewing kit can prove useful! Obviously if you have a sewing machine, you may forgo this option, but we have both….just in case.

Fun Ribbon

Because ribbon makes everything prettier! But really, it does come in handy for all types of projects and whenever we are out, we are wishing we had stocked up! Have it on hand whenever possible.


Not everyone is into glitter, but I think everyone needs a little more sparkle in their life and glitter is always a good reminder to not take things too seriously. We use glitter especially during the holidays for cards, candles, and ornaments. I like this collection for all your basic colors, but if you’re really into Disney Princesses, then you’re gonna need a little more shimmer, so check out the bling collection instead. If you need to get your toes wet first before buying a whole set, Target sometimes has bottles of glitter for 1 dollar in their dollar section.


Disney DIY Supplies to Have on Hand

We hope you have found this list useful to get you started and hope it helps spark your creativity! 



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