Disney Home Decor for the Disney Home

Disney Home Decor for the Disney Home

Ready to add a little more Disney to your lifestyle? We wanted to share our newest endeavor into the world of Disney-inspired Home Decor. Cute Disney Parks designs from our apparel and accessories shop are now covering mugs, prints, aprons and more! Check out all our Disney Home Decor the Disney Home.

Disney Home Decor for the Disney Home

If you haven’t check out our Disney inspired shops, now is the time. Whether you’re looking for Disney shirts for your next family vacation, or a cute new phone case, you can see all our collections in the shop. Need a Disney Planner to gather the details of your next vacation? Head to our digital shop for Disney planner printables, prints and mugs. You can find our newest collections at Polka Dot Pixie Shop. But don’t worry, we’ll be sure to share some of our newest products below. 

Disneyland California Dreamin’ Collection

With cute Disney Parks Icons featuring Space Mountain, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and Jungle Cruise, how could you not love this? We sure do. Grab this design on shirts, cell phone cases, mugs and prints. Check out the whole Disneyland California Dreamin’ Collection. You can also find these cute graphics in our printable planners. 

Disney Home Decor Disneyland Home Decor

Tiki Tiki Tiki Room Tropical Hideaway Collection

Our Tiki Tiki Tiki Room shirt is one of our best-selling designs. So it’s no surprise that we just had to add a little more Tropical Hideaway to our lives. Grab this tropical Disney birds mug and print to brighten up any of your favorite hideaways. Check out our Tropical Hideaway Collection.

Disney Home Decor Disneyland Home Decor

Disney Printable Wall Art

Lets face it. As  writers of a Disney Vacation blog and designers of a Disney shop we were bound to find all sorts of places our homes needed more Disney. This year my sister and I decided to create little office spaces for ourselves in our homes. Believe it or not this is huge deal. As girls with regular day jobs running this side hustle, we tend to make the sofa, dining room table and floor our work spaces. Thankfully, now with new desks to call our own, we’re excited to be sharing new little prints to Disney-up our space. Some good cardstock and frame is all you need to add a little more magic to whatever space you have. Check out the printable collection.

home decor disney printable wall art disney inspired

Florida Walt Disney World Walkin’ on Sunshine Collection

Featuring our favorite Disney Park Icons from Walt Disney World, this Disney Inspired Collection includes shirts, mugs, prints and phone cases! Perfect for the Disney Vacationer! Or Disney Home. 

Walt Disney World Shirt Walking on Sunshine Disney Parks Shirt and Decor

Plant Lady EVE Collection

We  just couldn’t have a Disney home without a few plants from our favorite plant lady. Eve from Wall-E was made to take care of plants, and we just can’t get enough. Check out the whole Plant Lady Eve collection. 

Disney Plant Lady EVE Wall E Home Decor EVE gifts Disney Home Decor


New Disney Home Office Decor Collection

We have a whole new Home Office collection featuring Disney and Harry Potter Inspired things to help you spruce your at-work space. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, nothing can keep the day looking bright like cute decor while you’re hard at work. Check out the Disney-Inspired Home Office Collection. 

Disney Home Office Mouse Pads Disney Mousepads for Computers and Disney Home

Disney Home Decor for the Disney Home

Hopefully you find something here that you simply love to add a little more magic to your home. 

Disney Home Decor Disney Parks. Plant Lady Apron, Mousepads, downloadable art, Disney Mugs and Disney Prints. Everything you need for a Disney home. #disneyhome #disneydecor #disneymug #disneyoffice #disneykitchen #disneygifts

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