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Disney Movies, Entertainment and Disney+ in 2019

Disney Movies, Entertainment and Disney+ in 2019

We have so many Disney movies in 2019 on the way from Pixar, Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios and the Disney Channel. In fact, Disney Studios has so much happening in 2019, you’d think they were competing with Disney Parks in their race towards the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. So if you’re looking forward to all sorts of new Disney films in 2019, get ready for an eclectic mix of movies to see on the big, and small, screen throughout 2019. Plus a sneak peak at everything coming from Disney through 2027. 

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Disney+(DisneyPlus) : Disney’s New Streaming Service debuts Nov 12, 2019

Disney+ dusts off more than old classics for its new streaming service! Completely mind blowing as an offering hopefully you don’t have anything planned when this new service launches this November. We can plan on seeing totally new stories created for this platform surrounding our favorite characters we already know and love, alongside classics and access to fresh-out-of-theater films. 

What’s included in Disney+ Streaming Service?

For a complete picture of what to expect with Disney+, check out this post. Long story short, this new service will include the classic Disney films, marvel, star wars, and Disney channel original content. This is BIG NEWS! The price point is 6.99 a month or 69.99 a year, for access to almost the complete Disney Catalog! Including National Geographic, Pixar, Marvel and more. “By the end of year one, Disney+ will house more than 7,500 episodes of television and 500 movies.”

  • New Live Action series feature Star Wars, Marvel, High School Musical and More.
  • New Animated Series and Shorts featuring Forky from Toy Story 4 and all our favorite Pixar characters, as well as new Star Wars Clone Wars and Marvel stories,
  • Documentaries, Unscripted Series and Live Specials highlighting the disney craft, legends, filmmakers, animators, and the parks. Sounds like the complete Disney legacy will be chronicled. Add in a Jeff Goldblum hosted series and the making of Frozen 2… and you won’t be leaving your sofa anytime soon.
  • Original Films: Remember all those old VHS tapes and DVD’s of your favorite Disney flicks.. now you can find them here. 
  • New Films: Made specifically for the streaming channel, we’ll see new Phineas and Ferb content, A Lady and the Tramp reboot and more. 
  • Movies and Shows from Disney Publishing: Timmy Failure and Stargirl are added to the lineup of books getting a television face-lift via Disney+, we’ll be sure to more successful books turned into series here. 
  • Recent Releases: Disney will be showcasing new films like Maleficent, Frozen 2, Star Wars IX and more on the service almost instantaneously to theater release. 

The Disney+ Streaming service literally gives “unprecedented” access to all things Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. 

Disney Movies in 2019: Live Action, Animated and Disney Channel Original

Captain Marvel | March 8

Brie Larson tackles the role of Captain Marvel ( i.e. Carol Danvers) in this latest installment to the Marvel universe. The gift of some mutated DNA gets our hero super human powers, and with a little sass and a temper we’re excited to see what this infamous marvel hero brings to the table. Her run ins with Rogue in the original comics could promise crossed paths with the X-Men, now that Disney owns Fox. Grab the film on Amazon.

Dumbo: Disney Live Action | March 29

We love Tim Burton! We love Danny Devito! And are so excited for this film, however dark and dastardly it may get. The cinematography so far looks amazing, almost Moulin Rouge-like. And with Tim Burton at the helm we’re assuming glimpses of the adorable baby Dumbo will share the screen with the haunting darkness of the circus folk no doubt keeping spooky secrets. No sign of timothy mouse or a feather yet. Danny Elfman, as always with Tim Burton, oversees the music for this film. Regardless of how believable the story line, we’re quite sure the music will be insatiable. Check out the latest dreamy and haunting trailer for Dumbo 2019. Or buy the movie.


Kim Possible: Disney Channel Original Movie | Early 2019

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me. Remember the animated Kim Possible? Our fearless cheerleader by day and hero the rest of the time alongside Ron Stoppable is going to be epic! Can we look forward to our favorite naked mole rat – Rufus in the new live action Disney Channel original? Fingers crossed.  Grab Kim Possible on Amazon if you can’t catch it on the Disney Channel.

Penguins: Disneynature | April 17

The newest Disneynature documentary film features a curious penguin named Steve. We get to follow this little guy all over the place in his quest across the frozen tundra for love and food. He also has a penchant for finding rocks. 

Avengers Endgame | May 3

After the devastating Avengers: Infinity War, fans have been waiting, and waiting for what is next! (Spoiler!!!) Since almost everyone died in Infinity War we weren’t really expecting them to come back to life, ( cause that would be a sell-out tactic right?) but then this is comic book franchise, and there is always a way. Time Travel is a top theory, alongside Quantum realm/ quantum physics/ parallel universe theory and more to get our top previously deceased, heroes back in action and fighting evil.  This film is also slated to be the last of the avenger films as the franchise shifts into a global universe encompassing even more characters uniting for the cause. We’re figuring an X-Men merger is on the way now that Disney has rights to FOX. 

Aladdin: Disney Live Action | May 24

Will Smith plays the “often imitated, but never duplicated” Genie. Will promises to bring “a little bit Hitch, a little Fresh Prince and a whole lot of attitude.” to the role. We can expect all the same characters but a little bit more depth to the storyline, and potentially some sass from Jasmine, and her tiger Rajah And as with all the Disney live action remakes, we can look forward to all new original scores. 

disney movies for 2019 live action aladdin

Dark Phoenix | June 7

The beginning of the Fox/Disney merger is marked by X-Men. We’re most interested to see if, at all our two favorite superhero worlds will collide with this merger. 

Toy Story 4 | June 21

Toy Story 4 is all about a road trip adventure showing Woody just how big the world can be! Introducing a few new characters including “Forky” the gang adds some new friends that bring a whole new dynamic to the group. Expect some fun and real-life stuff thrown in like the classic Disney Pixar storyline. Lessons will be learned. 

The Lion King: Disney Live Action | July 19

The new Lion King has an epic lineup of cast members. Returning icon James Earl Jones will voice Mufasa, alongside Donald Glover as Simba and Beyonce as Nala. From the creators of the Jungle Book, Lion King will feature the same kind of CGI, leaving some people confused, as to how it’s live action. Either way, we’re thrilled to see how this film combines the cartoon, broadway show and potentially new content to tell this story.

Descendants 3: Disney Channel Original Movie | July 2019 

Mal and friends embark on a whole new adventure Summer 2019 in the Disney Channel’s Descendants 3. The story line has yet to be completely revealed but we hear it has to do with Mal’s father. Will he finally show up? Where has he been? Maleficent was married… to who? So many questions! We cannot wait to see our favorite villain offspring back in action. 


Artemis Fowl | August 9 UPDATE Rescheduled for 5/29/2020

Artemis Fowl is about a genius criminal mastermind who like all great heroes has a secret. Very heavy on the science-fiction x magic, readers of this book series will be eager to line up and see if this film can go the distance to the devotees of Eoin Colfer’s most popular series. 

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil | October 18

Image result for maleficent mistress of evil

Frozen 2 | November 27

Frozen 2 is supposed to be all about second chances. So we’ll see how that unfolds. While we don’t know too much we imagine there is quite a bit of the sister relationship that has not been touched on. And Hans is supposed to reappear at come point. But be prepared for lots of deep emotions. Thankfully, we’re also promised a few new amazing songs. 


Star Wars: Episode IX | December 20

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is set to premier December 12th, Star Wars IX will release December 20th in theaters. We’ll be seeing the characters we know and love plus potential new faces, like Lando’s daughter (?) So much news online is off the rails we don’t what to believe! Either way, this film comes after Disney’s promise to slow down the ancillary story lines of the Star Wars franchise in exchange for higher quality, more complex content. Post the Han Solo low box office numbers, we’re hoping to see a strong showing in Star Wars IX, a film Billie Lourde ( Carrie Fisher’s daughter), says is “magical.”


Disney Entertainment in 2019

If you’re interested in more of what Disney has coming up in 2019, entertainment-wise. Here’s the release and event dates for everything happening in 2019. 

Kingdom Hearts III | January 29

For Kingdom Hearts video game fanatics  we get new adventures and new worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. Check out the website and teaser trailer here

Star Wars Celebration Chicago | April 11-15

Considered the Ultimate Fan experience, the Star Wars Celebration weekend is being held in Chicago in 2019. See all the details here.

Out of the Disney Vault: Disney’s The Little Mermaid celebrates 30 years with a collectors edition Little Mermaid dvd/blu-ray/digital offering. We’re sure to see loads of new merchandise as well in 2019.

D23 Expo Disney Fan Event | Aug 23- 25 Anaheim, California

Check out D23 for all news on the expo in 2019. If you’re not already a member of the official Disney fan Club, check out their site here, to see all the perks and upcoming events. 

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland | Summer 2019 and Walt Disney World | Late Fall 2019

Everyone is looking forward to Galaxy’s Edge opening at the Disney Parks in 2019. Read up on all the info we have so far in our Quick Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge post. We’ll be seeing new restaurants, rides, and a complete immersion experience at both parks. 

Disney Movies for 2020 and Beyond

With the acquisition of all things Fox, the closing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the arrival of 4 more Avatar films, there’s a ton happening between now and 2027. Know that Black Widow movie is still in pre-production and may or may not come to fruition, but if it does, it will be one the 2020 Marvel slots. Here’s the combined list of Disney and (the important) Fox Films on the way. 

2019 Films
05/24/19: Aladdin (DIS)
06/07/19: Dark Phoenix (FOX)
06/21/19: Toy Story 4 (DIS)
07/19/19: The Lion King (DIS)
10/18/19: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (DIS)
11/22/19: Frozen 2 (DIS)
12/20/19: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (DIS)
12/25/19: Spies in Disguise (FOX)

2020 Films 

01/10/20: Underwater (FOX)
02/14/20: Untitled Kingsman Movie (FOX)
02/21/20: Call of the Wild (FOX)
03/06/20: Onward (DIS)
03/27/20: Mulan (DIS)
04/03/20: The New Mutants (FOX)
05/01/20: Black Widow (DIS)
05/29/20: Artemis Fowl (DIS)
06/19/20: Soul/ Pixar (DIS)
07/17/20: Bob’s Burgers (FOX)
07/24/20: Jungle Cruise (DIS)
08/14/20: The One and Only Ivan (DIS)
10/09/20: Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie (FOX)
11/06/20: The Eternals (DIS)
11/25/20: Untitled Disney Animation (DIS)
12/18/20: West Side Story (FOX)
12/23/20: Cruella (DIS)

2021 Films
02/21/21: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
03/05/21: Nimona (FOX)
03/12/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
05/07/21: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (DIS)
05/28/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
06/18/21: Untitled Pixar Animation (DIS)
07/09/21: Untitled Indiana Jones (DIS)
07/30/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
10/08/21: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
11/05/21: Thor: Love and Thunder(DIS)
11/24/21: Untitled Disney Animation (DIS)
12/17/21: Avatar 2 (FOX)

2022 Films
02/18/22: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
03/18/22: Untitled Pixar (DIS)
05/06/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
06/17/22: Untitled Pixar (DIS)
07/08/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
07/29/22: Untitled Marvel (DIS)
10/07/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
11/04/22: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
11/23/22: Untitled Disney Animation (DIS)
12/16/22: Untitled Star Wars (DIS)

2023 Films
02/17/23: Untitled Disney Live Action (DIS)
12/22/23: Avatar 3 (FOX)

2024 Films
12/20/24: Untitled Star Wars (DIS)

2025 Films
12/19/25: Avatar 4 (FOX)

2026 Films
12/18/26: Untitled Star Wars (DIS)

2027 Films
12/17/27: Avatar 5 (FOX)

Disney Movies for 2019, Disney+ Streaming Service Details and Disney Films from 2020- 2027! Including tons of new live actions, 4 more Avatar flicks and even more Marvel!!! Check out all that happening in the Disney+Fox Universe. #polkadotpixies #disneymovies2019 #disneymovies2020 #disneymarvel #starwars



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