Disney Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

Disney Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

The sun has been shining, the birds have been chirping and I’m quite happy to say its finally starting to warm up! And although we are never guaranteed anything as far as the weather goes here in Ohio, I’m hoping that means we will have a warm Easter.

I can’t believe how fast its coming though! Even with it being late this year, its somehow crept up on me. And that means it’s time to start thinking about Easter plans, Easter dinner, outfits, decorating eggs and of course, baskets.

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Wow, all of a sudden I’m starting to feel a little bit behind……hmmmmm……

I usually like to do a theme for Easter baskets, but that’s just because I really love the planning and designing part of any gift! I feel like presentation is part of the gift itself and having a nice theme really holds it altogether, don’t you?Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

It took me a while to decide because there are so many great Disney themes going on right now, but eventually I decided this year it would be fun to do a Tsum Tsum Easter basket this year. Who doesn’t love Tsum Tsums?! Seriously, how cute are those things?!

So, out on a hunt we went. Luckily, we found that Tsum Tsum merch is pretty easy to find if you know where to look.

If you’re in need of ideas for a Tsum Tsum Easter basket, or just want to add a little Tsum Tsum magic to an idea of your own, here are some of the fun things we found for Easter baskets this year!

We started with a plain $1.50 basket from Target and made a liner. I am not 100% confident I would be able to give the best tutorial for a liner, but we used this one and it worked out well. Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

I think everyone is loving the grown up coloring books, and most of them are pretty appropriate for bigger little kids too. G is at that Tween stage and I know she loves art in general, so I was pretty excited to find this coloring book on Amazon! So cute and the images aren’t that complicated so it definitely works for kids who are maybe a little too “big” for a traditional coloring book but still like to color.Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

A great water bottle is a necessity for the Parks, and obviously everyday life as well, so I was super excited to find this one at the Disney Store. Its super cute and it was only $11.00 which I thought was pretty good for a super cute stainless steel water bottle.Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

The Disney Store also has lots of other great Tsum Tsum merch available in store and online but we actually did most of our shopping at Target!

I love that Target now carries Tsum Tsums since not everyone has a Disney Store close by and that’s actually where we were able to find these adorable Easter Tsums! I love that they’re dressed up for Easter, so adorable! The Disney Store also had Easter Tsum Tsums available in a mystery box, but they were $11.99 vs the $4.99 I paid for the ones at Target and they flew off the shelves. The cast member I talked to at our Disney Store said they were sold out within a week! But who knows, you may be able to find one!Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

Speaking of Target, have you ever checked their dollar section at the front of the store for Disney merch? They always have such cute stuff and on this trip I was able to find this cute stamp pad for $1Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

and this little stationary set for only $3! That includes the zippered plastic pouch(which you could always use in your day bag at the parks!), a sheet of stickers, a 5 x 5 doodle pad with 60 sheets, gel pen, mechanical pencil and an eraser. All for only $3! Such a good deal….I just love Target.Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

Also at Target, I was able to find these super cute patches. They’re located in the girls clothing department or you can buy them online. Since we are pretty crafty around here, or at least try to be, we thought these were just perfect for a cute and quick little DIY. They come with reusable adhesive, so even the less experienced DIY-er should have no trouble applying these!Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

We also found this cute Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker at Target, located in Health abd Beauty. They had a variety of characters but we had to get Minnie. Cause she’s just too cute. Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

And of course, you can never have too many stickers. Ok, that’s probably a lie, but these were too cute too pass up and we found them in the toy department at Target for $2.Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

No Easter basket is complete without a few Easter eggs! And chocolate. Gotta have chocolate. We picked up these Lindt bunnies, because well, who doesn’t love Lindt!? And they’re small enough that they could fit inside the eggs we picked up at the Dollar Store.Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket


To add a little more fun to our Easter eggs, we also grabbed a pack of pastel glitter Tsum Tsums at Target to hide inside along with the chocolate. They fit perfectly and would make really fun stuffers for a Disney themed Easter egg hunt.

And this is what the finished product looks like

Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

We had a ton of fun creating this Easter basket and hope this gives you some Easter basket inspiration!Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

Disney DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket



Disney Easter Basket Tsum Tsum DIY


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