Disney’s Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish Cruise

Disney’s Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish Cruise

One of the best things about any Disney Cruise is finding the little things that make your experiences onboard special. And on the Disney Wish Cruise, there are many unique experiences that can give you a cruise like no other. Of these, it’s Disney’s newest game, Uncharted Adventure, that can help you and your family connect and explore the ship together. But with several missions to choose from, and several decks to visit, is this game worth your Cruise Vacation time? Here’s everything to know about Disney’s Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish Cruise Ship. 

We love Disney Games, on land and at sea. And with Disney’s newest game, Uncharted Adventure, you get a whole new world. With experiences featuring your favorite characters and the chance to take down villains you know and love, you can work together with your family and friends to beat the bad guys. If you’ve ever played the Midship Detective Agency Game on both the Dream and the Fantasy Disney Cruise Ships, then you’re familiar with the gameplay concept. So, how is Uncharted Adventure different? Let’s dive in. 

What is the Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish?

The Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish Cruise is the newest phone-based game to hit the high seas. And anyone onboard the Disney Wish can play. This game features Captain Minnie and Mickey tasked with restoring all the pieces of the Wishing Star back together. Players can follow the prompted tasks throughout the game to see their phones interact with the ship’s paintings. Contrary to initial concept drawings, you can’t display 3-D imagery with your phone on the ship. Instead, it really is as simple as following the prompts, being led to paintings around the ship, and interacting with the digital screens that activate when you arrive. 

Disney Wish Uncharted Adventure

Goal of the Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish

Chart a Course to Restore the Wishing Star!

If the wishing star makes dreams come true, what happens when it goes missing. Discover a hidden layer of magic as you set sail for the worlds of Moana, Tiana, Peter Pan, Nemo and more in search of the missing magic of the Wishing Star. Conquer quests, solve puzzles and save the day with the help of your favorite Disney characters. Disney Uncharted Adventure will take you and your family across the Disney Wish as the story comes to life all around – both virtually and in-person!

Constellations on Disney Uncharted Adventure Game

How to Play Uncharted Adventure

To play simply go to the Cruise Navigator section of the Disney Cruise App. From here, you can activate the game, choose your avatar and connect with people in your family or friend group. Once the basics are done, you’re ready to play. To do this you just follow the prompts on the screen. The first prompt shows you “hidden” constellations onboard the ship, as you move your phone spyglass to find them, typically toward the ceiling. From here, you and your team can choose which mission to start first. It doesn’t matter which mission you choose. And you don’t have to do them all to be included in the Finale at the end of your cruise. 

How It Works

Using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app – and with some help from your quides, Captain Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse – you’ll transform your mobile devices into an enchanted spyglass.” From the moment you step on board, use your spyglass to reveal never-before-seen views of the star, where constellations appear-recognizable icons from Disney and Pixar Stories.

Uncharted Adventure Tiana Game

Unchartered Adventure Disney Wish Cruise

What do you do during the Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish?

There are many “activities” that pop up in pictures throughout the Disney Ship. These are just a few of the things you can find yourself helping with, as you work towards completing your mission. 

  • Navigate beyond the reef with Moana by dodging oncoming obstructions
  • Help Tiana cook up the perfect pot of her father’s favorite gumbo by stirring the soup
  • Summon Tinker Bell to give the ship an extra dash of pixie dust
  • Dive into the action on the East Australian Current with Nemo and friends

Some tasks included swiping your phone, swinging your phone, or using your phone to scoop up lost “fireflies.” Plus, your whole family group can work together to take on these challenges together. Each completed mission gets players closer to gathering all the pieces and helps Minnie and Mickey defeat the bad guys. There is even a showdown in the Luna Lounge that players can attend to see which Disney Villain has been causing all the trouble, and help to defeat them one last time. Simply check out your Disney Navigator app to see when the Battle for the Wishing Star Finale is scheduled to get in on the action. 

Play Along with Family and Friends

Delight in Disney Uncharted Adventure with your family and friends. When the Navigator app is downloaded on each of their devices, all of you can thrill to this exciting adventure together, engaging in puzzles, fun activities, games and quest hat bring you closer to your goal of restoring the Wishing Star.

Disney Wish Uncharted Adventure Game

How Long Does it Take to Play Uncharted Adventure on the Disney Wish?

For one game round, you should plan an hour-long gameplay. Not necessarily because the challenges are long, but because while each 10-minute challenge is easy and fun, the game sends you all over the boat to find the clues you need. So through any given game, you could be hiking it back and forth from one end of the ship to the other. Which takes a bit of time. 

How Many Phones Do You Need for the Uncharted Adventure?

To play Uncharted Adventure on the Disney Wish, each player needs a phone. Primarily because the gameplay includes moving your device around at a variety of pictures across the ship to get them to come alive. This could be bad news, especially if you’re traveling with smaller children who don’t have their own devices. Additionally, part of the fun of the game is working together as a “team” with another family member who has a phone. That said, we’d recommend having at least 2 phones to make gameplay worth it. However, we also so random children, throughout our cruise, that were simply playing alone with one device. While this didn’t look as fun, there is still that solo-gamification aspect that children are used to. 

Luna on the disney Wish

Live Finale-The Battle for the Wishing Star

As part of bringing Disney’s Uncharted Adventure into the “real world,” the big finale of this game is the cast-member-led gameplay as part of the Big Finale. With a full screen in Luna Lounge players get to see the Disney villain revealed and actually “help” save the day, with the use of more phone action. And the more you help, the higher your score. And of course, in grand competition tradition, players who helped the most will have their team names displayed on the screen at the end in leaderboard fashion. 

Live Finale Event 

The spectacular grand finale is hosted in one of the ship’s premier entertainment venues. During this live interactive experience, you’ll work to restore the Wishing Star to its rightful place in the sky!

Disney Uncharted Adventure was created with flexibility, replayability and customization in mind, so you can be in charge of your own adventure! You’ll choose when and how to play. If you don’t complete every quest, you can still enjoy the finale event. If you play again and again, you may discover new surprises and rewards each time.

Disney Wish Cruise Uncharted Adventure

Uncharted Adventure Tips and Tricks

Add gameplay to your Plans

While just fitting in a game every now and then in between activities on board is fine, being a little more intentional is best. We noticed that during times when we needed to stop in the middle of the mission to go eat, or to head to our showtime, picking up where we left off was tough. And since gameplay takes about an hour for one mission, be sure to make time for it.

Avoid gameplay on your Day At Sea

Much like anything, when you have time, chances are everyone has time. And shoving a fun new game into your Day at Sea could be a good idea. We found, however, that we were often “waiting” for other teams to finish waving their phones around at the picture on the wall, so we could go next. And even then there were usually people waiting for us to be done too. Plan to test the game out on your first or second day, and then plan to tackle one full mission sometime during your cruise. We found that before or after dinner hours worked best. 

Have at least 2 Phones for Gameplay

Playing as a team in this game is the most fun. Therefore plan on at least 2 phones to play this game. While each player should have a phone, for smaller children, you can simply have them create their avatar on your phone and then use your phone for each task. That said, since all phone action takes place simultaneously ( with the other players on your team) there is no way to have your own avatar and then your child’s avatar on the same phone.

Use Old Phones with Wi-Fi, No service is required

A hack for playing Uncharted Adventure with children who may not have a phone, with service, is simply to let them use an old phone instead. If the phone is able to run the Disney Cruise App, and connect to the onboard Disney Cruise wi-fi, then they too can play. Note: the basic Disney Cruise wi-fi used to access the Disney Cruise App and the Uncharted Adventure Game within that app doesn’t require paid wi-fi. 

Wear Tennis Shoes and Comfortable Clothes

It’s true the Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish isn’t as active as Hero Zone, BUT, it will require you to wave your arms, weave around, and hike it across the ship more than once to a variety of interactive pictures. As such, it’s not the best thing to do in your twenties costume for dinner at 1923, or before family pictures in the grand lobby. 

Uncharted Adventure Game Disney Wish

The biggest difference we saw with this game versus the Midship Detective Agency, is that the pictures read your phone’s motion. Less like an RFID reader where it interacts cause it knows your phone is nearby, and more like a joystick, where you control the digital elements on the screen. This is very cool, especially if you’re a child and don’t know how this technology works. All in all, we found this game to be really fun! The BIGGEST PERK of playing this game was learning the ship. As the Disney Wish Cruise ship has a super confusing layout, being made to search all over for the pictures we needed throughout the mission, helped us learn the boat! Bonus! We hope you find time to fit this game into your cruise on the Disney Wish. It’s a unique cruise experience and one that you only get on this boat! 

All about the Uncharted Adventure Game on the Disney Wish

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