Alice in Wonderland Inspired Easter Table Decorations on Budget

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Easter Table Decorations on Budget

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Decorating for Easter for Under 25 Dollars

Decorating for Easter, like most holidays, is one our favorite things. We love tablescapes, decorations and wreaths and finding the perfect candle or flowers to add a little more gorgeous to our surroundings on those special days.  We love whimsy. And no one does the whimsical and curious better than Alice in Wonderland.

Foraging through the dollar aisles at Target has become an addictive pastime and while we don’t buy something every time we go… we sure do think about it quite a lot. This spring, Target has a lovely collection of pinks, golds, pastels and all things beautiful. Which means we won’t be running up credit cards to decorate for Easter and we’ll use several of these things for our Minnie Mouse inspired Mothers Day Decorations as well, so stay tuned!

Whether you’re out prepping the Easter egg hunt in your yard, crafting an Easter basket scavenger hunt in the house or preparing the big meal in the kitchen, these Easter decorations for your table are cheap, easy, and boasts reusable elements. You can also check out Amazon’s Easter Store for more inspiration and goodies that could ship to you in a hurry.

Easter Table Decorations

Find Your Easter Centerpiece Supplies

From Target I bought

1 white table runner – $3

2 pink small jars with gold handles- $3 each

1 taller candy jar with cork lid ( could also double as vase)- $3

1 small iridescent jar for candy- $1

3 bags easter candy- $7 total

2 tulip bunches- $ 6 dollars

So for 23 dollars total I was able to make this tablescape, with elements that will be reused. The other things I added were things I found around the house. A teapot gift that I never used added some nice contrast, a little bunny figurine also from Target ( last year) for a few bucks that I spruced up with some gold nail polish for the ears. Some baking cups ( a la Be Our Guest Restaurant) that matched the teacup worked well. You can get baking cups at Michaels or Joanns, they’re great for making little deserts or offering a little snack. I also added a small white candle I got for christmas. The potted tulip I pulled from my yard… so I consider that to be free. I also grabbed the moss at a Marshalls for 2.99 so that was a bonus, since I didn’t use the whole bag and had previously priced it at about 10 bucks at the craft store… which I refuse to spend on moss.

If you had to name five elements from Alice in Wonderland could you do it? Clocks, Teacups, Tea cakes, Flowers, and a Bunny Rabbit. Alice in Wonderland is an absolutely perfect theme for Easter. We could, of course, also add things like playing cards, flamingos, keys, small glass Drink Me bottles and a Cheshire cat. It’s all up to you. Use what you have or what you can find.

How to Build a Tablescape

1. Natural Setting. A runner of moss, rough wood, or layers of baby’s breath or lavender can add a nice foundation.

2. Base Elements. These are your larger items. A cake stand, tiered dish, jars or vases all qualify. These should be somewhat evenly spaced, but not symmetrical. For Easter you can even add little extras like small ramekins to house jelly beans or candy to the display. These elements should be in neutral colors like white or glass or in one of your theme colors.

3. Decorative Elements. Since we’re taking our inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and the availability of stuff in the Target dollar aisles, we’re choosing pastel pink, blue, cream and green. At this point I always add flowers. There is nothing so beautiful or versatile in decorating as flowers in the right color. Other decorative elements here give a nod to Alice in all her whimsy. Teacups, little bunnies, a few clocks or keys and easter eggs add an element of fun and interest. I also always add candles at this point. Be sure not to use any candles that are too fragrant in the dining room or you’ll miss out on the lovely smells of the food. For the dining table its best to use unscented candles.

flowers tablescape easter centerpiece

 A Note on Flowers: Depending on the size of your vase/jar you should cut your flowers down to size and in varying heights. A small jar can hold taller flowers, but they shouldn’t be competing in height with another tall item on your table. Since we already had the potted tulips and the taller dessert tiered tray, I chose to cut the tulips down to just a little taller than the height of the small jar.

4. Functional Elements. This layer of elements are things like, candy, cookies, wine bottles or teapots full of tea. Your tablescape doesn’t have to just be pretty it can be functional too. A teapot full of tea is just as pretty an empty teapot. Add some macaroons to your tiered dish or baking cups full of nuts to combat the sugar overload. I also added a mug full of teabags. That way these stay well within reach of guests needing a calm moment and prevents rifling through cupboards.

easter tablescape easter elements easter tea

5. Place Settings. You may or may not want to add table settings to the table primarily because everyone will need to get their plates to get the food anyway. You should however, definitely make sure to have silverware, cups and drinks readily accessible at the table. Place settings are a last minute add so don’t set the table too early.

centerpieces for easter

Whether you’re pulling out some old decorations from last year or checking out the store for a few cute new additions to add to your table be sure to take some time on Easter to have tea, nibble a cookie or two and relax.