Disney Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser Immersion Experience

Disney Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser Immersion Experience

The new Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World is open and boarding. The Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World puts you right in the middle of all the Star Wars Magic! If you’re up for an exciting journey to the planet Batuu, ( in Orlando Florida of course), then this is your opportunity to have a 2-night Immersion Experience, complete with activities, missions, time in Galaxy’s Edge, and more at this Star Wars Hotel in a Galaxy Far Far Away!

star wars hotel at walt disney world

What is the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser 2 Night Immersion Experience?

As part of your Disney Resort stay at the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Resort in Walt Disney World you’ll get not only a room, but also a list of activities, meetings, meal times, and unique experiences! From sitting down to exotic meals inside the resort, to building your own lightsaber and working with droids. You’ll also get next-door access into Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Star Wars Hotel Halcyon Galactic Starcruiser

Where is the Disney Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Located?

As you can see from its new arrival on the Walt Disney World digital map below, the new Star Wars Hotel will be just outside of Galaxy’s Edge, behind the Millennium Falcon area, Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. Also, note the large parking lot for guests. This hotel will have direct entry into Galaxy’s Edge as part of the 2-night Immersion experience on the planet Batuu. 

where is the disney star wars hotel located?

The Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser Experience

This 3 day, 2-night experience is meant mostly for the Star Wars fan. But in truth, this 3-day interactive story may have you and your family feeling like you’re stuck in a murder mystery dinner. While guests will have next-door access to Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World we’re unclear if hotel guests taking part in the experience will be able to “leave the story” to go into the park on their own during their stay. 

As part of this experience, you’ll meet Star Wars characters seeking your help to fight the dark side. You can also use the Star Wars Datapad App to enhance your experience! Here are a few of the things included. 

The Immersion Activities

As part of the experience, there is a lineup of activities that will fill your days and evenings. You can check out the full itinerary schedule for Galactic Starcruiser for all the details of your daily schedule.

Lightsaber Training ( Ages 7 and up)

Master your skills in wielding a lightsaber as you go against a remote training device that helps you develop your skills. 

Bridge Training 

Explore the Halcyon Galactic Starcruiser Ship and learn all about how this state-of-the-art ship works. The experienced crew teaches all about the inner workings of the ship, including defense features, critical systems, and navigation. As this is all part of the experience, we figure you’ll have to know how to work the ship on your own later for your missions. 

Planet Excursions to Batuu ( aka Galaxy’s Edge) 

One of the major perks of this experience is its proximity to Hollywood Studio’s Galaxy’s Edge. And your experiences on the rides within Galaxy’s Edge like Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run influence your missions and experience back o the ship! It’s all connected! 

Relax in Sublight Lounge

Sublight lounge is the resident oasis for drinks, games, and more. Complete with gaming tables, and a chance to earn credits. 

Costumes and Gala

As part of the Star Wars galaxy, you’re welcome to dress up in your best Star Wars cosplay! Or just go basic. Whatever you choose, attending the Gala at the end of your stay is a Disney Must-do as your end-of-cruise celebration. 

Your Story

The immersive experience on the Halcyon is all about the story you craft while you’re there. Much like your role on Smugglers Run, the roles you take on while at the hotel will determine the story and outcome!


With the First Order and the Resistance on board get ready for secret meetings on both sides. And chances are you’ll have to check in to keep up with how your story is progressing.

What’s Included in the Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser Experience?

  • 2-Night Resort Stay
  • Exclusive Databand ( aka MagicBand) for each person in your party
  • Meals ( excluding alcohol and specialty beverages), including a quick-service meal at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo ( or any other Hollywood Studios select location) is included.
  • Theme park access to Hollywood Studios for your Planet Excursion day.
  • One-time ride access for Millenium Falcon
  • One-time ride access for Rise of the Resistance
  • Valet Parking
  • Exclusive Missions, Activities, and the chance to be part of your own Star Wars story. 

star wars hotel at walt disney world

The Atrium

Akin to a “lobby” this space will encompass all sorts of Star Wars characters you know and love. Don’t be surprised if you get questioned, pulled into a mission or enter a launch pod to transport to your room. 

Launch Pods

After you leave your car you’re transported to an underground transport where you can “dock” into the ship and enter the hotel. 

star wars hotel at walt disney world

Windowless Cabins

 As part of the experience, you get a front-row seat to the galaxy. And since all the windows are technically televisions showing you the galaxy outside, the resort is technically windowless. Think Las Vegas casino windowless, as in you will have no concept of time while staying here. 

Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World
©Disney via IAAPA Expo 2020 Presentation
Star Wars Hotel Rooms at Disney World
©Disney via IAAPA Expo 2020 Presentation

Galactic Starcruiser Restaurants

Check out the full Guide to Food on the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser as part of the Immersion Experience. 

Crown of Corellia Dining Room

Guests can enjoy breakfast and lunch in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room during the day. As part of this immersion experience, you WILL be seated with other guests for meals in the Crown of Corelia Dining Room. 

On the first night of your visit, the Crown of Corellia Dining Room offers “a lavish multi-course” dinner as the dining room turns into a table-service “supper club”. 

The second night you can experience The Taste Around the Galaxy, showcasing foods from familiar planets around the galaxy. Included are group appetizers for the table, a choice of entree, and a dessert. 

The Sublight Lounge

A place for all ages this lounge combines fun drinks, games, and food to enjoy while onboard.

Dining Excursions on Batuu

While visiting Batuu you can grab a quick service meal at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo and other select locations in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Captains Table Seating

Request to sit at the captain’s tables for an extra special dining experience featuring some of the captain’s favorite dishes. An additional fee is required for this experience. 

Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser Price

Since the hotel is not slated to have more than 100 cabins, you’re paying for not only the stay and immersion but also some exclusivity. Chances of the experiences selling out regularly is anticipated. This is a 2-Night Immersion experience. 

How much does the Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruise Experience Cost?

This 2-Night Immersion Experience at the Star Wars Hotel in Walt Disney World has several price points. 

Weeknight Rates ( CONFIRMED)

  • 2 Guests Per Cabin is $1209 Per Person, Per Night and $4809 Total
  • 2 Adults and 1 Child is $899 Per Person, Per Night and $5299 Total
  • 3 Adults and 1 Child is $749 Per Person, Per Night and $5999 Total

star wars hotel at walt disney world

Staying on the Galactic Starcruiser

Ok, so while we love these details, and the Star Wars franchise, in truth you will probably find us at any other Disney resort for vacation. Mainly, because when we go to Disney it’s because we need the vacation. The idea of being “trapped” in a “window”-less hotel, with some cool gadgets, some mandatory missions, and meetings sound a little stressful to us. But then while we love Star Wars, we’re not die-hards that would trade convenience for this experience just yet. There also seems to be a lot of moving pieces and parts that could compromise our somewhat pricey decision to stay here. What if we don’t get a good role, what if we miss some critical Intel and blow the mission. Will this ruin our stay? Needless to say, we wouldn’t run into these issues at any other resort. 

Galactic Starcruiser Things to Know

  • You don’t need to purchase a Hollywood Studios park ticket separately for your excursion day to planet Batuu. 
  • You don’t need to make a park pass reservation for your Hollywood Studios day.
  • You will be seated with other guests for dining experiences.
  • You cannot stay at the resort for more than 2 nights. This is a package experience. 
  • A personalized itinerary for your experience is available in your My Disney Experience App 30 days before your vacation. 
  • Your room’s window is a digital screen showing scenes from the galaxy throughout your trip. 

Will you stay at the Disney Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser Hotel?

What do you think? Will you be biting at the bit to get a cabin of your very own when the hotel launches? Let us know! Ready to sign up for your own adventure? Sign up here to get alerts and be the first to know when the hotel is ready. 

Star Wars Hotel at Disney details, costs, and a few worries! Digital space windows, and a 3 day 2 night immersion experience that may be more stressful than relaxing. Here's everything we know about the Galactic Starcruiser Hotel #starwars #disneyresort #polkadotpixies #disney2021

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