Pandora at Night! A Disney Must Do

Pandora at Night! A Disney Must Do

If you guys remember, we were able to see Pandora during our Passholder Preview in May. During that preview period, although the crowds were really low, there were also some things that we weren’t able to experience. Pandora at night was one of them.Pandora World of Avatar Review, Things to DoWe had talked with a couple of cast members while we were there during our preview and they all raved about how beautiful it would be at night time. So we knew to an extent what it would be like, but talking about it and seeing it are two completely different things.Pandora World of Avatar

I know some people were pretty unimpressed with Pandora, although I think I would live there if I could. I’m a huge nature person and that part of the Park, whether you like the movie Avatar or not, has a lot of “natural” beauty. Yes I know its man made, but the waterfalls, moss and streams really make it feel like its not just another part of a theme park.

Moss Wall World of Avatar Disney Pandora
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That being said, if you want to experience something completely different, go back to Pandora at night. Not only is everything completely lit up, but the atmosphere is quite different.Pandora at Night Pandora at Night

The “natural’ sounds of Pandora have intensified, the drum circle is really like a huge party and if you’re really lucky, you might just find shorter wait times for some of the queues.Pandora at Night Pandora at Night Pandora at Night

We had fun exploring the area with a little lower crowd when we were there. Even if you just go for the Black Light Pictures, its worth it:)Pandora at Night Pandora at Night Pandora at Night

Have you been to Pandora at night? What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear what you think of it! pandora wdw