Our Etsy Shop

Our Etsy Shop

Did you know we have a Disney-Inspired Etsy Shop? As sisters who love all things Disney it was bound to happen. We stroll around Epcot with our American Dream in hand and get awesome ideas for a design and simply cannot help ourselves! That combo of slushy and ice cream from the Fife and Drum at the America pavilion always brings on the best ideas. So here we are, 3 months and 100 sales later. Luckily, we have an amazing community at Etsy and have been able to share our designs with oh so many people so far! Just wanted to share all our fun here on the blog. But be sure to check out the shop itself at Polka Dots & Pixie Dust Shop .

Our Disney Shirts on Etsy

Need a Disney Outfit? Want to match your Disney Mickey Ears? Chances are we’ll have something you like! Browse and see what strikes your fancy below and head over to our Disney-Inspired t-shirt shop on Etsy.

Classic Disney T Shirt Collection

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Pandora, World of Avatar Collection

We’re crazy about Pandora, World of Avatar and when asked to design tees, who can say no? So we came up with fun design of this bioluminescent world perfect to show your love of that world 4.4 light years away.

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Disney Pandora T Shirt Collection