Disney Adult Things to Do at Walt Disney World

Disney Adult Things to Do at Walt Disney World

You need some Disney Adult things to do at Walt Disney World? We totally get it. While we totally love hanging out with our favorite characters, we also totally love getting to do adult focused things. That day-job means we deserve to go treat ourselves. Being over 21 means we can find a new bar,  choose to watch the game at the ESPN Club, or book a Spa appointment. So many Disney adult things can be just as fun as the kids things. Here’s a growing list of our favorite things for Disney Grown Ups at Walt Disney World.

A List of Things We Love for Disney Grown Ups

Being a Disney Adult up means staying out late, grabbing a drink and eating treats before dinner. So why not live it up at Walt Disney world and take advantage of your adult-ness! Here are all our favorite things to do as an adult at Disney World.

Pandora at Night

Being a grown up mean you get to stay up late. So it’s no surprise that at least one of our tips for Disney Adult things to do at Walt Disney World involves a late night. If you’re up for staying out late, there’s no better place to do that than in the glowing bio-luminescent land of Pandora. Everything lights up and around 9 pm you can see the whole world of Avatar really come to life. The sounds are different, the lights are glowing. Grab the Rum Blossom or the Mo’ara Margarita and spend the evening strolling around, listening for the animal sounds and admiring the glowing plants. If you’re up for dancing- catch the drum circle.

polkadotsandpixiedust.com pandora wdw

Happily Ever After Dessert Party

Nothing says competent and capable adult like being able to spend 60 bucks on desserts just so you can get a good seat for the Happily Ever After Fireworks Show at Magic Kingdom. You can also get a similar experience at Hollywood Studios with Star Wars Galactic Nights. Whichever you choose know that they do serve cheese and crackers at these things, so it can sort of double as a meal since it’s all you care to enjoy.

Disney Springs

There will be a time when you can’t really bear to be in the parks anymore. Chances are it will be during the weekend when the crowds are worse and the children crabbier. Whatever the reason, head over to Disney Springs for a reset. You can head to Splitsville (21 and over only) for some bowling, make your way to Sephora for a new look, or get in some fine dining at Morimoto Asia or any of the other amazing restaurants at Disney Springs. We have written about our favorite Disney Springs restaurants here if you need some ideas on where to start your Disney Springs Foodie journey. 

disney springs aristocrepes

disney springs

The Disney Boardwalk

The Disney Boardwalk houses the ESPN Club for all your sports watching needs, Atlantic Dance Hall for all your dancing needs, and Jellyrolls, the dueling piano bar (21 and over only) for all goofy and fun evening needs. We also love the Boardwalk for strolling, grabbing a pizza at the Trattoria al Forno Pizza Window, and hanging out to watch the evening shows on the sidewalk.

The Dolphin Hotel

The Dolphin Resort sits right behind the Boardwalk and is home to The Fountain: a smoothie bar, Fuel: a coffee bar and Todd English’s Blue Zoo, an actual bar that is absolutely gorgeous. Whatever you need The Dolphin does it in style. If you haven’t gotten over to the Dolphin be sure to check out their beaches, night light show at the entrance and all the amazing foodie offerings.

EPCOT and World Showcase

We ADORE Epcot. People definitely have issues with the amount of festivals this park seems to have, but for our money we look at the festivals as an extra free perk! And as they always include more food, we’re usually there with bells on. If you’re a grown up who gardens visit Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival. If you’re a grown up who drinks visit Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival.

Disney Instagram Walls

Who doesn’t love sharing all your fun times with friends and family? Well if you want to show everyone you are in the know, check out the Walls of Instagram and make a game out of snapping the best shots at the best places around Walt Disney World.

Senses Spa

Nothing says luxury like a spa day. You may have a hard time justifying the cost ( 200 bucks or a little less) or giving up the time ( about 2 hours) to get that massage or facial or wrap. And while you may be wondering why you would spend Disney time to pamper yourself we would ask you… when else would you do that other than vacation? Not to mention the quality at Senses located either at The Grand Floridian or Disney Springs is so top notch you won’t be finding services like these at home.

Topolino's Terrace Breakfast

Disney Resort Beach or Pool Time

Everyone who feels like they haven’t a chance to relax since leaving college, raise your hand. Yeah, we know. If you weren’t looking for a job, getting the job, moving up in the job or adding a side hustle what would you do? Well, before you do anything, you really need to just relax. If you’re looking for lots of luxury, you can head to Disney’s Riviera Resort, but really any Disney Resort will do. Remember that pool time and beach time is best taken as a mid afternoon break when all the kids are in the parks. We like the beaches at The Beach Club, Caribbean Beach Resort and The Polynesian. The pool wherever you’re staying will probably suffice, but if it doesn’t you may get away with crashing the one at the Dolphin.

Festival of the Arts Food

The Festival of the Arts

While we really do LOVE that festivals at EPCOT, Festival of the Arts is one of the festivals that is great for adults, especially if you’re not of the stumbling around the world Food and Wine Crowd. Festival of the Arts offers beautiful food, shows, and art galleries to browse. 

festival of the arts stuff for adults at disney

Monorail Pub Crawl 

What we love about this grown up activity is it has absolutely no structure whatsoever! You literally get on the monorail and at each stop (except the TTC of course) get out and head to a bar. Some of the resorts have several. Again this would not necessarily be something we’d tackle unless we were just sipping those drinks, cause you know other wise we’d have to uber back to our resort. Grand Floridian, Contemporary, The Polynesian make up the resorts on this crawl. Check out the bar recommendations here. And don’t forget to eat something. We love the truffle fries over the Enchanted Rose Lounge at the Grand Floridian best. 

Highway in the Sky Dine Around

Of course if you want to try something a little more structured, or need a perfect anniversary event, try the Highway in the Sky Dine Around  . This is a 5 course dinner with drinks and the whole shebang at the monorail resorts. Definitely pretty high end, but then hey, you’re on vacation! Make it special.

Disney Adult Things to do at Walt Disney World

As we find new Disney Adult things to do at Walt Disney World we’ll add them to this list. Let us know if you have any fun Disney Vacation ideas for grown ups! We’d love to test em out. 

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