Pandora World of Avatar: 5 Reasons You Should Visit Pandora at Night

Pandora World of Avatar: 5 Reasons You Should Visit Pandora at Night

If you guys remember, we were able to see Pandora during our Passholder Preview in May of 2017. During that preview period, although the crowds were really low, there were also some things that we weren’t able to experience. Pandora at night was one of them. Thankfully, we were able to return in the fall. And WOW! Is this place amazing or what? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should put aside an evening to see Pandora World of Avatar at Night. Pandora World of Avatar Review, Things to DoPandora World of Avatar

How is Pandora, World of Avatar Different at Night?

During the daytime hours you can see the floating mountains, the gorgeous scenery, and grab pics in front of the moss wall. BUT, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this place lit up at night. Yes! It actually glows. Just like in the movie Avatar, a dull calm sweeps around this land as soon as night falls. With the hum of night creatures and waterfalls in the background, a soft blue glow weaves through everything from the ground up. 

Moss Wall World of Avatar Disney Pandora

Pandora Atmosphere at Night

Pandora in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World can be pretty crazy during the daytime. With crowds still pretty high and waits for the Flight of Passage at almost 3 hours, the word CALM is not associated with daytime hours. At night however, the combination of sights, sounds, and the Drum Circle Show helps reconnect everyone to the Earth, just the way Disney intended. Know that even if you haven’t seen Avatar, you will still get all the feels from this new land at Animal Kingdom. Plan for a calm, blissful evening. As if you were strolling through the safest, most wondrous place, 4.4 light years away in the World of Avatar. 

Pandora at Night Pandora at Night

The Sounds of Pandora

The “natural’ sounds of Pandora were great during the daytime. You could hear little animals in the landscaping and natural greenery. The waterfalls rushing through the background and the sounds of drums in the distance. At night the drum sounds intensify to mimic the heartbeat of the planet. Sounds of different creatures emerge in landscape and the healers of the drum circle offer a nightly show. Gather around the drum circle near the small bridge to get the best views and feel the heartbeat of the music. 

Pandora at Night The Sights of Pandora

What really brings the land alive at night is that everything glows in bio-luminescence. With plants that light up, lights behind waterfalls and light coming up through the threads in the ground, the place almost doesn’t even need artificial lighting. 

Pandora at Night

The Photo Ops in Pandora at Night

One of the coolest photo ops can be had at a small cave space to the right of the drum circle area. This space is covered in blue veins that run across the ground. Even if you just go to grab the cool Black Light Pictures, its worth it:)

Pandora at Night Pandora at Night

Rides at Pandora, World of Avatar

While the rides at Pandora, World of Avatar don’t change in the evening, it may be your best bet at shorter lines. N’avi River Journey is a very short boat ride. Amazing, yes, but it kills us to stand in line for 1.5 hours for a 2 minute ride. This ride naturally has shorter lines in the evening as other guests seek out Rivers of Light on the other side of the park. Same goes for Flight of Passage. While we love this queue, you can continue to check for fast passes on your My Disney experience app as long as you’ve used your first three fast passes of the day. Flight of Passage really is the most amazing ride. So if you can’t grab it sometime during the day, make it a priority to head to Pandora at Night.

Pandora at Night pandora wdw

 5 Reasons you Should Visit Pandora, world of Avatar at Night

So there you have it! Shorter lines for rides, hushed sounds, glowing sights, fun photo ops and a calm atmosphere make Pandora at Night one of our Disney Must-Do items. Since opening in 2017, this new land at Animal Kingdom has seen nonstop crowds. So grab your fast passes early, plan an amazing dinner at S’atuli Canteen and stay for the drum show. We hope you love strolling through Pandora as much as we do! 

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