Pandora at Animal Kingdom: A Quick Guide

Pandora at Animal Kingdom: A Quick Guide

Pandora at Animal Kingdom is a beautiful land on Avatar, 4.4 light years away. From army-like bases, to natural cuisine and the whole feeling of being connected to the planet, this bio luminescent land at Walt Disney World comes even more alive at night. Here’s everything to know about Pandora!

First things first. Pandora is located near the front of Animal Kingdom. There will be signs to guide you however if you get lost, you can pull up your map on your MyDisneyExperience app to help you find it. Just look for the floating

Pandora is small. If you feel like you haven’t seen everything, honestly, you probably have. Its not a large area and you could probably adequately see and experience everything within about 2 hours if you’re not counting queue times.Pandora World of Avatar

You can only Fast Pass one of the Pandora rides per day. They are both on the higher tier in FP+ world, so you can pick one, not both. If you’re ok with simulated rides, Flight of Passage will always be my first pick. However, the queue is pretty awesome and the ride is worth the wait if you have to. Na’vi River Journey is very beautiful, slow moving and relaxing, however it’s short and in my opinion, not worth the 180 minute wait we saw when we were there

If you’re looking for a healthy meal, try a bowl from Satuli Canteen. You can customize it to your liking and they’re really good! And we love that it’s different than anything else you’ll find at a quick serve in the Parks. There are other options as well, but I’ll be sticking to the bowls when I visit Pandora.Food at Pandora World of Avatar

Visit Pandora at night. I cannot recommend this enough. Not only is everything beautifully lit up, but the entire atmosphere is completely different. Even if you just stop by for a few minutes, its worth the

Watch the drum circle. This may not be your cup of tea, but it is a fun addition to the entertainment there. Stay for a minute or stay for the whole

Try the Night Blossom. If you’ve been to the Flower and Garden Festival and tried the Violet Lemonade, its basically the same thing. A little sour, a little sweet and in Pandora, they put boba on it. We don’t like boba, and if you don’t either, just ask for one without it.pongu pongu night blossom drink at pandora

Try the Pongu Limpia. Its a basically a pineapple and cream cheese filled wrapper and its light and delicious. Of course if you don’t like pineapple or cream cheese, don’t get it.

If you want to spring the cost of adoption, head over to Wind Traders to adopt a banshee. We don’t have one, but it seems like that may be some people’s favorite thing to do in Pandora. Wind Traders is the gift shop you’ll go into after Flight of Passage.

Go on a conservation mission. When you walk into Pandora, a message will pop up from your Disney app asking if you’d like to go on a mission. You have to have facebook messenger enabled to play and its not really as much of a “game” as we thought. If you complete a mission, $10 will be donated to the Disney Conservation Fund and the missions take about 5 minutes to complete.

Look for the photo opps. If you love pictures, Pandora is filled with places to take them. Whether you’re looking for the moss wall, beautiful waterfalls or just a cute place for a family photo, there are PhotoPass photographers everywhere in Pandora which will help guide you to the most popular spots. Don’t have photopass? They’re happy to take a pic for you with your phone or camera.

Moss Wall World of Avatar Disney Pandora
Need tees for exploring Pandora? Check out the shop!

Talk to the cast members. This will always be my #1 tip. They can give you so much cool insider info that you won’t find too many other places.

Take your time. Remember how I said you could get it done in a couple hours? Don’t feel like you need to. Take your time, the beauty in Pandora is really in the details. And if you do happen to be stuck in a 3 hour queue, put your phone down and notice the all the little things that the Imagineers have created for you.Pandora World of Avatar Glowing Floor

Pandora at Animal Kingdom is amazing. From the rides to the food to the atmosphere. Here's a quick guide to everything you can see, do and eat there! #polkadotpixies #pandora #animalkingdom #disneyguide



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