FastPasses at Walt Disney World: A Quick Guide

FastPasses at Walt Disney World: A Quick Guide

Headed to Walt Disney World for the first time and not sure what to make of the whole Disney FastPass system? There are specific dates to know, weird rules and then there are those weird kiosks. It can get confusing! Here’s your quick guide to FastPasses at Walt Disney World!

Update: Disney’s FastPass+ system has retired. Learn more about its replacement, Disney’s Lightning Lane Pass.

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Disney Fastpass+ Tiers

To understand how Fastpasses work at Walt Disney World it’s important to know that they are often broken out into tiers at each park so that you can’t just choose all the “best rides.” That said there are 2 Tiers. Tier 1 Rides are the highest level, most popular attractions with the highest waits, and most difficult to get. Tier 2 Rides are all the other rides that are part of the fastpass+ system.  We’ll be sharing just the Tier 1 rides below so that you can build your strategy for snagging that first, and then getting any other Tier 2 rides available. You can pick 1 (one) Tier 1 attraction and 2 (two) Tier 2 attractions per day when choosing your initial 3 fast passes.

Animal Kingdom Fastpass Tier 1 Rides

Both rides in Pandora are Tier 1, and Flight of Passage is the one to get if you can. This ride still sees 2-hour waits and is often unavailable as a Fastpass.

Avatar Flight of Passage
Na’vi River Journey

EPCOT FastPass+ Tier 1 Rides

Frozen Ever After
Epcot Forever ( we don’t recommend shows or parades as a fastpass choice)
Soarin’ Around the World
Test Track

Will Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot France have a Fastpass?

We don’t know this detail about Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure yet,  but if it does, but it will most likely be a Tier 1 ride. We will also see Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind arrive in 2021, and expect either a fastpass or boarding pass. 

Hollywood Studios Fastpass Tier 1 Rides

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run
Slinky Dog Dash
Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Rise of the Resistance does not have a fastpass. Read about our Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass Hacks to make sure you get a spot on this ride. 

Magic Kingdom Fastpass Tiers

Magic Kingdom does not have fastpasses split into tiers. So, you can just choose any three rides you like and you’re done. Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train often have higher wait times and would be worth the fastpass.

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How Do Disney World Fastpasses Work?

Disney FastPasses Are Linked to Your Magic Band

To be clear, FastPasses at Walt Disney World are FREE. And included as a perk you get access to when you buy a ticket. Fast Passes will be linked to your magic band. If you don’t have a Magic Band, they will be linked to your Park Tickets. If you want a Magic Band, you can buy one here… and link it to your Disney Account. This way everything becomes much easier and you can get on rides in a snap! You can even link your credit card to the Magic Band to pay for meals and merchandise with ease as well. FastPasses are also noted as FP+ throughout the parks, so don’t be confused, they are all the same thing!

How Many FastPasses Do I Get?

Each guest is allowed 3 FastPasses. Once you have used all 3, you can select 1 at a time as they are available.  You used to have to go to the Kiosks in the Park to get more Fast Passes after using your original 3, however, now it can all be done using the My Disney Experience App. Make sure you’ve got it on your phone!

Can I reserve more than just 3 FastPasses in one day?

Yes! Once you have used all your fast passes that were previously scheduled, you can reserve others. For this reason, it’s good to reserve your scheduled fast passes early. That way if you get done with rides at 2 pm, there’s a chance that some fast passes for the day may still be left. If it’s 5 pm, however when your last fast pass finishes, there may not be any more fast passes for the taking. There are FP+ kiosks located throughout the Parks in case you are not able to make the FP+ on your phone and there are Cast Members there to help you if needed!

Do I need a Park Ticket to Get a FastPass?

You must have a ticket of some kind linked to your My Disney Experience account in order to book your FastPasses. So if you are staying offsite, don’t have a Magic Your Way package or Annual Pass, and aren’t an Annual Passholder, make sure that you buy your tickets ahead of time in order to be able to choose your FP+. This is just because the system needs to be able to link the passes to something!


All Star Movies Resort

Disney Fastpass FAQ

Off-Site Disney World Guest FastPass Timeline

Guests not staying on-site can reserve their FastPasses 30 days in advance. Read up on all the Disney World deadlines in our Disney World Planning Timeline post. 

Annual Passholders Not Staying On-Site

Annual Passholders can reserve Fast Passes 30 days beforehand, unless you are staying on WDW property then you are given the same FP+ window as resort guests.

What if the Disney Ride Breaks Down?

If a ride that you have a FastPass for breaks down before you can use your FP+, you will get another one automatically added to your My Disney Experience app so you can book another one.

How Much Time do I have to Use a FastPass?

The FP+ allows you to cut the line during a 1 specific hour window; if you do not return to your FP+ attraction, then you will lose that specific FP+ but you will be able to schedule another one in its place. This does not mean you will necessarily get the same attraction though, just another opportunity to FastPass something. Keep this in mind if you have a hard to get FP+ or just one that you really wanted.

Why is the FastPass Line longer than the Regular Line?

The FP+ lines are not always fast and they’re not always the fastest either. Some rides that don’t really require FP+ will sometimes be longer than the regular lines during slow periods.

Can I use my FastPass during Special Events?

FP+ is not available during special events like the Halloween Party or during Extra Magic Hours.

Disney Skyliner Tips for Families Walt Disney World

Disney FastPass+ Tips

Stay On-Site to Reserve Your FastPasses Sooner

Guests staying on-site can reserve their FastPasses 60 days before the start of their trip. We highly recommend doing this as soon as possible because some popular rides run out of FastPasses quickly! For the popular new rides ( like we saw with Frozen Ever After ) and anything new at Disney, fastpasses may be gone for your reserved dates, for this reason, we always recommend staying on-site when you know anything new and spectacular may be on your agenda.

Don’t use Fastpasses on Shows or Parades

Why we don’t recommend park-wide shows or parades as Fastpasses. While Epcot Forever is newer and thus warrants the Tier 1 spot on this list, it is a show that can be seen from anywhere in Epcot World Showcase. While the Fastpass will get you access to a priority location. It’s not necessarily a better vantage point than Japan or near the American Pavilion. 

Remember, FastPass Windows are 1 hour Long

Since Fastpass windows are 1 hour long, you can technically book times that work better for your vacation as long as you scan in at the ride for which you have the Fastpass within a few minutes of it expiring. It is actually built-in with a little cushion of about 3-5 minutes after your time expires. 

Check the App for Fastpass Availability throughout the day

As soon as you have worked through your initial 3 Fastpasses you can check the app to see availability. Even on rides that are notoriously unavailable. We sometimes can catch a fastpass to Snow White’s Mine Ride during the lunch hour. But these things only show up in the Disney My Experience App. so, be sure to check for fast passes throughout the day. 

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How to Get Hard To Get Disney FastPasses

Here are our best tips for trying to get the most coveted fast passes. This will hopefully give you a little insight to how this system works.

  • FastPasses are booked at 7am EST. So be up and be ready as soon as your fastpass window opens. Have the screen ready at 6:59 am
  • Make sure you sign out, then sign back into your My Disney Experience App, or Disney account on the computer BEFORE you’re ready to book fastpasses.
  • Be in a very reliable wi-fi connection or turn your wi-fi off and just use data if you’re worried.
  • Book Tier 1 fastpasses FIRST across all parks, for all days of your vacation.
  • Do Not Make Your FastPass selection in chronological order. Select all your “Hard To Get” fast passes first. You can always go back and add your other fast passes after the tough ones are booked.
  • The days at the end of your trip will have better fastpass availability than the beginning of your trip. Book backward from your last day to snag the best fastpasses.

So there you have it, everything you ever wanted (or maybe didn’t want) to know about using FastPasses at Walt Disney World. What did we leave out? What other questions do you have about FastPasses?

How to book the hard to get Disney Fast Passes. What they are, what tips, tricks and strategy will help you make sure you have the best ride fast passed. #disneyplanning #disneyrides #disneytips #disneystrategy #polkadotpixies

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