Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios: 5 Favorite Things

Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios: 5 Favorite Things

Walt Disney World announced they would be holding Passholder Previews for Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios and basically, the internet broke. While we obsessively checked our email, hoping to get a Passholder Preview email, so did everyone else.  Luckily, as fate would have it, the stars aligned and somehow we scored a coveted spot to see Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge before the official opening.

When Galaxy’s Edge opened up in Disneyland, we stalked all the Instagram stories, all the blog posts and watched every You Tube video we could find to learn more about being transported to this amazing new land, Batuu. We knew it was going to be almost exactly the same in both parks with the exception of slightly lighter building colors to combat Florida sun and optional alcohol at Walt Disney World, with Rum in the blue milk and Tequila in the green milk. We even wrote a guide to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge to help get ourselves ready! 

So now that it’s finally Walt Disney World’s turn to experience this new planet, there are a few things we are particularly excited about!

Droid Depot at Galaxy’s Edge 

Who doesn’t want their very own droid?! At the Droid Depot, you can create your very own droid by searching for the parts in the depot to build your perfect droid. This fully interactive experience looks so fun and we can’t wait to build a droid!

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

The newest ride at Galaxy’s Edge is a ride designed for 6, with 2 assigned to each role.  The technology looks out of this world! We can’t wait to see how this ride works and be part of the action. 

New Treats at Galaxy’s Edge

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know we love snacks! From blue and green milk to multi-colored popcorn to galactic desserts, we are so excited to get a taste of Batuu!

star wars galaxys edge at walt disney worldPhoto Ops on Batuu

Whenever we are traveling, we are those people who just can’t seem to take enough pictures. So I have a feeling that traveling to another galaxy far far away won’t be any different. 

Immersion Theming inside Galaxy’s Edge

The thing we are most excited for is the theming inside Galaxy’s Edge! With such an immersive experience waiting for us, we can’t wait to meet the characters, see the sights, smell the smells and experience everything is that Batuu!

We will be sure to report back here after our Passholder Preview in a couple of weeks and be sure to follow along on our trip on Instagram!

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios combines food, rides and new shopping on the planet Batuu. Here's 5 things that make this trip worth it! #starwars #galaxysedge #hollywoodstudios #polkadotpixies



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