Target Black Friday Deals 2023 For Disney Fans

Target Black Friday Deals 2023 For Disney Fans

Black Friday is coming… are you ready?! Every year, we anxiously wait to see what deals we can find for the biggest shopping day of the year. Over the years, Black Friday has definitely changed; but one thing that hasn’t changed is some of our favorite stores to shop for the occasion, Target is at the very top of that list. Whether you’re looking for the latest new iPhone, fun toys for your littles, or want to beef up your Disney movie collection, Target has something for everyone. And why not grab it on sale?!

One thing we love specifically love about shopping at Target for Black Friday is all of the Disney items they have! You can bet Black Friday is when we grab our favorite Disney DVDs, books,  pajamas, the perfect Disney throw for those chilly flights to Orlando, the list goes on. It’s your one stop for some of the best deals on some of our absolute favorite gifts. 

Target Black Friday Shopping Tips

Shopping Black Friday can be as fun or as stressful as you make it, so we wanted to share a few tips with you to help you make the most of your experience. 

Start with a plan! 

This is crucial, not only for scoring the deals you want, but also for maintaining a reasonable amount of sanity. We recommend scouring the Black Friday ad for Target, making a list and checking it twice! You can find all of the top deals, sorted by category as well as the full Black Friday Target ad at

Commit to a time

Are you trying to grab the hottest item in the store? Target opens at 5pm on Thanksgiving for Black Friday sales, so you’ll want to make sure you head to your store as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is finished.  Maybe the items you have your eye on aren’t quite as “hot” and you’re gonna take a post-Thanksgiving dinner nap before the Black Friday madness begins. Either way, commit to a time before you Thanksgiving festivities begin so you can keep yourself on schedule.

Make it a date!

Ok, so maybe not like an actual date, but Black Friday shopping so much more fun when you take someone along! Grab your best pals, stop at Starbucks and make it fun. 

Black Friday Target Shopping tips

Let it go

Black Friday can be stressful. The crowds are insane, the lines are never ending, and some of the behavior you might see may not put you in the merriest of moods. But with the right mindset, it can also be a lot of fun! Let go of the things you can’t control, and if you miss out on something you had your heart set on, just remember, Cyber Monday is just around the corner. 

Target Black Friday Disney Deals

Whether you’re shopping for your favorite niece, your mom or even yourself, there are sales on practically everything during the Black Friday sale at Target! Here are a few deals we are looking forward to!

Black Friday shopping Target

Entertainment Black Friday Deals

Target has some of the best entertainment deals for Black Friday and you won’t want to miss these! Select Disney books for $4, Disney DVDs for $9 and $15, including some brand new titles including the new live action Aladdin , Lion King and even some Marvel movies, like Avengers Endgame. These are perfect for any Disney movie fan and you likely won’t find better deals than these.

Toys Black Friday Deals

Shopping for a little one? Target has you covered there too.

Black Friday Target Disney

Find all of these deals and more at Slick Deals!

So, what will you be grabbing this year at Target during the Black Friday sale?! We can’t wait!

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