Tokyo Dining at Disney Epcot Japan Restaurant Review

Tokyo Dining at Disney Epcot Japan Restaurant Review

Tokyo Dining at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Japan Pavilion is a table service restaurant somewhat hidden. It doesn’t have the hoopla of the hibachi grill you’ll find at Teppan Edo. And it’s not as pricey as Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. So what can you expect at Tokyo Dining? Well, with a penchant for Japanese cuisine, and something fancy, we decided to try it out sans sushi and see what there was to actually dig our teeth into. 

Tokyo Dining Location and Atmosphere

Tokyo Dining is located in the Japan Pavilion right across from the World Showcase Lagoon on the second floor of the Mitsukoshi building. The restaurant shares a space with Teppan Edo, with check-in at the bottom of the very tall stairs leading into the building. Unlike Biergarten or Teppan Edo you don’t share a table with other guests. This is a fancier experience with softer lighting, less fanfare, and very attentive staff. A true perk of our visit was that we got this lovely corner table with this view in the picture below. Just gorgeous. And if we had timed our dinner a little later we could have stayed to watch the evening digital show at EPCOT right from our table. 

tokyo dining corner table view

Tokyo Dining Dinner Options

For dinner, we had heard very good things about a few menu items. But there were some disappointments here too. We also heard that the Bento Box was THE thing to get. There were quite a few things we knew we weren’t going to eat in the Bento Box, so skipped that dish, but it comes highly recommended. Check out the full menu here. Here’s what we tried.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Sweet, Fruity Plum Wine Reduction and Seasonal Vegetables

The grilled beef tenderloin in the plum reduction was amazing. A perfect filet with just enough salty and sweet. The tomato with melted cheese felt out of place, but we imagine this was the seasonal vegetable, so may vary at other times of the year. All the meals also came with rice and soy sauce. 

Tokyo dining epcot

Boneless Breast with Teriyaki Butter Emulsion and Seasonal Vegetables

This chicken was a bit of a letdown! Obviously, the “safe bet” on the menu, which we didn’t know until we ordered it. This dish was bland and basic. Also, you’ll note from the amount on the plate, not really much food. Thank goodness it came with rice! We would definitely say pass on this dish if there is anything else you may like instead. 

tokyo dining chicken

Udon Noodles served with Fried Tofu and Vegetables in KONBU-Dashi Broth

Ok, so this was one of the BEST things on the menu. This Udon soup was gigantic. Like a small witch cauldron filled with soup. We got the one with tofu, but there is another variation with shrimp and chicken if you need something heartier. This is a Must-Try recommendation regardless but would be the perfect meal to have if you weren’t feeling well.   We would also recommend this alongside the fried tempura vegetables if you’re in need of an appetizer or sharing this dish. 

tokyo dining udon bowl

Tokyo Dining Drinks

Pina Colada

The Pina Colada came in an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version which was nice as a special kid’s drink to go along with the fancy meal. 

tokyo dining drinks

Japanese Breeze and Tokyo Sunset

The Japanese Breeze is the redder of the two drinks and akin to a Bahama Breeze. Very light, sweet, and drinkable. The Tokyo Sunset however is very boozy! Almost too much alcohol to drink alongside dinner. So pick your poison. The Violet Silk Martini was also top on our list as that too had gotten very good reviews. 

tokyo dining at disney

Desserts at Tokyo Dining

The desserts at Tokyo Dining are the same desserts you’d get at Teppan Edo. In addition to the delicious light cakes below, you could also get a green tea ice cream, which is also very good. You really can’t go wrong with any of these.

Layered Sponge Cake with Ginger Mousse filling a ribbon of rich Chocolate Icing

tokyo dining dessert

Green Tea Sponge Cake with a matching Light Green Tea Mousse 

tokyo dining dessert

Mango-flavored Sponge Cake with a smooth and flavorful Mango Mousse filling 

tokyo dining at disney desserts

Is Tokyo Dining Good for Kids? 

While many question if Epcot is even the best park to bring kids, we’re all for it! And the dining is no different. It’s a great way to allow kids to try new foods and see what other cultures eat. Definitely be aware that both Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining have basic menus for kids. And while the items on the main menu are not geared towards children, there is enough variety that you should be ok finding something they will eat. 

Tokyo Dining at Epcot Restaurant Tips

  • Request a window seat. We were lucky and got seated at the window with the most gorgeous view. We definitely thought this really added to the experience and would recommend it if you could get it.
  • This is a super low-key restaurant. So, no Disney theme, no bells, and whistles, parades, or songs. It’s just a nice quiet meal.
  • Dine before or after regular dinner times. Planning a reservation or walk-in for a 4 pm or 7:30 pm time slot is ideal for lower crowds. 
  • The waitstaff at Tokyo Dining is super attentive, this isn’t meant to make you feel rushed. 
  • Order the Udon Soup. Even if you just get one bowl for the table to share, this really is a must-try soup. 
  • Dessert is optional. With so many fun dessert foods around Epcot, there are other options if you choose not to get dessert here. While the cakes, and matcha ice cream are always good they are not the best desserts you’ll have in this park. 

Tokyo Dining Disney Restaurant Review

Tokyo Dining may seem hidden and may seem rather unsung as a dining choice at Walt Disney World. But, in our opinion, it’s definitely worth a try for a nice dinner. Meals here are 1 dining credit and reservations are easier to get than most. We often see this restaurant available for day-of reservations. Great if you’re in a pinch.

The food is high quality and we love that the cuisine stays true to the Japanese culture. As with most Epcot restaurants, there is an expectation that the experience by country in the World Showcase will be authentic. We were not disappointed and will definitely be going back to try more of this menu. It’s important to note that Tokyo Dining is considered the place to be for sushi at Disney as well. Let us know what you think if you add this restaurant to your next Disney visit! 

Tokyo Dining at Walt Disney World Epcot Japan is a Table Service Restaurant in the Mitsukoshi building. See all our best tips for choosing the right meal and table! #tokyodining #disneyepcotjapan

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