Travel China with Reflections of China Epcot

Travel China with Reflections of China Epcot

Reflections of China at Epcot, Walt Disney World is one of those 360 circle-vision attractions that most people just pass by. Unless it’s 105 degrees outside and you need to take advantage of the air conditioning for 30 minutes. Or raining, or freezing. We thought we’d share a quick journey through the locations we visit in this film, just in case it all comes back differently after the refurbishment. As we’re sure it will. Lets travel China like Disney travels China.

We should definitely start by saying we are not the “lets backpack through Asia and sleep outside” type of girls. If you give us the option for something all inclusive we’ll take it. We like our meals planned and our resorts fancy. If there’s a spa day included, yes, please. If the pricing for the Adventures by Disney China tour wasn’t a little high, we’d say, just book that and be done with it! In fact, if you have the means go ahead! We’re absolutely certain the best experiences are had on the Adventures by Disney tours. If you are, however, a little more realistic and want to experience the 360 Circle-Vision locations in pieces, on your own or as money allows, here’s all the places we visit in Reflections of China at the China Pavilion in Epcot, Walt Disney World.

Travel the Great Wall of China

The film, Reflections of China, includes a narrative by Chinese poet, Li Bai, of the Tang Dynasty. If you’re feeling extra literary and want to see the sights of China through the eyes of the poet, or travel from the coziness of your couch, you can grab a collection of his poems here.

great wall of china disney epcot china pavilion

A must see during your travels through Asia is the Great Wall of China  . The Great Wall is currently under renovation in certain areas. So if you’re hoping to venture out on your travels into China, go with a travel company so they can guide you to the best areas. We really like Trafalgar for decent prices and great tour guides. This isn’t a sponsored post, or anything, we just love this tour company and highly recommend it for any international travel.

Haungpu River

The next stop in Reflections of China is sailing down the majestic Haungpu River to Shanghai.  While the river is gorgeous, it was the view of Shanghai that prompted us to write this post. We were quite sure this collection of images so carefully crafted for this film were rooted in the 1980’s and no longer current. We definitely wanted to share what a modern day adventure to these amazing places would look like.

reflections of china huangpu river disney circle vision epcot

Now home to Shanghai Disneyland Park, there’s a great chance the new film in the China Pavilion Epcot will include the most amazing views of China’s newest Disneyland Park. Complete with the most amazing castle. The Enchanted Storybook castle takes elements from all the Princesses’s castles and is the tallest of all the Disney Parks at present. You won’t see this in the film currently in the Chinese Pavilion. But if you travel to Shanghai, you should be sure to stop by.

shanghai disneyland park china reflections of china pavilion epcot

Nanjing Road in Shanghai

While traveling in Shanghai a must stop is the shopping district on Nanjing Road. Considered China’s #1 shopping street, you can also stop by the Jing’an Temple while window shopping here.

Peking Opera Company in Beijing

Next in our journey with Li Bai we see the Peking Opera Company complete with acrobats, traditional tai chi, and the most amazing costumes. We always feel like a Broadway show, ballet, or opera are a must-do when traveling. Especially since it’s the best way to get a feel for the traditional culture of a country. Check out the schedule if you’re planning China travels anytime soon.

Huangshan and the Sea of Clouds

The Huangshan mountains, like most national parks here in the states, are hard to get to but totally worth the effort. Here’s a look at the mountain hiking tour if you’re hoping to get to the top and see the Sea of Clouds. We have something much less majestic here in the states on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, North Carolina. Note: much less majestic. But if you want to see clouds swallowing mountain tops, this may be your best closer-to-home option.

Yangtze River to Suzhou

See all the amazing natural sights of the Three Gorges landscape in China with a Trafalgar China Cruise down the Yangtze River. So pretty, and obviously once in a lifetime stuff!

three gorges yaghtze river china

Xinjiang Province

China has regional delicacies everywhere! Nothing at all similar to your local Chinese take out! If you’re looking for a true Foodie Vacation featuring all of China’s best. Check out this post for more ideas.

Gobi Desert

We love travel bloggers Goats on the Road so finding their post on the trek across the Gobi Desert to inner Mongolia, was a treat! Suddenly China feels possible! Mind you, while this desert looks gorgeous we wouldn’t be the ones trekking it across the dessert on our own. Not because we’re not adventurous- because we are- ( kinda) but because we’re absolutely not equipped for dessert travel. No matter how many times we watch Prince of Persia, trekking it across a dessert- with a looming sandstorm possibility- just is not our idea of a vacation. So yes, thank you Goats on the Road for making this sound easier.

The Forbidden City

In Reflections of China we visit Beijing’s Forbidden City next. You can tackle any of the best tours to see the Imperial Palace in all its glory. If you love Mulan or Kung Fu Panda this is the sight you’ll most want to see. It’s also a great place to learn all about China’s history. Check out all the tips on how to visit Beijing and see the palace museum here.  With all the rules surrounding travel to China this is an excellent site to get started with the information you’ll need.

Shilin Stone Forest

Considered a “geographical miracle” the Shilin Stone Forest may make you feel like you’re embarking on a journey into the fires of Mordor, courtesy of Lord of the Rings. Still, they are quite beautiful!

shilin stone forest in china reflections of china

Reflections of China in Epcot, Walt Disney World

So there you have it. A journey through the film, Reflections of China. You’ll currently find this film in the China Pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World. See it while you can. Refurbishments are on the way. If you miss this attraction at Disney know that this is the list of places we visit in the film and if you’re excited to try out the real China on your own, the links in this post will get you all the information you need.

Take a travel tour through the 360 circlevision film in the China Pavilion at Epcot, Walt Disney World. Reflections of China will be changing, so here's a list of all the places we visit in this film. #waltdisneyworld #disneyepcot #reflectionsofchina #circlevision

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