Walt Disney World Fall 2020 What’s New?

Walt Disney World Fall 2020 What’s New?

Fall at Walt Disney World in 2020 may seem like a long laundry list of things you can’t do. But, let’s also chat about what you CAN do and why we still love fall at Walt Disney World even though this year may look a little different. Here’s all our favorite things happening this fall, from snacks to new rides, restaurants and more!

Disney Fall 2020 Disney World

What’s New this Fall at Walt Disney World?

With Walt Disney World reopening there are a lot of changes ahead. But thankfully that doesn’t mean our favorite time of year has to suffer! We’ve got a list of all the new things happening at Walt Disney World for Fall. 

What are Walt Disney World’s New Hours for Fall 2020?

Walt Disney World has been changing hours lately, so check out the Disney 5 Day Calendar for the most up to date hours. You can check out the What’s New at Walt Disney World for Christmas 2020 post, for updated holiday hours at Disney World as well. 

Should you visit Walt Disney World this Fall?

Before we dive in, let us just share that visiting Walt Disney World in 2020, period, comes with many risks. The health situation in Florida is incredibly unstable right now , and while we hope it shifts before fall, there are no guarantees. It’s rumored that bookings for Disney resorts are lightly booked through September, but then quite full starting in October. Frankly, if you do visit we recommend memorizing the Walt Disney World Know Before You Go page, and learn how to Stay Healthy while Traveling.  We’d also recommend driving to Disney so that if the need arises you can leave easily. But if you’re up for it, here is everything that is happening, and not happening, this Fall at Walt Disney World.

Disney COVID Plans for Fall 2020

To get a handle on all the changes at Walt Disney World for Fall 2020 due to the pandemic check out our Disney COVID FAQ posts below. Between face mask rules, resort changes, health and safety protocols and more, there is a ton that will affect your vacation. 

disney snacks for fall 2020

Halloween at Walt Disney World

There is nothing quite Halloween at Walt Disney World. Here are some quick things to know about Disney Halloween Plans for 2020. Halloween at Walt Disney World runs from September 15- October 31, 2020. Events, decorations and Disney fall snacks can be found in all four parks! Are you heading to Walt Disney World for Halloween? Read What’s New for Halloween at Walt Disney World 2020.

Mulan Preview at Walt Disney Presents | Hollywood Studios

With the pending arrival of Mulan appearing on Disney Plus September 4 for an upcharge fee of 29.99 to get Premiere Access, you can actually get a glimpse of it in the parks this fall! Along with up close and personal access to some of the cool costumes and set pieces used for the film. And grab the Mulan Activity Packet to help make your Disney homeschooling adventures this fall a little more exciting!

Disney Fall Snacks 2020 | Sept 15- Oct 31

Ok, guys. You knew this one would be at the top of our list, because we go crazy for seasonal snacks. Plan to see Pumpkin Spice cupcakes, new spooky sips, and the ever popular Hades Nachos. You can find Disney Fall Snacks in every park, resorts and Disney Springs. Check out all the new FALL Disney snacks for 2020. They are available from Sept 15- October 31, 2020.

Disney Halloween Treats, disney snacks, MNSSHP treats

Food and Wine Festival 2020 | July 15- Late Fall

The Walt Disney World EPCOT Food and Wine Festival is going by a new name this year. A Taste of EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival 2020 , may be a mouthful, but there is A  LOT going on at this new event. In an attempt to recover some glory from the cut short Flower and Garden Festival, Disney is merging these two events into one. Namely, the display of the Remy Topiary in World Showcase France will be a main attraction. And we can plan to see amazing foods as usual.

Flower and Garden Festival Epcot

Wine and Dine Half Marathon | November 5-8 2020 NOW VIRTUAL

Not yet removed from the Disney lineup, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon was sold out almost as soon as it arrived! Running from November 5-8, 2020, this runDisney event may or may not occur depending on the state in Florida by November. But, fingers crossed conditions will improve and this event will still be a go. 

New Disney Fall Merchandise 2020

So many Halloween and Fall things to buy! Another of our favorite reasons to visit Disney World in the Fall is the merchandise. While we are chronic browsers, we rarely buy these goodies ,because airlines have luggage weight limits. But that doesn’t stop us from staring and wishing and wondering how much shipping it directly home would be. The Disney Halloween Popcorn Buckets in the parks are available September 15- October 31, 2020.

disney halloween

disney in the fall merchandise 2020

Disney Resorts in the Fall

Disney Resorts get into the feeling of the season as much as the Parks! We love browsing the gift shops, scouting out new fall flavors in the dessert cases and watching the fun Halloween movies on the lawn. Check out the fun Fall Treats at Disney Resorts because they show up regularly. 

When will Disney Resorts Open?

Disney Springs Fall 2020

Disney Springs always pulls out all the stops for the fall months at Walt Disney World. Whether it’s a WonderFall Foodie Crawl or a Scavenger hunt for all the Fall Disney Treats across the shops. You will be sure to find something fun over at the Disney Springs Info Center to add a little Fall Flavor to your Disney Springs day. 

Disney Decorations in the Fall

So we’ve talked about the magic that can happen when it’s Autumn at Walt Disney World before. And this Mickey Pumpkin Wreath is the guy we look forward seeing every fall. You can spot fall garlands, wreaths, decorations and more all over the Disney Parks. We love to revel in the feelings of Fall even when it’s 90 in Florida. 

walt disney world fall 2020

Disney Parks in the Fall What’s New?

If you’ve been keeping up with our Construction Projects Update for Walt Disney World you will know that several things are on the way to complete once the parks are in full force. So we’re going to make some bold predictions on what we think could be ready this fall at Walt Disney World. 

Feathered Friends in Flight | Animal Kingdom

In an ongoing dispute between Disney and the Actors union, a brand new show has replaced Up! A Great Bird Adventure in Animal Kingdom. This new show still features education and birds and may be temporary. For now though you can see this show while it lasts! 

The Disney Society Orchestra and Friends | Hollywood Studios

Replacing the Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage show this new 6 person band will play memorable music from favorite Disney films. This show may be temporary, but until we know for sure you can enjoy compositions from Toy Story, Star Wars, Muppets and more. 

Cinderella’s Castle 50th Anniversary Edition | Magic Kingdom

As part of the Disney 50th Anniversary Celebration preparations, Cinderella’s Castle has been getting a rose gold pink paint job. This project is complete and just in time as a perfect backdrop for all those Fall Disney Snacks on the way. 

Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood and Vine | Hollywood Studios

Returning September 25th, 2020 Minnie’s Halloween dine features Minnie, of course, in her Halloween best. Reservations open September 11th. Instead of a buffet this year, you will get dinner served at your table. Plan to see the restaurant and the characters in their spooky seasonal best ready for those physically distanced photos. 

The Magic Kingdom to Grand Floridian Walkway 

If you follow this blog you know that we LOVE finding walking paths that allow us to skip the Disney transportation when we can. And this new path will be an extension to our beloved Polynesian to Grand Floridian Walkway. In construction earlier this year, this path is FINALLY connecting the abandoned pathway near the monorail to the resorts at the front of Magic Kingdom. Having this path completed means that you have more options to physically distance when going from Magic Kingdom to the Monorail Resorts. Can we expect pumpkins, or spooky decorations along this new pathway? We hope so!

Update: October 2020, reports shared that Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Courtyard is not on the priority list and won’t be opening until sometime in 2021.

remy ratatouille adventure Disney world 2020

Things Not Happening at Disney this Fall?

Alas, this part of the post brings us to things we usually look forward to and have to forego this year. But, we’re sure these things will at one point return. For now here are things to be aware of that will not be part of your Disney Fall Vacation. 

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is Cancelled

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party will not be returning in 2020 due to the physical distancing restrictions in place as well as the need to keep shows, events and anything promoting crowds to a minimum. With the removal of the fireworks, Hocus Pocus Spelltacular, the Boo to You Parade and meet and greets, the party was doomed. Walt Disney World pulled this from the lineup for fall. The Very Merry Christmas Party is also cancelled. As of right now the large outdoor festivals at EPCOT that are still able to take place will have to hold us over. 

Eat to the Beat Concerts are Cancelled

In alignment with discouraging crowds, the American Gardens Theater didn’t offer spaces large enough to accommodate usual crowds at concerts for both Eat to the Beat and the Garden Rocks concert series. 

Disney Vacation Planning 2020 that has Changed

As a level set to the rest of the things that will affect your vacation this fall. Be sure to read our post on how Disney Vacation Planning for 2020- 2021 has changed. In short, dining reservations are available 60 days out ( instead of 180 days). There are no fastpasses, no park hopping, park reservations are required, and no dining plans are available. Be sure to read about all the ways that planning a Disney Vacation is different for 2020-2021. 

Fall at Walt Disney World 2020

We absolutely the love Walt Disney World in the fall. If you’re looking for the best time to go to Disney World aim for the second or third week in September. We also love early November when all the fall decorations are still up and the weather is cooler. Hopefully this post has given you some amazing things to look forward to for your Disney Fall Vacation. Have any favorite experiences we missed? Let us know! 


Fall at Walt Disney World 2020 means no shows, events, no fastpasses and more. But what CAN you do at disney this Fall? Here's everything happening! #disney2020 #disneyinthefall


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