Walt Disney World’s Pandora World of Avatar Merch

Walt Disney World’s Pandora World of Avatar Merch

We recently attended the Walt Disney World’s Annual Passholder’s  Preview of Pandora : World of Avatar and we were stunned by the attention to detail, the beautiful tropical plants and trees, and the entire feel of this new park section in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. 

If you’re heading to Walt Disney World anytime after May 27th, 2017 you will have the chance to experience this whole new world both day and night. The Na’vi River Ride is calming and the Banshee ride is exhilarating and nothing like you have ever seen.  Make sure you’re dressed for the experience!

Pandora World of Avatar Disney Shirts and Mickey Ears

Our etsy shop is stocked with Pandora merch for kids and adults, but also wanted to feature a few other shops that are hitting the mark! Whether its cute tanks, tees, or Pandora Mickey Ears- we have got you covered. Click through the links and pics to get to the shops featured below.

Polka Dots & Pixie Dust

But we’re not the only shop!

Take a look at Lone Cactus Shop, Fantasy Ear Co. and Starshine Supply Co. for some cool Pandora and Bio luminescent gear.

Lone Cactus Shop  Follow/ Instagram

We can always count on Lone Cactus Shop to wow us with cute and original designs. We’ve been a fan of her since she debuted her Mad Tea Party tank top and we are always impressed with her creativity when we see her new designs!

Not only does her new Pandora tank come in this amazing color, but its also a nice cool crop to help you beat the heat when you travel to this new world.

lone cactus shop pandora crop


Fantasy Ear Co.    Follow/ Instagram

What can we say other than we just love the girls over at Fantasy Ear Co?!? Their ears are unique, well crafted and reasonably priced and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to get another job just to support my urge to purchase all of their ears.

Their Pandora ears are no exception and are just perfect for your journey 4.4 light years away to the World of Avatar. With each ear wrapped by a separate strand of LED lights, these are sure to rock your Bioluminescent World. (Haha. Bad joke.)

But seriously, these ears are awesome.


fantasy ear co bio luminescent mickey ears


Starshine Supply Co.   Follow/ Instagram

Starshine Supply Co is owned by the lovely Kristen who makes floral wire ears in her shop and has a few beautiful options if you’re looking for light up Pandora ears.  These ears are so beautifully crafted, they’re sure to stand out both during the day and at night while on your journey to Pandora! We got quite a few compliments while wearing these around Pandora during our Preview.

And the best part is that we’ve teamed up with Kristen to offer you 10% off both her ears and our shop using code Polkadotpixie. Be sure to check her out!

starshine supply co pandora mickey ears


We’re all for supporting the small shops around town, but if you’re eager for the “official” Disney Pandora Merchandise you will be able to find most of what you’re looking for in the Shop Disney Parks app. There will also be a small sampling of it in the Island Mercantile Shop at Animal Kingdom and the full collection can be found in Pandora’s only gift shop, Windtraders.


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