Haunted Mansion

Honoring all things Haunted Mansion just in time for the new movie! 

...where crypt doors creak and the tomstones quake ...

Make a Haunted  Mansion Mocha

Whip up some espresso, and add a little pumpkin, cocoa, cream, marshmallows, oreo dirt and milano cookies to top things off. 

Have a Haunted Mansion Movie Night at home with the original, starring Eddie Murphy and the tale of Mr. Gracey. 

Watch the Original Movie

Make Haunted Mansion Dirt Cups for an afternoon treat, or as part of your movie night. 

make Haunted Mansion Snacks

Add haunted style to your wardrobe

Check out the Haunted Mansion designs from our shop, Polka Dot Pixie Shop, for fun ways to share your love of  this fan favorite ride.


Add a few cobwebs, eerie candlesticks and all things creepy so you can welcome happy haunts into your home. 

watch the muppets haunted mansion

Available on Disney Plus this is a must see for Haunted Mansion fans, featuring an all star cast and original music. 

Add some HM decor to your home

Mugs, blankets and more are all in the shop! Check out the collections for Haunted Mansion Wallpaper, Tightrope Walker and Miss Piggy! 

From games, to books, to keychains and more, if you have a grim grinning ghost in your clan, check out our Haunted Mansion Gift List on Amazon.

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