10 Things to Do After you Book your Disney Cruise 

From Cruise Documents to Embarkation Day here is everything you need to know before you sail. 

Reservation Windows Based On Castaway Club Level  

 Silver: Book 90 days before  Gold: Book 105 Days before Platinum:  Book 120 Days before

Download the Disney Cruise  App


Download the Disney Cruise Navigator App while still at home. Once you get onboard the ship you can view all the activities during your cruise. 

15-120  Days Before your Disney Cruise you need to Book Your Cruise Excursions. These fill up fast.


Reserve  Cruise  Port Excursions

15- 120 Days Before your Cruise can can book exclusive tastings, dining, and activities onboard. 


Reserve Exclusive Activites 

As soon as you have your flight details you should book your transportation to and from your departure port. 


Book  Local Transport

Packing for a Disney Cruise is different depending on your location, and requires more planning. Grab the Packing Checklist 


Plan What  to Pack

30 Days Before Upload your Cruise Documentation ( passports, photo id, vaccine cards, etc.) 


Check-In  Online 

Choose your Port Arrival Time


A benefit of Checking In Online as soon as your 30 day window opens is that you can choose an earlier Port Arrival Time., which gets you on the boat sooner. 

Proof of a negative COVID-19 test is required to board. 15 Days Before you will need to upload docs.


Upload Your Safe Passage  Docs

Embarkation Day involves check in at port, secuirty, and arrival on board. Your room won't be ready, but exploring the ship is a must. Along with the Saftey Assembly Drill. 


On the  Boat

Once Onboard

 Set your Phone to Airplane Mode and Access the Disney Cruise Line Wi-Fi. Open the Disney Cruise App  - Room number - Assembly drill location - Activities and times

And finally, you know you're ready to cruise when the Sail Away party begins and you leave the shore!


Sail Away Party

Disney Cruise Tips

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