Noodle Bowls, Chocolate BBQ Chips and Tacos, here's the lineup of the good and bad at this years EPCOT festival. 

The Best and Worst Foods at Walt Disney World's EPCOT  Food & Wine Festival 

Some surprise disappointments and some surefire winners at Food and Wine. The Roundup. 

The Menus 

Everyone has their own preferences, sure, but why waste money on foods that miss the mark? Here's our good and bad list from the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

The Best 

Some of the BEST of the Fest that won't let you down. To get the FULL LIST, check our the post linked below.

Pão de Queijo Brazil

This cheesy bread never disappoints. Flavorful and gluten free. Grab the recipe on the blog.

Another surefire hit, this molten chocolate cake is gooey and includes an Irish Cream liqueur custard that hits the spot. 

Warm Chocolate Pudding Cake Ireland

Not too sweet and super refreshing, this slushy is perfect for a pick me up. Vodka, Le Ctiron Vodka, Grand Marnier and Cranberry Juice 

Parisian Cosmo Slush France

Everything at the India Booth is fantastic. We' recommend it all. These little vegetarian bites were luscious, flavorful and the lime cream  pushed it over the top.  

Potato & Pea Samosa India

Very rich, this one should be shared! Loads of chocolate, a salted whisky caramel and BBQ chip! Yum. 

Spiced Chocolate Tart with BBQ Potato Chip Crust Flavors from Fire

The Worst 

Mistakes were made. While we were sure that these dishes would be good, we were very wrong. Here's the not-so-great list from Food and Wine.

All of them were bad. Too salty, and drowning in Miso, still no flavor, super disappointing. 

Noodle Bowls The Noodle Exchange

Quality has taken a nose dive over the last few years. This simple treat was dry, cold, and flavorless. 

Apple Strudel Germany

While Mexico's tacos are usually delicious, this years was on a limp tortilla, not much flavor, and all around not worth it.

Taco de Costilla Mexico

Another fail this year, the raclette was tough, cold and in no way gooey or dippable. 

Warm Raclette The Alps

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