Disney Snacks

At Walt Disney World

Where to Find the Best Cheap

Magic Kingdom Cheshire Cafe Fantasyland  $5.79 This is a pastry stuffed with chocolate and covered in icing! 

cheshire cat tail

Magic Kingdom Aloha Isle $5.99- $6.99 As a cup or a float this mainstay Disney Snack just barely makes the list, under $7! But is delicious!  

dole whip

Magic Kingdom Storybook Treats $6.29  Changing often, the current specialty soft serves are themed to the Seven Dwarves. 

Specialty Cone

EPCOT Sommerfest  $4.79 By some miracle this decadent pretzel bread covered in caramel and cream is under $5! 

Pretzel Bread Pudding

tiana's bread pudding

EPCOT Regal Eagle Smokehouse BBQ $5.29 This little pudding is a nice light treat with wafer cookies! Can be mobile ordered too! 


EPCOT Kabuki Cafe $5.50- $7 This shaved icy treat comes with fruit syrup and with or without cream. Perfect for hot Florida! 

Animal Kingdom Eight Spoon Cafe $4.49- $6.99 This loaded mac and cheese make a great savory snack between meals! 

baked mac & cheese

Pongu Lumpia

Animal Kingdom Pongu Pongu $3.79 This Pandora treat is a pineapple and cream cheese stuffed spring roll. Perfect for a grab and go snack. 

Hollywood Studios The Market $6.19 This sharable pan chocolate chip cookie is perfect as a sweet snack, you can eat with a spoon.

jack jack cookie

Lunch Box Tart

Hollywood Studios Woody's Lunch Box $4.49 A very budget-friendly and shareable snack, this often comes in seasonal flavors.

snacks at Disney World