Taking the place of Agent P's World Showcase Game is Ducktales World Showcase Adventure 

Walt  Disney  World's  Newest Interactive Game

The Ducktales World Showcase Adventure Game includes challenges to uncover exciting mysteries, take down thieves, fight villains and more.

The Game

With several missions throughout the World Showcase country, you can use your phone to take down the bad guys. 

The Mission

Available on Apple and Android, download the Disney Play App to get access to trivia, games, and the Ducktales World Showcase Adventure.

On Play Disney Parks App


As part of the Game your phone interacts with elements around EPCOT to reveal clues to complete your mission. 

Head to  EPCOT Park

Check out the post for the good guys, bad guys and World Showcase Countries where you can play this game!

How to Play


From Hidden Pascals to Hidden Mickeys, hunting for Pirate Treasure and more. Get ready for  games.

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