How to maximize your festival day with things to enjoy along the way.

5 Tips for the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

Tuesday - Thursday


BEST Times to Visit

11am- 3pm


Aim for late August, all of September and the 3rd week in November for low crowds. Avoid holidays, evenings and weekends.

Pay with a Giftcard

Grab a wristlet Disney giftcard for loading your food budget and making payments easy.


Read through the Food and Wine Festival Menus ahead of time and mark things to try, so you have a plan to make the most of it!

Review the Menus Before You Go



Plan 2 Days at EPCOT

With 25+ food kitchens across the park, plus rides, games and more to do, see and eat,  aim for 2 days at EPCOT from 9-4 pm each day.

Head to Disney's Boardwalk  just outside the International Gateway at EPCOT for a break at a resort, beach, restaurant  or gift shop to get away from the crowds and rehydrate. 


Water & Breaks

Food & Wine Checklist

-Remy's Hide & Squeak Game -Emile's Fromage Montage -Eat to the Beat Concert Series -Food Kitchens -Joffreys Specialty Coffees -Exclusive Merchandise

Food & Wine Festival With Kids

Look for Kid-Friendly Foods in the Food and Wine Festival Passport and Make time for Remy's Hide and Squeak Game.