Free Games to Play at Walt Disney World

From Hidden Mickey's to scavenger hunts and more, here are 5 free games to play on your Disney Vacation.

Finding Hidden Mickeys across the parks, resorts and Disney Springs is a fun way to see the details. There's an even an app!

Hidden Mickeys

Star Wars Data App

For play in Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios, you can interact with this land to unlock doors, and make things move.

Found in Magic Kingdom's Tangled area, you can find 10 little chameleons hiding across the area. 

Hidden Pascals

Lined Circle

Mirror de los Muertos

Customize your skeleton in the mirror to transport yourself to the Land of the Dead. Found in the EPCOT World Showcase Mexico building.  

Star Wars Batuu Bounty Hunters

Now as part of MagicBand+, you can play a NEW game in Galaxy's Edge that interacts with your MagicBand+ and the Play Disney App!

A Pirates Adventure

Grab your map and hints at the Pirates Adventure building in Magic Kingdom Adventureland to see canons expload and uncover buried treasure. 

Lined Circle

Disney Fab 50 Quest

Interact wih the 50th Anniversary FAB 50 Statues across all four parks with new MagicBand+ and earn digital badges along the way! 

Check out all of the fun and free games you can play at Walt Disney World on your next vacation.