Free Things to Do at Disney World Without a Park Ticket

Many of our suggestions here require you to park at resorts, the boardwalk or Disney Springs. Know that Parking at these locations is FREE for day guests. 

Notes on Parking

You can visit any of the Walt Disney World Resorts without a park ticket for strolling, photos, shopping and meals. 

Visit the Disney Resorts

Visiting Disney Springs for shopping, listening to music or just a nice walk can also be done without a park ticket. 

Visit Disney Springs

Disney's Ferry resorts offer boat transportation around certains areas of Disney World. You're free to sail the day away on any of them.  

Ride the Boat

Lined Circle

Filled with Resorts to visit and shops to browse, you can spend a free Disney day here, and even get your toes in the sand. 

Visit the Disney BoardWalk

Filled with Walking Paths, you can find miles to run or walk at Disney Resorts. 

Take a Walk

Completely free, you can watch animal roam the savanna at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, and visit the flamingos by the pool.

See the Animals

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This nighttime water parade can be seen from Disney's Wilderness Resorts and Monorail Resorts.

Watch the Electrical Water Pageant Parade

You can find live entertainment at Disney's Boardwalk Inn in the evenings on the weekends featuring jugglers, dancers, and more. 

Enjoy the Entertainment

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Resorts like Disney's Caribbean Beach, Beach and Yacht Club, and Riviera Resort all have beaches for lounging the day away. 

Head to the Beach

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Accessible from certain resorts and the TTC, you can hop on the monorail for a ride and stop at resorts along the way. 

Ride the Monorail

Head to any Skyliner Station and hop aboard for a ride in the sky, that runs on a loop. Perfect for getting you to a beach, or walking path.

Ride the Skyliner

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