Harry Potter Movie marathon weekend

The cold and gloomy days of winter are the perfect time to find some indoor fun. We love having a Harry Potter themed movie marathon one weekend a year, and try to go all out with food, decorations and staying up very late of course. 

If you can't make it to the wizarding world, we think this could be the next best thing. Make some homemade decorations, or find some on Etsy and create a magical space for your movie marathon!

We love trying new recipes for our Harry Potter movie marathon. And we love using this cookbook to help us plan! 

And for something even more decadent, this butterbeer pie makes a great dessert. 

Your only limitation is your creativity. Dress in your house colors, make pumpkin juice, make house banners or just enjoy this 8 movie series!

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Butterbeer Pancakes and Hot Butterbeer