Avoid weekends

Weekends are the most crowded times for any festival. If you can visit during the week, you are more likely to get more done and see more of this fun festival!

Arrive Early

The booths at Epcot's International Festival of the Arts don't open until 11. But if you arrive to the park before that time, you'll have the opportunity to take photos without all the people. Festival of the Arts has a lot of them, so we recommend checking them out before the crowds arrive! 

Grab a Festival Passport

The Festival passport will help you plan your day. They are free and can be picked up at various locations throughout Epcot. Information about each food booth is located in this booklet as well as entertainment and merchandise. Take a look at the passport before you start and come up with a plan. 

Bring your appetite

Epcot's International Festival of the Arts has some of the prettiest foods! If you only have one day to try them, we recommend skipping traditional meals that day and eating around the World Showcase instead. There are plenty of things to eat at this festival, so you don't have to worry about going hungry. 

Paint the Mural

This quick stop allows you to be part of a huge paint by number! And it only takes a few minutes. So even if you only have one day at the Festival of the Arts, this activity is easy to fit into your schedule. 

Plan around the shows

There are many shows that happen during this festival. From Broadway shows to performing artists, there is no shortage of entertainment. Decide what shows ands acts you'd like to see and plan your day around those so you don't miss them!

Epcot's Festival of the Arts with kids 

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