How to save time at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World gets crowded. Especially now, due to pent up demand from travelers. But there are still lots of ways you can save time at Walt Disney World and spend less time in long lines. 


Stay within walking distance from a Disney Park 

True, this is a little easier said than done. Walt Disney World is huge, so even if you do stay in walking distance to one Disney Park, you will still have to have transportation to the other Parks if you're planning to visit them.  The exception to this is if you stay at Disney's Boardwalk, then you can walk to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. 

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Skip Disney's transportation 

If staying within walking distance of Walt Disney World is just not feasible, alternatively you can opt to skip Disney's free transportation. A lot of time is wasted when relying on Disney's transportation, especially if you are taking midday breaks. 

The only exception to this is Disney's Skyliner, which usually has lower waits and is much faster than Disney's busses. 


Use Mobile Checkout when available  

Mobile Checkout is available at select retailers throughout Walt Disney World. Using mobile checkout, especially during busier times can save you a lot of time.  


Rope Drop the Parks  

If you can manage getting up early while on vacation, rope dropping the Parks will get you inside before most people have even had their coffee. We recommend arriving anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before Park opening to be some of the first guests inside. 


Mobile order your food 

 Mobile Ordering will not always get you your food faster, but it usually will. And you won't have to stand in line! 

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