Why we love lowes porotfino bay

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At Universal Studios Orlando

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Loews Portofino Bay Resort is located on Universal Studios Orlando Property. The resort  features an Italian seaside village theme. We love all the little details!

The resort hosts spacious rooms with elegant Italian touches. This resort is considered a premier resort, and has some of the largest standard rooms at Universal Studios. 

The resort is home to nine dining locations, offering a range from grab and go items to full service table restaurants. 

Lined Circle

And since there is a Starbucks on property, guests of can even grab their morning coffee at the resort before heading out for the day. 


A water taxi is available for guests to take to and from Universal Studios Parks. 

There is even a walking path that will take you all the way to Universal Studios 

The path is lush and well shaded. And it will take you about 15 minutes to walk from the resort to the parks. It's a great option when the weather is nice or when you don't feel like taking resort transportation!

And since Loews Portofino Bay is a premier resort,all guests staying here receive free Unlimited Express passes to skip the lines at many Universal attractions!

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