Sailing away on a Disney Cruise vacation? Sure, you can walk around most ports, but the best areas of your destination will be available through excursions.  Here are some helpful tips for securing excursions at your ports of call!

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Plan Ahead

Some Disney Cruise Line excursions can go fast! Make a plan before your booking window opens, so you can secure your reservations as soon as possible.


Check out third party providers 

Third party providers often offer the same excursion you can find through Disney, but at a discounted price. And sometimes they will have openings when Disney does not. 


Join a cruise specific Facebook Group

Not sure what excursions you want to do on your Disney Cruise vacation? Joining a Disney Cruise Facebook group can be very helpful. Many members love sharing their experiences and will likely have suggestions to help you decide what to book. 


Book through a travel agent  

A travel planner who specializes in Disney vacations can be a huge asset to your Disney Cruise. They can make recommendations and even book your excursions free of charge. And their services are free, so you don't pay anything extra to use one. 

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Be persistent  

If at first you don't get the Disney Cruise excursion you want, just keep trying! Many times, spots open up before or even during your cruise. So just keep checking for availability! 

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