What to do at Walt Disney World when it rains

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It's summer at Walt Disney World, which means two things for the weather. It's very hot and it rains. A lot. Like every day! We've gathered some of our favorite things to do when it rains at Walt Disney World. 


Put on your poncho

First things first. Put on your poncho! Don't let the rain at Walt Disney World spoil your fun. Be sure to pack a poncho for your trip or buy one while you're there, but if you don't plan to leave the Parks during the rain, you're gonna need one. 


Find an indoor attraction 

Many times in the summer, the rain doesn't last very long. You can expect a rainstorm for usually 30 mins to an hour. And while occasionally they do last all day, this is not very common. Find an indoor attraction to use up that time and when it's over, the rain will probably be gone. 

Indoor shows like Muppets 3D and Frozen Sing-a-long at Hollywood Studios and Philharmagic at Magic Kingdom are great choices to escape the rain. It's a Small World is another great choice because the ride itself is 13 minutes long. Click the link below to see our full list of rides that are perfect for when it rains. 

Best rides at Walt Disney World when it rains 


Do Some shopping 

Taking a break in a shop is a great way to wait out the rain. Just be warned, many other people also do this and the shops can get quite crowded.  We recommend trying some of the larger shops like The Emporium at Magic Kingdom and Creations Shop at Epcot. 


Watch the Rainy Day Parade    

The Rainy Day Parade at Walt Disney World happens when it's too rainy for the Festival of Fantasy parade. It takes the same route as the Festival of Fantasy, and features all of the princesses driven in cute antique cars. It's a super quick parade, but we love watching it when we can!


Take an indoor snack break   

If it's time for a meal or a snack, find somewhere to enjoy it indoors while it rains. There aren't a ton of indoor quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World, but places like Connections Cafe and Sunshine Seasons in Epcot will have plenty of seating available. 

You don't have to let the rain throw your day off track at Walt Disney World. It's usually gone quickly in the summer, and there's plenty to do while you're waiting it out!  

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