What's Not Included in a Disney Cruise

A Disney Cruise vacation can be expensive! Luckily most things on a Disney Cruise are included. Things like meals and soft drinks are part of your fare. But some things will cost you extra. Read on to find out what's not included in your Disney Cruise.

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Alcohol is not included in the cost of your cruise. Many cruise lines offer alcohol packages to help save you money on drinks. Not Disney Cruise Line.  To save money, you can bring a limited amount of your own alcohol onboard, or try the drink of the day, which is $5 and changes each day. 


Specialty Coffees

Coffee is free onboard a Disney Cruise. But if you're looking for anything fancier, like a latte or Americano, then you'll be paying extra. If you plan to buy a lot of coffee, be sure to get a coffee card and your fifth one is free! 


Adult Only Restaurants

Disney Cruise Line is known for its food. And most of the food is included! But if you plan to dine at any of the Adult Only restaurants onboard, they will cost you extra. Prices vary depending on restaurant and meal; but you can expect to pay $45- $155 for these extras. 


Movie Theater Snacks 

The Broadway shows are the highlight of a Disney Cruise! And bringing in snacks are part of the fun. But snacks from the concession stands will cost you extra.  You can always bring your own snacks in to save some money. 


Specialty Treats

Most treats are included with the cost of your Disney Cruise. But if you want to get something a little extra special by stopping at a Sweet Shoppe onboard, these sweets are extra.  

Other things that aren't included in the cost of your cruise includes spa services, excursions and special experiences like tea parties, tastings and Bibbiddi Bobbidi Boutique. To see everything that is included, see this article.  

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