Are Disney MagicBands Being Replaced?

Are Disney MagicBands Being Replaced?

Disney MagicBands are no longer be given to Disney Resort Guests for free. So does this mean MagicBands are actually going away? What is replacing Disney MagicBands? As one of our favorite Free Disney souvenirs we’re sharing the future of MagicBands at Walt Disney World. And what it means for your 2021 and 2022 Disney Vacations.

disney magicbands are being replaced

What’s Happening with Disney MagicBands?

Ok, let’s clear up the speculation around Magicbands right now. We love these Disney wearables and the fact that they signal a new vacation whenever they arrive on our doorstep. But, as Walt Disney World grapples with recovering almost insurmountable losses due to the closure of Walt Disney World, it’s really no surprise that getting these wristbands for FREE are being phased out! 

MagicBands are one of our favorite things, and we’ve written about everything MagicBands do before. But, now we’ll be looking to new technology to do those things. From scanning into the park to paying for food, here is what’s in the works at Walt Disney World. 

MagicBand+ Coming in 2022

MagicBands are getting an upgrade! This new MagicBand features interactive elements like lights and vibrations to interact throughout the parks. This MagicBand+ will be available to purchase in 2022 and offered at a discount as part of any Disney Vacation reservations. 

disney magic bands come in many colors

Can You Still Use a MagicBand at Walt Disney World?

YES! With this news, it’s important to also share that guests will still be able to purchase MagicBands. Magic Bands are NOT BEING REPLACED! Just because MagicBands are no longer FREE doesn’t mean they will be phased out completely. The basic Disney MagicBands are now $5 dollars each in the My Disney Experience app when you have an active Disney Resort Reservation. And thankfully, you can still get MagicBands to your heart’s delight, and use them in the parks. They will also still remain available for purchase in select gift shops across the parks and resorts and are available on The new Disney MagicMobile Service will simply work alongside MagicBands as an alternative. Not replace them. 

his and her magic bands at disney

Magic Bands and the Disney MagicMobile Service

In collaboration with Apple, Disney is working to utilize the Apple Wallet system as part of the move towards guests using their phones for everything. This NEW Disney service is called the Disney MagicMobile Service. This includes the ability to create a Disney MagicMobile Pass that can be added to your mobile wallet. This means your wallet can allow for charges, dining plans, paying for Disney snacks, scanning in and out of the park, accessing FastPasses, Virtual queue lines, everything. 

Disney's Magic Mobile Service

When Can I get the Disney MagicMobile Service on my Phone?

Both iPhone and Android phone users will be able to access this new technology as it becomes available. The Disney MagicMobile service for Apple device users was rolled out in March 2021 and is available now. In addition to working with MagicBands, this new system will work in tandem with everything already available in the My Disney Experience App. Plus if you have an Apple Watch you can use that too. To be clear, this isn’t about getting a fun new device as part of a Disney Vacation. It’s simply about being able to use your phone to do more. 

Disney Magicbands

Why MagicBands Will Stick Around

One of the interesting parts of using the Apple Wallet technology to transition away from MagicBands is everything it can’t do. Opening your resort room door, for example, will have to be done through the My Disney Experience app in the absence of MagicBands. Which begs the question, what if your phone is dead by the time you get back to your room because you stayed up late for Disney Villains After Hours? We’ll be the first to admit we go through several fuel rods throughout any day in Disney Parks and still have this problem. For this reason, and more, MagicBands are staying around! 

MagicBand Changes at Walt Disney World


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5 thoughts on “Are Disney MagicBands Being Replaced?”

  • Good! We are about less waste and no matter how many times we tell them not to send us bands there is a box of gray ones waiting for us at reception. Saves Disney money and saves the planet a teeny bit.

  • I’m not fond of this new system. We are here now and they gave us cards that we had to carry everywhere and its not working out well. The app to open the door doesn’t work on our new up to date phones. With 3 kids, the card thing is a joke. We had ordered magic bands and they shipped out too late and we didn’t get them in time. Theyre currently on their way to our home and we’re at the resort.. They gave us a credit for the bands but the credit doesn’t even cover the cost of bands within the park. We then requested them to comp us bands and they did. Also the phones batteries like you said drain fast and we have new phones with robust batteries that usually last a few days on a charge but with all these apps running and constant web use, it’s draining quickly. The magic band system is going to be missed with the hands off no fuss no worry experience

  • Well what else is new. Disney provides a great service and then takes it away. The Magic Bands were really great. Putting all this on a device is very inconvenient. Why fix something that is not broken. Bring back the MAGIC!! PLEASE!!

  • Hey Tammy, the My Disney Experience App (on iPhone or android) prompts a MagicBand purchase when you book a Disney Resort. So, if you have a Disney Resort booked you would just open the My Disney Experience App, go to My Profile, click MagicBands and Cards, then click on the box that says Your New MagicBands. That last click will only be available if you have an active Disney Resort Reservation booked. It will then prompt a pop-up that says “Customize MagicBands.” From there you will be able to purchase any of the basic magic bands, or premium magic bands at a higher cost. Of course, the app doesn’t always work as it should so you may have to try a few times. Hope that helps!

  • Keep Magic bands please! Saves time and worry and is so convenient- hands freeand kid / teenfriendly as a grandma I can’t hold items -food -souveniersr little hands and work a phone to get a snack or pay for a purchase or a meal please keep them!

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