What to Buy Before Your Disney Vacation The COVID Edit

What to Buy Before Your Disney Vacation The COVID Edit

Let’s be honest. We’re all missing Walt Disney World like it was in the good ol’ days before March 2020. Back when we pulled together our Flower and Garden Photo Tour thinking it was the coolest thing since sliced bread, back before the world went crazy. But now that we’re up against a new normal, and a new way of doing things. And that is different for everyone! So while a good photo tour may still be our highest priority at Disney World, so is our safety and the safety of those around us. Because at one point we’ll need to go back home and be around family and other people we want to stay healthy and safe too. This means now there are even more things to Buy Before Your Disney Vacation. 

But adapting to this new normal is different for everyone. For some that may mean braving the Disney parks even in these conditions. For others that means waiting it out until it feels safer in Florida. Whatever your strategy it’s important to have a game plan whether you’re visiting soon or have resolved to just planning to go later. But, no matter when your go you’re going to Walt Disney World you’ll want to have a solid list of things to buy before your Disney Vacation. Things that can help keep you safe, help you get ready for your vacation, and things you can buy now to SAVE MONEY! Consider this our “How to Visit Walt Disney World Safely” Shopping List, so you can go with a little more peace of mind. 

Magic Band

Disney Magic Bands are no longer Free with a Disney Resort reservation. But thankfully they are still available in the My Disney Experience app on shopDisney.com and in the Disney Giftshops. If you’re looking for the best way to do cashless payments that won’t involve touching things or sharing your credit card with waitstaff, grab a Magic Band. We also still love Magic Bands for simple things like opening your room, getting on rides, and paying for souvenirs at the gift shop or a coffee at Starbucks. This is still one of the best ways to go touchless at Disney. 

Disney face masks and hand santizers

Face Masks

Face Masks are required at Walt Disney World so be sure to read up on all the Disney COVID FAQ to get updated. Hopefully, by now you are well aware of the importance of face masks in protecting yourself and those around you. And new CDC findings show that you should now wear two masks to be extra safe. Thankfully, you can get masks everywhere these days, including our shop! Check out our Disney Face Mask Collections.  


If you’re touching rides, touching doorknobs, touching counters, sharing transportation, or anything that puts your skin against something someone else may have touched- you need antibacterial wipes. Another important thing to buy before your Disney vacation you don’t want to skip this purchase. Especially since buying these at Walt Disney World or the airport gets pretty pricey! Grab Wet Ones Wipes for an easy on-the-go option to keep in your bag throughout the day. 

Hand Sanitizer

If you’re seeing a pattern here, it’s because it deserves to be said over and over. Stay safe! Bring the wipes, wear the face masks and bring hand sanitizer. While we are crazy about hand washing for good reason, having hand sanitizer is a great backup. We love pocket hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works and even have a few Disney-inspired Hand Sanitizer Keychains in our shop! This is one pandemic necessity you should definitely add to your Disney day bag. 

ready to travel again Disney Vacation planning start traveling again to disney world opens

Reusable Silverware

We are very eco-conscious and have even done a round-up of ways to be an eco-friendly traveler. And with that comes certain lifestyle changes. From reusable straws to reusable silverware we’ve been bringing these things to the Disney Parks for years! But if you’re new to the go-green movement, then there’s no better time than now to make the change. Reusable silverware becomes super useful at Quick Service Restaurants, EPCOT festivals, and the Disney Resort Commissary. Grab a cute set of Reusable Silverware to add to your Disney day bag so you can skip the line for the silverware. 

Phone Charger

Ok, we love the Tangled Restroom Phone Charging Stations as much as anybody. BUT, the last thing you want to be doing during a pandemic is standing around with a bunch of other people while you’re waiting for your phone to charge. Instead, bring your own phone charger. Hopefully, this item is already in your travel bag, but if you need one, grab a FuelRod which you can also swap out throughout Walt Disney World at select locations for a fully charged rod. 

RFID sleeves/ wallet

One of the essential things to buy before your Disney Vacation is an RFID wallet or set of RFID sleeves. Believe it or not, a simple scan of your bag can reveal credit card numbers, driver’s license, passport, everything. Protecting your cards with an RFID item will help make sure your money and identity are safe. 

Water Bottle

Another necessity to bring into the parks is a water bottle. Another item that should already be in your travel bag it’s so important nowadays. Grab a stainless steel water bottle that fits in your bag and is easy to refill. 

Vitamin C 

Typically we start beefing up on Vitamin C about two weeks before a vacation. While any Vitamin C supplement will do we love Emergencee. This helps prep your immune system for travel and keeps you healthy throughout the varied environments of your vacation. 

Disney Day Bag Essentials

While these things, these days are absolutely essential, be sure to check out our Disney Day Bag Essentials list so you can make sure that you have everything you need for a day at Walt Disney World. 

Everything you should add to your Disney Shopping list BEFORE you take your vacation. Whether you want to Save Money or Be Extra Safe, here's everything you need to get ahead of time, especially in 2021! #polkadotpixies #disneytips


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