What’s New at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

What’s New at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

We’ve been attending the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot annually for the last couple years. And guys, this is our favorite festival, so you know we are always excited to try and do everything. We loved playing the new game, seeing the new Gardens and, of course, trying all the new foods from last year. But what’s new this year?


The 2019 Flower and Garden Festival

Of course it will still include all of your favorites, outdoor kitchens, topiaries, and gardens. What can you expect for the 2019 lineup? The Epcot International Flower and Garden runs a whopping 90 days from March 6-June 3, giving you plenty of time to see, eat and do all of the things the festival has to offer. New foods, fun and flowers make this year’s festival one not to be missed!


If you’re familiar with Epcot’s festivals, then you will know that there is always amazing food to be had. The food is as pretty as it is delicious and there is always something for everyone. New for 2019, AdventHealth will host a kitchen featuring healthy choices where families can learn about healthy cooking along with a nearby playground for the kids. We love seeing the fresh flavors of spring in this festival and are excited to see what other new foods will be introduced in the kitchens this year! 


One of the most exciting things to emerge at the festival in 2019 is the expansion of the Garden Rocks Concert Series. Concerts will now be held every day of the festival; three times a day at The American Gardens Theater Stage. That’s 270 concerts during the course of the festival!  Find your favorites in the full lineup of new artists


The topiaries are a highlight of the festival and we love seeing the new ones they bring out each year. This year you can see fan favorite, Bo Peep and her sheep added to the Woody and Buzz Topiaries located in Future World East. With the hype around Toy Story 4, we think this is the perfect addition to the festival!


This year our new favorite pollinator, Spike the Bee, will be making his appearance on Flower and Garden Festival Merchandise. Spike was the star of the Pollen-Nation Exploration Scavenger Hunt last year so be on the lookout for that again! He’ll be popping up in all new places in each country in the World showcase for 2019. And now you can find him in the gift shops too. You can also plan on seeing the new Violet Lemonade Minnie Ears out this spring!


If you didn’t know, Disney is passionate about conservation efforts around the world. This year, a 9 foot tall adult and baby Adelie penguin sculpture made from recycled marine debris will be on display in Future World during the festival. This display was created by by non-profit WashedAshore.org and coincides with Disneynature’s new “Penguins” movie coming out April 17. The art is meant to inspire guests to keep waterways and oceans clean. 

We’re always most excited about the new foods! These are some of our favorites from 2018 and some will be returning. Many of our new favorites were from an entirely new booth last year, the Honey Bee-stro. 


Other favorite booths from last year are scattered throughout the Festival and are definitely worth trying. We especially loved the Macaron au Chocolat en Sucette from Fleur de Lys, Carne Guisada from Florida Fresh and the Pretzel Bread from Bauernmarket, but there are a lot of great new choices!

We are kind of DIY nerds to be honest. I love any chance I get to create something from nothing or upcycle when I can. So we absolutely fell in love with the how to gardens from 2018.www.polkadotsandpixiedust.com

So many cute ideas, with ways to integrate gardens into your own space at home. Be sure to sneak away from the crowds for a quick moment to check out these cute spots at the festival.

If you’ve been reading our blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that we love the little scavenger hunt games that Disney offers during the festival. We’ve done them all, and now that a new one is being offered, you know we had to try it as well. Spike’s Pollen-nation Exploration consists of a map with stickers, just like the other games. For 2019, you can find spike in more areas around the World Showcase, and we’ll be getting a new prize this year as well!www.polkadotsandpixiedust.com

polkadotsandpixieust.com disney flower and garden www.polkadotsandpixiedust.com

What's New at the Disney Flower and Garden Festival? Some old favorites and new treats and concerts spice up the Disney Flower and Garden FEstival this year! #polkadotpixies #flowerandgarden #freshepcot