Disney Aulani Resort

Ready to finally take that dream vacation to Disney’s Aulani Resort? It’s not as unattainable as you think! Sure, flights are pricey, but adding a little more Hawaii to your vacation, with a road trip through Oahu, might help your Disney Aulani Resort Vacation seem more “worth it.” Be sure to check out the Disney Aulani Resort Specials and Packages to help get you started. 

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Planning a Disney Aulani Vacation

Ready to plan your vacation to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Oahu, Hawaii? Get ready with a few key posts to help you figure out costs and activities. And be sure to read the 8 Things We Wish We Knew About Planning a Disney Aulani Resort Vacation before you get started. 

How Much Does a Disney Aulani Resort Vacation Cost?

As the biggest question to answer when taking a vacation remember that planning a Disney Aulani on a Budget is possible! Mind you, every budget will look different. Do you want fine dining? Or are you happy popping across the street to the pizza place nearby? Are you trying a split stay between Aulani and a budget-friendly Airbnb or going all-in? Check out how we planned a Disney Aulani Vacation on a tight budget. 

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Disney Aulani Resort? 

The cheapest times of year to visit Disney’s Aulani Resort are in May, September, and October. The high season includes mid-December to mid-April and often sees higher costs and crowds. 

Disney Aulani

What is there to Do at Disney’s Aulani Resort?

Disney’s Aulani Resort is a vacation unto itself! Offering pools, trails, beaches, and a variety of dining options, there is plenty to do! Cultural activities, crafts, and classes are all offered at the resort and a great way to learn something new, even ukelele lessons are offered!

Restaurants at Disney Aulani

Disney’s Aulani Resort features restaurants that honor the culture and cuisine of the Polynesians. Including fine dining, signature dining, character dining, and more. Here are the restaurants at Disney Aulani Resort you can try!  

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What is there to Do in Oahu, Hawaii?

Part of making your Disney Aulani Vacation extra magical is taking time to see the sights! Check out our favorite things to do in Oahu, Hawaii on a Disney Aulani Vacation. And be sure to check out the Disney Aulani Packing List so you can go prepared for Hawaii weather! 

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