Mickey Ghost Pillow DIY Disney Halloween Craft

Mickey Ghost Pillow DIY Disney Halloween Craft

With fall closing in, we just had to start thinking about Disney Halloween Decor! And after a few futile searches for an adorable Mickey Ghost that shopDisney had last year, we decided to just make one instead! Thus we’re sharing a Mickey Ghost DIY Halloween Craft to help kick off the spooky season. This Mickey Ghost pillow can be made big or small and is the perfect way to add a little more Disney to your Halloween. 

Mickey Ghost Pillow

Mickey Ghost Pillow

We decided to make a classic Mickey Ghost pillow and a Minnie Ghost pillow to go with our Disney Fall Decor goals. Since we already had a killer Haunted Mansion Mantle for the spooky part of our decor, we went with a Cute Pink Halloween Theme for this decor. While these little felt crafts are easy to make they do take some patience with the stitching. Here’s what you’ll need to get started. 

Mickey Ghost Pillow Supplies

  • Mickey Mouse
    • Ghost Body and Features 
      • White Felt
      • Black Felt
    • Stitching
      • Black Embroidery Floss
  • Minnie Mouse
    • Ghost Body and Features
      • Gray Felt
      • Pink Felt
    • Stitching
      • Pink Embroidery Floss

Other Supplies

Disney halloween mickey decor

disney halloween mickey decor

How to Make a Mickey Ghost Pillow

First, make sure you gather all your supplies. You’re going to want to figure out how big you want your ghost before you start. For reference, our white Mickey Ghost was made at a full 8.5 x 11 scale, while the gray ghost was made on a half sheet of paper. Once you save the Mickey Ghost Pillow Pattern printable, you can scale it up or down on your printer for the desired size. 

Next, print the Mickey Ghost Pillow Pattern and pin to your felt. You can actually just your needle to hold the paper in place over the felt, or use actual pins to keep it steady while you cut. You will need 2 layers of felt, one for the front of your ghost and one for the back. 

Adding the Eyes, Nose and Mouth

With any extra felt you can cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. You can choose any color combo here you like. These little shapes can simply be sewn on with the same color thread as the felt ( so black eyes, black thread). Or you can stick them on with glue which is also fine. Especially as these are meant for decor and not as a children’s toy. Whichever method you choose make sure you add the features onto your front piece of felt BEFORE you begin stitching your ghost together. Especially if you choose the sewing method. We decided to leave the mouth off these little ghosts for cuteness, but the mouth shape is in the pattern link if you choose to use it. 

mickey halloween crafts

Adding Lashes for Minnie Mouse Ghost Pillow

So, adding lashes to your Minnie Ghost is actually a lot easier than it looks! Simply take a small piece of your embroidery floss, in whatever color scheme you’re doing your ghosts. Then knot the end. Then pull the needle through right underneath where your eye will be. Make sure the tail is facing towards Minnie’s ears- like below. Then you will simply tie another knot for the second set of eyelashes, and cut at a matching length to the first piece. Obviously you can go crazy and add as many lashes as you want with this method. See the examples below. 

Mickey mouse ghost pillow

Minnie Mouse Ghost Eyelashes

Stitching Your Mickey Ghost Pillow

Unlike regular sewing where you don’t want to see the stitching, this felt craft actually requires you see the stitching. So instead of sewing like normal you are actually wrapping the thread around the edge as you go. So you get a varied black stitch on white felt that doesn’t look perfect. On purpose. Depending on the size of your needle you may want to split the embroidery floss into fewer threads so there’s less to fit through the eye of the needle.

Mickey Mouse Ghost Halloween Decor

Stuffing your Mickey Ghost Pillow

As you’re stitching we recommended beginning to fill your ghost when you’re about half way done stitching. This will help you get to the ears and make your ghost look more full. You can also wait until the end when you have about 5 inches left to stitch and shove all the stuffing in then, but we find it more difficult to even out the fill. You can use whatever stuffing you like. We used cotton balls simply because it was was easier to work with and something we already had on hand at home. 

Disney Halloween DIY Craft

Finishing your Mickey Ghost Pillow

Once you have finished stuffing the ghost, you will need to sew up the end of him. This is fairly easy and you can just continue wrap stitching until you come to the end. At the end, you will simply tie a knot and cut it. And that’s it. 

Disney Halloween Decor DIY

What we loved about this little felt craft was that you could mix color combinations and play with the size so that your little guy could go with whatever decor you have for Halloween. It’s also a cheap craft, that you can make in one sitting while watching your favorite show. Also a bonus. 

Mickey Ghost Pillow DIY is the perfect addition to your Disney Halloween Decor! A simple and EASY cute felt craft you can make tons of these little guys, or a giant one for your sofa! Here's how to make this quick and easy Disney Halloween Craft. #polkadotpixies #disneyDIY #disneyhalloween

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