Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas Snowflake Sweater DIY Tutorial

Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas Snowflake Sweater DIY Tutorial

Every Christmas, Mickey and Minnie usually don some new Christmas outfit to greet their fans throughout the holiday season. And while some of them are quite elaborate, we like Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas Sweater outfit you can find them wearing at Animal Kingdom best. So, if you want to dress like your favorite fashionable Disney couple this holiday season, we’ve got some options. We love this Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas Sweater DIY as the perfect Disney Christmas Outfit. It’s super easy, inexpensive and so fun! 

Mickey and Minnie's Christmas Sweater DIY

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Outfit

Whether you’re looking to meet Mickey and Minnie in their festive holiday outfits or just dress up with a bit of Disney flair for your next family holiday party, we have the perfect Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas Sweater DIY for you. And while we always love adding our favorite Disney Christmas Outfits in our shop, because we have a lot, this one felt worth the extra work. So if you’re looking to play matchy with Mickey and Minnie in their Christmas Outfits, this is pretty simple to create and all you need is a green sweatshirt, sweater or tee, and a red skirt.

Where can you see Mickey and Minnie in their Christmas Outfits?

During the holidays, Mickey and Minnie make a number of appearances at the parks. The one that we got this Sweater idea from can be found at their Adventurers Outpost station in Animal Kingdom. As you’ll notice from the photo, all it takes is a green sweatshirt with white snowflakes, and red bottoms. Pants for Mickey and a cute skirt for Minnie. You may also note that this outfit has no Mickeys on it! Just snowflakes! Meaning you can wear this getup all season long, not just in the parks! 

Mickey and Minnie Snowflake Sweater Items 

We’ll try to keep this super simple! Because frankly once you get a handle on how to pull together this outfit and add decals to shirts, the options are endless. If this all begins to feel a bit daunting, check out the Mickey and Minnie Snowflake Collection, for some other options. Our collection shared in the link includes items that are all-over-printed. This means they’re less “sweatshirt material” and more of a thin material. That said, if you’re going for the Cozy sweatshirt feel, go with the DIY method instead. Things You’ll Need for a DIY Mickey and Minnie Christmas Outfit.

  • Green Sweatshirt
  • Cricut Machine, or Cut File Machine
  • White Vinyl or White Glitter Vinyl
  • Red Pants or Skirt

Use a Cricut Machine 

You’ll also need something that can cut your snowflakes for you. We use this cricut machine , but any cutting machine will do. And they come in handy for everything! So it’s worth the investment! You can make Disney resort window clings and family shirts with a cricut too!

Grab a Green Sweatshirt

For both Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas Sweater you will need a Green Sweatshirt. Here is what we used! The best part about all of it is that its all available on Amazon! This sweatshirt ran a little big, but we were able to manage it. Jerzees Forest Green Sweatshirt

Grab a Skirt for Minnie

For Minnie Mouse’s Red Bow Skirt, we grabbed this one below. It was the PERFECT style for Minnie. Persun Bow High Waisted Red Skirt. This one actually ran a bit small, but we just ordered one size up for both my daughter and myself and it worked out well. The skirt is a nice length and we really loved the style. You can also head to our shop to grab a matching skirt to match your Mickey DIY Christmas Sweatshirt. Grab this skater skirt, lined with matching snowflakes in Green or Red. 

Mickey Snowflake Sweater Skirt

Or Grab Mickey Pants

For Mickey’s Pants, if you’re a girl you can definitely wear red leggings which are so re-usable during the holidays. And if you buy a larger-sized green sweater a little more oversized look you could have a nice 80’s throwback outfit here. But if you’re going for red pants so that you match the Mouse that Started it All…then grab these men’s chino red pants from Amazon. If you’re looking more for something breezy- we like these basic red scrub pants, which are so nice for Florida weather and dry super fast when you get drenched on rides. 

Making the Snowflakes

To apply the snowflakes, we use a heat press, but you can also use an iron. You’ll need heat transfer vinyl(or iron on vinyl). You can purchase this at any craft store, or we actually use this glitter heat transfer. We created this template, uploaded it into design space, and cut it with the Cricut. This is created for a 10 inch x 11 inch HTV sheet, but you can adjust it to your desired size in design space. 

Mickey Sweater Snowflakes

Save the Snowflake Image to Your Computer

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ve done the graphics work for you, with 2 snowflakes per sheet. We’ve found that you should have 3 snowflakes on the chest, one on each sleeve and then three snowflakes on the back. So, 8 total snowflakes, per sweatshirt, and you can plan to print 4 sheets of the graphic, once you figure out how big you want them. You can save this image and size the snowflakes to your liking, based on the size of sweatshirt you’re buying. Right click the image to save these snowflakes to your computer.

Add the Snowflakes to your Sweatshirt

Once you have the snowflake file in your the Cricut Design Space Software, and your vinyl loaded into the machine, you are ready for them to be  cut with the Cricut. Luckily, these are very clean snowflake files, and shouldn’t be to bad when it comes to weeding. Weeding on a Cricut means to just pull off the stuff on the paper you won’t use. What remains on the sheet after you’re done weeding will be only the snowflakes, cleanly cut and ready to apply to your shirt.

Use a Heat Press or Iron to Secure the Snowflakes

Peel the snowflakes and position them carefully, with the shirt laying flat. Then press with the iron, once you’re confident that they are perfectly placed. The glitter HTV is a cold peel, so you will want to wait until the vinyl is cool to the touch and then peel the backing off. Super easy and the results are fantastic! 

Add a Mickey Snowflake Face Masks to Match

Let’s face it, the holiday season means more travelers and more germs, as such, we sometimes wear a face mask on the airplane, or when we’re large crowds. Even if you’re not going with the full outfit here, you can still grab a snowflake face mask to match. We have this in red or green too. These are by far the softest, most comfortable mask. And they come with a filter pocket, and nose clip to keep you extra safe. 

Mickey Snowflake Face Masks

Meeting Mickey and Minnie for the Holidays

Once your outfits are finished you’ll be ready to meet Mickey and Minnie at Adventurer’s Outpost at Animal Kingdom! And of course, both Mickey and Minnie were absolutely CRAZY about the matching outfits. We had a much longer time with this fabulous couple than most other people standing in the Meet and Greet line and it was one of the best experiences at Disney World we’ve ever had. So wonderful. Definitely worth the small effort here:) Be sure to check out even more Disney Vacation Shirts for the Holidays and beyond to add a little more Disney to your wardrobe. We hope you love this Mickey and Minnie Christmas Sweater DIY as much as we do!

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