All About Universal Studios EPIC Universe Ultimate Guide

All About Universal Studios EPIC Universe Ultimate Guide

The NEW theme park at Universal Studios in Orlando is largest Universal theme park in the United States. With fan favorite franchises, featuring 5 lands you’ll love to explore, and a reason to stay longer, lets settle in to all the details. EPIC Universe includes lands that feature all things Celestial, Harry Potter, Super Mario, How to Train your Dragon, and Universal Monsters. Coving 110 acres, this 4th park at Universal Studios Orlando, is set to command a multi-day visit, and take over your next family vacation! Here is everything you can find at Universal Studios EPIC Universe Park, from new rides, to restaurants, to shops and more. 

Map of EPIC Universe at Universal Studios Orlando
Park Map of EPIC Universe at Universal Studios Orlando

EPIC Universe Details and Tickets

EPIC Universe is Universal Studios’ fourth theme park in Orlando Florida. Joining Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida and Volcano Bay water park. Officially becoming a multi-day destination, EPIC Universe will be BUSY throughout 2025. Especially, as guests either add the park to their Disney World Plans, or forego Disney altogether. With four parks, it will be easy to just immerse yourself in all things Universal Studios for a full week.

As an Orlando Theme Park, you can still expect the Disney World Events in 2025 to have some effect on crowd levels at Epic Universe. Especially, since things like runDisney races, cheerleading championships and spring break will bring crowds to the area. No matter where they spend their days. As such, the calendar of events will be something to review ahead of your visit. 

This new park at Universal Studios doubles the size of Universals theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Bringing 50 NEW attractions, entertainment options, restaurants, and shops. Roughly the size of Magic Kingdom at 110 acres, EPIC Universe takes up just a small part of Universal Studios’ land acquisition, at a total of 750 acres, leaving lots of space for new lands in the future. 

EPIC Universe 2025 Tickets

Tickets for EPIC Universe are rumored to be available separately from regular multi-day tickets, and is not included in annual passes for the first year of opening. As such guests will most likely need to buy 1-day, date specific, tickets for Epic Universe.

When Do EPIC Universe Tickets Go On Sale?

It is rumored that EPIC Universe Tickets will go on sale in September of 2024. More details on ticket options will be available then. 

Does EPIC Universe Have an Annual Pass?

Universal Studios Annual Passes currently include either 2-park or 3-park options, with no choice yet to include EPIC Universe on a 4-park pass. Insiders say that while a 4-park pass option is expected to become available, it will most likely not be until well after the initial first year of the new park. 

EPIC Universe Opening Date

Opening by Summer 2025, EPIC Universe is sure to take Orlando by storm! With amazingly themed new locations to play, eat and stay, fans of theme parks and favorite franchises will be at the gates, ready to explore! 

EPIC Universe Hours

Universal Studios hours are typically 9:00 AM- 8:00 PM, and we expect EPIC Universe to have those same hours. Remember that guests of deluxe resorts at Universal Studios have Early Park Admission as part of of the perks of staying on property. 

EPIC Universe distance to Universal Studios Parks
Universal Studios Parks Map Orlando Florida

EPIC Universe Map

One of the most notable features of EPIC Universe is it’s distance from the other parks. While both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure are within walking distance, connected by the Hogwarts Train and Universal CityWalk, EPIC Universe will be farther south. As such, the current Universal Parks, CityWalk and Resorts makes up the North Campus, and Epic Universe makes up the South Campus. 

To give you a feel for the scale here, the North Campus of Universal Studios, which includes all current parks, resorts, and CityWalk takes up about 735 acres. The land set aside for the South Campus is 750 acres, and since EPIC Universe will only cover about 110 acres for the parks, there is plenty of room for expansion. 

Can you Walk from Universal Studios Parks to EPIC Universe?

While you can walk from CityWalk to EPIC Universe there is no reason to, as there will be complimentary transportation options to go between these two parks. That said, if you were hoping to walk, you can plan on taking winding city streets, for about 4 miles, at about a 1.5 hour travel time. As opposed to just driving or grabbing the shuttle which is about 15 minutes south of the North Campus of Universal Studios.

Luckily, Universal Studios provides FREE Transportation between it’s North and South Campus points. As part of the effort to make a straight distance between the parks manageable, an extension to Kirkman Rd. (currently petitioned to be renamed Epic Boulevard) will offer a 1.06 mile distance between the two campus areas to make walking the distance easier, but by no means necessary.  

Parking at EPIC Universe

EPIC Universe has a surface parking lot available just south of the park accessible by the newly constructed, Epic Boulevard. For those guests staying at Universal Studios Hotels, complimentary shuttle transportation is provided to the parks on both South and North Campus. 

Celestial Park Entrance to Lands at Universal Studios
EPIC Universe Entrance at Universal Studios

EPIC Universe Lands

With 5 lands and and and in park hotel there is plenty to fill multiple days at Universal’s new park. Each land within the park has it’s own look and feel and connects to the central hub of the park, Celestial Park. The Celestial Park area of EPIC Universe is original to Universal and tells stories of mythology, and astronomy through a variety of attractions, restaurants, and gardens. Using a hub and spoke design, four lands act as the spokes along a hub that runs from the entrance of the park to the hotel at the back of the park. 

  • Celestial Park
  • Dark Universe
  • Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ministry of Magic
  • How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk
  • Super Mario World

Each of these lands are accessible from the center hub of the park, but are not accessible from each other. As such, this allows for the Celestial Park space which runs the center of the park, to house most of the shops, and restaurants, and the in-park hotel, Universal Helios Grand Hotel. Each land is marked by a large round entranceway, that acts as a “Portal” to each of the lands at EPIC Universe. 

Celestial Park at Universal Studios
Celestial Park at EPIC Universe

Celestial Park

The Hub of EPIC Universe at Universal Studios is Celestial Park. This land features astronomical, and mythological spaces featuring rides, restaurants, shops and gardens to stroll. Filled with lush spaces Celestial Park is meant to be an oasis for the gods, complete with fountains, elaborate architecture, and statues. The main entrance here is the “Emerald Gate” that marks the doorway to EPIC Universe.

Chaos Overlook Garden at Universal Celestial Park
Chaos Overlook at Celestial Park

Chaos Overlook Garden

This overlook garden in Celestial Park includes a large sculpture and celestial elements that frame the attractions and hotel beyond. Adding lush green spaces to the theme park, there will be plenty of shade, much needed in Florida, and natural vibe. 

Luna Overlook Garden

Featuring a river that winds through grasses and rocks, this tranquil space includes fountain, statues, plants and flowers. As part of the water gardens at EPIC Universe, there is nearly seven acres of water features in the park. Among them the Oculus fountain just outside the Helios Hotel, which includes a water show that features music, interactive lighting and a fountain show that sprays up to 135 ft in the air.

Luna Park Overlook
Luna Park Overlook at Celestial Park
Constellation Carousel at EPIC Universe
Constellation Carousel in Celestial Park

Celestial Park Rides and Attractions

Since Celestial Park runs the length of the park, like a central hub, the rides here are all sporadically placed among gardens, restaurants, and shops. Featuring the theme of the universe, and all it includes, colors here span both dark and light honoring the sun, moon, stars, heavens, constellations, and gods. 

Constellation Carousel

This carousel features blue and purple glass, gilded with ironwork, creating saucer shapes encompassing the ride within. Topped with golden elements this ride is covered in lights. This ride elevates the traditional carousel by lifting the individual rotating animals up to 6 feet high, as you ride the carousel. The ceiling of this attraction is a “Star Tracker” that includes celestial patterns, with a center mesmerizer that creates a “ribbon cone effect,” above you while you ride. 

Starfall Racers at EPIC Universe
Starfall Racers Rollercoaster at Celestial Park

Starfall Racers

Celestial themed, this thrill ride rollercoaster is a dual launch rollercoaster that hits up of 62 mph. 133 ft tall, this ride features a crisscross track so you can speed alongside, over, and under the other coaster. In the evenings the track becomes completely dark, making the coaster cars look like comets, sailing across the sky. By far one of the most thrilling rides at EPIC Universe, this coaster covers 5000 feet of track and an inverted crisscross feature called the “Celestial Spin,” that includes both coasters. 

Celestial Park Rides at Universal
Celestial Park Rides: Astronomica, Constellation Carousel, Starfall Racers


This water attraction offers a chance to cool off in the heat and features dancing fountains that offer a beautiful spectacle at the center of Celestial Park. This wet play area also doubles as a giant compass rose. Perfect for extra hot days in Florida. A great walk through space for adults and play space for kids. 

The Atlantic Restaurant at Universal Studios
The Atlantic Restaurant at Celestial Park

Celestial Park Restaurants

This area of the park features 4 restaurants; two table service, and two quick service dining locations. Matching the theme of Celestial Park, each restaurant honors a specific element of the celestial in nature. 

The Atlantic Restaurant

This waterfront dining location features an elaborate glassed in structure, like a Victorian aquarium, marked by columns, for a classic architectural symmetry. Serving classic seafood and steak, this restaurant offers a fine dining atmosphere with views of the gardens and park. The restaurant space features illuminated fish swimming above you as decorative fish line the ceiling. This makes the entire space feel like you’re underwater.

Blue Dragon Pan Asian Restaurant Universal Studios
Blue Dragon Pan Asian Restaurant at Celestial Park

Blue Dragon Pan Asian Restaurant 

This Asian restaurant showcases an inner courtyard space covered in the glow of colored lanterns. As part of the ambience, there are dragon lights crawling the walls, and classic spaces inspired by Asian palaces. Featuring neon lighting and a sculptural Blue Dragon entrance, this restaurant showcases Asian cuisine and and a cocktail place called The Tiger Bar. 

The Oak & Star Tavern

In line with the Celestial and garden themes, this quick service restaurant offers up a variety of foods, and is easily accessible in Celestial Park. 

Pizza Moon

Another quick service restaurant at Epic Universe, Pizza Moon promises a variety of pizza pie options, perfect for lunch or dinner if you’re on the go between lands. 

Nintendo Super Store at Universal Studios
Nintendo Super Store at Celestial Park

Celestial Park Shops

As part of the central hub of the park the Celestial Park shops include merchandise from all the lands, and the park as a whole. Here you can find your basis EPIC Universe apparel and accessories, souvenirs, and Universal Studios Gifts. These shops will also host seasonal merchandise, and  specialty items throughout the year. 

Nintendo Super Store

Included in Celestial Park is the exquisitely decorated Nintendo Super Store, just outside Super Nintendo World. featuring Super Mario constellations on the ceiling, and loads of Nintendo merchandise. 

Moonship Chocolates and  Celestial Sweets

Other shopping locations in Celestial Park include sweet shops featuring themed snacks and treats. 

Universal Helios Grand Hotel at Universal EPIC Universe
Universal Helios Grand Hotel Universal Studios EPIC Universe, Orlando

Celestial Park Hotel

While the EPIC Universe Park area includes three hotels, only Universal Helios Grand Hotel is located inside of the park. The other hotels, Terra Luna and Stella Nova are located outside of the park. As part of the Celestial Park area, the Universal Helios Grand Hotel will don common spaces like the lobby, gift shop and restaurants inside that are accessible to all guests whether or not you’re staying there. 

Universal Helios Grand Hotel

Themed to Helios, the Sun God, and in line with the celestial theming, the Helios Grand Hotel offers 500 rooms and luxury accommodations. The Universal Helios Grand Hotel overlooks Celestial Park and has it’s own dedicated entrance to the park. With window covered towers reaching towards the heavens, this hotel features a grand  entrance and water views. Overlooking the Oculus fountain in the park, this hotel also has views of the nightly fireworks that happen at EPIC Universe. 

Super Mario World Universal Studios

Super Mario World Universal Studios EPIC Universe, Orlando

Super Mario World 

The portal to Super Mario World in Orlando features all things Super Mario! Plan to see Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. With colored pipes and magic coins from the video games, you can step straight into the video game, complete with Nintendo themed characters and spaces. 

Power Up Bands

As part of the Mario world experience you can buy a Power-Up Band that allows you to interact with the land. Things like battling enemies, unlocking stamps, and collecting coins are all part of the experience. “Win keys in interactive activities at SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™, collect digital coins and digital stamps, track your score, check your rankings, and more.”

  • Goomba Crazy Crank: Turn the crank to make the ground spin fast enough to make a Goomba fall backward, winning you a key. 
  • Piranha Plant Nap Mishap: Run back and forth, tapping multiple alarm clocks to put the huge Piranha Plant back to sleep. 
  • Koopa Troopa Power Punch: Hit a POW Block with perfect timing to send a Koopa Shell up a pipe and knock over the Koopa Troopa. 
  • Bob-omb Kaboom Room: Gather fragments of a key from around the room and assemble them before the giant Bob-omb goes kaboom. 
  • Thwomp Panel Panic: Are you fast enough? Try to flip every tile on the wall to be the same color and win a digital key. 

Super Mario World Rides and Attractions

The rides in Super Mario World are set to match those at the international parks, and offer riders a chance to feel like their in the video game world of Super Mario. Split into two sections you can experience Super Mario Land, and Donkey Kong Country. 

Mario Kart: Bowsers Challenge

Get ready to play your best game of Mario Kart in this ride simulation game. In this ride you are in the drivers seat and can enter the race challenge, no experience needed! Get ready to throw shells, and collect digital coins to beat Team Bowser. With Koopa hot your tail, you get into a four person kart and join Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Toad, and Yoshi to help them win the Golden Cup. The queue for this ride winds through Bowser’s Castle, so be sure to take note of all the amazing details during your wait! Before getting into your kart, you get to see two pre-shows to get you ready for the ride! Check out all the details of Mario Kart Bowsers Challenge. 

Yoshi’s Adventure

Follow Yoshi on an adventure in this family friendly dark ride at Super Mario World, that weaves through both indoor and outdoor spaces. While on this slow moving ride you’ll get to see favorite friends of Yoshi along the way. And be sure to keep an eye out for familiar characters and and hidden colored eggs. 

Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown

This interactive game in Super Mario World, requires a Power-Up Band  but will be well worth the purchase to experience the Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown. 

  • Collect at least 3 keys with your band and you’ll get the chance to confront Bowser Jr. to recover the stolen Golden Mushroom in a final Shadow Showdown. Recommended ages: 5 and up. Use the keys you collect from the Key Challenges to unlock and infiltrate Bowser Jr.’s lair!

Donkey Kong Mine Car Madness

This area of Super Mario World  features the Donkey Kong Mine Cart Rollercoaster as you attempt to protect the Golden Banana. This ride is meant to make riders “feel” like there are gaps in the track that their carts will need to “jump” throughout the ride. And is in a part of Super Mario World called Donkey Kong Country. Get all the Details of Mine Cart Madness. 

Super Mario World Restaurants

Toadstool Cafe

As part of Super Mario World you can also grab food at Toadstool Cafe. Inside the Toad House, Chef Toad cooks up a menu that includes burgers, meatballs, soups and salads. This same restaurant in the Hollywood version of Super Mario World, often requires guests join the walk up queue due to high demand. Check out the Toadstool Cafe Details and Menu

Super Mario World Shops

In addition to the Nintendo gift shop found in Celestial Park, you can also count on Super Mario specific merchandise for Super Mario World inside the land itself. 

Mario Motors Gift Shop

This specialty gift shop inside the Super Mario World land, features everything you and your pit crew needs for a race around the track. 

Wizarding world of Harry Potter EPIC Universe
Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Universal Studios EPIC Universe, Orlando

Wizarding World Ministry of Magic 

The third land featuring the Wizarding World is in EPIC Universe, and honors the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Set in 1920’s Paris, you can find Parisian streets, and the British Ministry of Magic. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter entrance obelisk features a golden hand clutching the famed Elder Wand. Details Coming Soon. Permits filed are for the following. 

Wizarding World Ministry of Magic Rides and Attractions

Sure to be one of the most beautiful lands, the Ministry of Magic area of EPIC Universe takes it’s queue from the streets of Paris. Complete with tall Haussmann style facades, you can see elements of French style, featuring the Beaux Arts style in signage and decoration. 

Battle at the Ministry Ride

Rumored to be a tracked high tech dark ride. Located in the Ministry of Magic Building, this ride features a gift shop at the exit called Tour En Floo. 

Le Cirque Arcanus Live Stage Show

Rumored to be modeled after he circus scenes in the second Fantastic Beasts film, this is a live stage show featuring fantastic magical beasts.

Wizarding World Ministry of Magic Restaurants

Restaurants in Wizarding World Ministry of Magic

  • Cafe L’air de la Sirene- Quick Service Restaruant
  • Le Gobelet Noir – Quick Service Restaurant
  • Patisserie Matagot- Bakery
  • Bar Moonshine- Lounge and Bar

Wizarding World Ministry of Magic Shops

Shopping in Wizarding World Ministry of Magic

  • Cosme Acajor Baguette Magique- Wand Shop
  • Les Galeries Mirifiques- Gift Shop
  • Mademoiselle Malkins- Apparel and Accessories Shop
Dark Universe Epic Universe Entrance
Dark Universe Land, Universal Studios EPIC Universe, Orlando

Dark Universe

Featuring a monster filled land, you can find experiments from Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, shadowed landscapes, and creepy spaces that may have you second guessing your plans. Classic Universal Monsters include Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Bride of Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. All found in the great film classic, you can now find them around every creepy corner in Dark Universe. The Dark Universe entrance features a gothic tower covered by vines and lightning bolts. 

Dark Universe Rides and Attractions

Featuring two rides Dark Universe includes dark imposing structures done in the Gothic architecture style. Lending to the roughness of the land, vines, and harsh surfaces all add to the dilapidated and haunting buildings that make up the area. 

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment

This dark ride at EPIC Universe features universal monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Invisible Man and more. Similar to the Wizarding World Forbidden Journey ride, we expect this one to be popular. 

Curse of The Werewolf

This werewolf ride is a spinning family coaster with a mid course shuttle back and forth launch. And of course features werewolf theming. 

Dark Universe Restaurants

Restaurants at Dark Universe have yet to be announced, but there will be at least one quick service restaurant as well as snack cart or two. 

Das Stakehaus- Rumored

The main dining location at Dark Universe is set to be a quick service restaurant, where you can order food at a counter, and then the servers will bring it to you when ready. 

How to Train your Dragon Land at Universal Studios
How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk Universal Studios, EPIC Universe, Orlando

How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk

Set on a mountainside you can enter into the Isle of Berk, and a Viking Village complete with spaces featuring structures that look hand built, a lake, and time with your dragon. This area of EPIC Universe features a live show, a dragon racer training attraction, flying dragons and a rollercoaster! 

How to Train Your Dragon Rides and Attractions

Filled with family friendly rides, fans of How to Train Your Dragon will recognize lands, dragons and Vikings as part of the experience here. 

Fyre Drill – Water Target Ride

This attraction, created by Ruffnut & Tuffnut is a boat ride, where riders hit targets with water cannons from their colorful dragon headed boats. Practicing putting out fires is a necessary skill, in this dragon filled land, and riders can hone their skill throughout the ride as new challenges pop up along the way. 

Hiccup & Toothless Meet & Greet

You can head to the Haddock Paddock for a meet and greet with Dragon Rider, Hiccup, and Night Fury, Toothless. Also in the park guests may encounter other Viking friends, and dragons strolling around the land, so keep an eye out! 

Guests ride dragon-themed vehicles atop a spinning arm and fixed pole

Dragon Racer’s Rally – Aerobatic Ride

This high flying ride takes riders into the air to do acrobatic tricks, and control how wild it all is. This thrill ride can twist and turn you in every possible direction from your seat as it swoops through the air. Reaching heights up to 67 feet in the air, this aerobatic ride, is anchored at a single point, and allows the rider to turn upside down, or not. Dragon Racers Rally. 

A dragon soars overhead at a stage performance

The Untrainable Dragon Live Show

This How to Train Your Dragon Broadway style stage show introduces a new dragon that presents a challenge to dragons of Berk. With larger than life dragons on stage, you can see Hiccup, Toothless, Gobber, and Astrid try to train the untrainable dragon. Filled with music, and wonder, this is a heartwarming show that offers the chance to take a break from rides, and relax in the theater. In this show, “Toothless soars above the audience, weighing in at 1,157 pounds, with a wingspan of nearly 27 feet.”

Viking Training Camp Climbing Area

Another area on the Isle of Berk is the Viking Training Camp, offering junior Vikings the chance to climb, slide, and work their way through this interactive play area. It includes a Viking agility course, a Toothless themed teeter totter and baby Gronckle dragon climbers, among other things. 

Hiccups Wing Gliders Ride
Hiccups Wing Gliders Ride

Hiccups Wing Gliders – Roller Coaster

A slower rollercoaster, Hiccups Wing Gliders is a family thrill coaster gets riders close to the action alongside Hiccup and Toothless, while serving up views of Berk, high above the park. With a top speed of 45mph, there is plenty of time to see the sights from this fun thrill coaster. 

Concept art of Mead Hall at Epic Universe's How to Train Your Dragon themed land, showing guests seated at tables in a giant dark hall

How to Train Your Dragon Restaurants

Three restaurants are on the Isle of Berk and offers themed dining you’d expect to find in a Viking village. 

Mead Hall Restaurant

This quick service Restaurant in the Isle of Berk is housed in the main building, Mead Hall. Featuring Viking fare, guests can enjoy a savory themed menu with meats, fish, sandwiches, meads and ciders. Everything that a Viking could ever want in a meal. Check out the Mead Hall Menu. 

Spit Fyre Grill Restaurant

Another quick service dining location, this restaurant overlooks the Fyre Drill water attraction. It also features a variety of hearty meals that are quick fired, and allegedly seared by a “dragon.”

Hooligan’s Grog and Gruel Food Stand

This festive racing themed food stand on the Isle of Beer offers quick grab and go foods perfect for a snack in between meals. 

How to Train Your Dragon Shops

Shopping on the Isle of Berk

  • Viking Traders
  • How to Treat Your Dragon
  • Hiccup’s Work Shop
  • Toothless’ Treasures

EPIC Universe Hotels and Resorts

In addition to the in-park hotel, the Universal Grand Helios Hotel, located inside the Celestial area of EPIC Universe, you can find two more new hotels nearby. This is in addition to all the current Universal Studios Resorts on the North Campus; Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Endless Summer Hotels, Cabana Bay Beach Hotel, Universal’s Aventura Hotel, Loews Sapphire Falls and Loews Royal Pacific. 

Loews Terra Luna Resort Orlando
Loews Terra Luna Resort, Universal Studios, Orlando

Loews Terra Luna Resort- Open February 25, 2025

Located near EPIC Universe Terra Luna is the sister hotel to Stella Nova. Featuring a bright colored exterior and lobby, this resort includes a zero-entry pool with a hot tub. As well as quick service dining on property. Make reservations at Loews Terra Luna Resort.

Loews Stella Nova Resort- Open January 21, 2025

This hotel features a black hole vortex inspired entrance, complete with spa pool, splash pad, and restaurant on site. Make reservations for Loews Stella Nova Resort.

EPIC Universe Park Guide

There you have it! As more details are revealed we’ll be updating this post so you know what to expect on your visit to EPIC Universe. Hopefully this post has given you an idea of what you can find in each land and what to look forward to! It’s going to be epic! 

EPIC Universe Theme Park Lands Rides

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