Everything to Know About the D23 EXPO in 2022

Everything to Know About the D23 EXPO in 2022

With the news that the D23 EXPO returns to the Anaheim Convention Center in September of 2022, comes the promise of tons of Disney news for the Disney parks, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Plus, and more! Here are all the things to know before you go to the D23 Expo.

d23 EXPO at Anaheim Convention center

D23 EXPO in Anaheim California 2022

What is the D23 EXPO?

The D23 EXPO is a 3-day event for Disney fans. Showcasing EVERYTHING happening at the Disney company and what fans can expect in the coming years. This includes any Disney Parks changes, like new rides, restaurants, services, shows, entertainment, etc. It includes what’s coming to Disney Plus, New movies on the way, Disney Cruise Line Updates, new merchandise, partnerships, and more. If it’s happening, you’ll learn about it here.

This convention consists of presentations, exhibits, pop-up shopping, displays, meet and greets contests, panels, and discussions, and a slew of celebrities sharing what movies and tv shows are on the way. If you’re generally star-struck then this is the event for you!

When is the D23 EXPO in 2022?

The D23 EXPO in 2022 runs from September 9-11, 2022.

Where is the D23 EXPO?

Anaheim Convention Center near Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California.

Who can go to D23 EXPO?



Do you need a D23 Membership to Attend the D23 EXPO?

No. However, a D23 Membership does get you a discount on D23 Expo tickets, priority access to shopping destinations within the EXPO, priority line access, and a variety of other things that the regular guest doesn’t get. 


Hotels Within Walking Distance of the D23 EXPO

While there are a bunch of Hotels within Walking Distance of Disneyland, there are a couple that is just closer to the Anaheim Convention Center. 

Hilton Anaheim

The Hilton Anaheim Resort is perfect if you’re heading to the Anaheim Convention Center for the D23 EXPO. Grab a suite for a full kitchen in your room. You can also enjoy a grab-and-go breakfast option at the hotel, as well as a pool, large rooms, dining, and is close walking distance to the parks. Our best strategy here is to walk to the Toy Story parking lot and grab the shuttle to the entrance of the parks.  Walking Time to Disneyland Resort: 21 minutes

Hyatt House Anaheim

We are fans of Hyatt almost anywhere we travel. And the Disneyland Area Hyatt House is no exception. Located in between the Convention Center and the Disneyland Resort, this hotel sits atop shopping and restaurants on the corner of Harbour and Katella. This means you get access to Blaze Pizza, Walgreens for necessities, and more. This hotel offers apartment-style rooms with a full kitchen, and complimentary breakfast. Hyatt Place at the Convention Center is also a great option. Walking Time to Disneyland Resort: 13 minutes. 

Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels Map

d23 EXPO badges

D23 EXPO Tickets and Badges

How much are D23 EXPO Tickets

A D23 Membership will get you a discount on tickets and early access to purchase them cheaper than the public rate. But, anyone can buy D23 tickets. If you’re a member of D23 and have a D23 Individual Gold Membership, or a D23 Duo Plan Gold Membership these were the prices for the 2019 EXPO. We’ll update with 2022 EXPO Prices as soon as they’re released.

D23 Gold Member Tickets

  • Single-Day Tickets: Adult – $79, Child $59
  • 3-Day Tickets: Adult- $219, Child $164
  • D23 Member Early Bird Prices

Single-Day Ticket: Adult $67, Child $49

3-Day Ticket: Adult $177, Child $125

Non-D23 Gold Member Tickets

  • Single-Day Tickets: Adult – $89, Child $69
  • 3-Day Tickets: Adult- $249, Child $185

When are D23 Early Bird Prices for the D23 EXPO Released?

Typically August- November, the year PRIOR to the EXPO. For 2022, Tickets Go ON SALE on January 20, 2022, so we will expect a full lineup of prices ahead of this date. 

D23 2022 Ticket Prices

When do D23 EXPO Tickets Go ON SALE?

For 2022, Tickets Go ON SALE on January 20, 2022. 

How are D23 EXPO Tickets delivered?

After you’ve purchased your tickets you can select to either have them mailed to you OR you can pick them up at the will-call window. We highly recommend having them mailed. The general chaos of this EXPO is such that finding the will-call window and waiting in line is sure to be stressful.

Your D23 Ticket is actually a Guest Badge.

By replacing a basic ticket with a guest badge, Disney was able to assign all your “things” to that badge. Much like a MagicBand, once your guest badge is received you can connect it/ register it to your D23 account. Attaching your D23 Ticket/ Guest Badge to your account allows you a variety of tools at your fingertips.

  • Ability to make advanced reservations for panels, shows and more.
  • Scan in for certain reserved experiences.
  • Access your D23 photos.
  • Redeem your Gold Member Expo Gift (D23 Gold Individual and Duo Plan Memberships).

For guests under 14 years of age, while it’s cool to have a badge, they do not need one. But a parent must be present with them to get into any events they hope to attend without the badge.

How Do I Activate a D23 Guest Badge?

  1. Visit D23Expo.com/ Activate
  2. Enter the badge number and press “Submit”
  3. Enter your Contact Information and press “Submit”

Are D23 EXPO Tickets Refundable?

No, they are not refundable.

Can I buy D23 EXPO tickets for others with my D23 Gold Membership?

Yes. In the past D23 Gold Members with the Family Plan (Now the D23 Duo Plan) were able to purchase up to 3 additional tickets at the D23 Gold Member Discount rate. This is still up in the air for 2022.

Do D23 EXPO Tickets sell out?

You bet! These things go like hotcakes. The events run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday is the busiest day with the most popular panels and will sell out FIRST Sunday tickets are the least popular as most booths begin to close up shop between 12-2 pm. Though know that getting a ticket is just the first part of the experience, getting a place or seat at any of the events happening is even more difficult, which we’ll go into below.

What are the D23 Gold Membership Benefits at the D23 EXPO?

Apart from the discounted ticket prices, there are a few benefits to being a D23 Gold Member.

  • Access to the D23 Gold Member Lounge. This gives you access to a private area with phone charging stations, games and ice cream bars.
  • Discounts on Merchandise. There is a lot of shopping to be done at the EXPO, as a member, you can keep an eye out for the “Gold Member Offer Spot” for exclusive offers on select merchandise and discounts across the stores.
  • D23 Gold Member Gift
  • Typically a collectible print, D23 Gold Members can grab this at the D23 Member Gift Pick-Up counter.

D23 EXPO Events and Panels

What are at the D23 EXPO Events?

Panels and Presentations, Cosplay, Disney Legends, Shopping, and Performances are all part of the D23 EXPO Experience. Check out the previous D23 EXPO Schedule for Each Day so you can see the lineup. Note that events are staggered throughout the day and it’s impossible to see them all, so be prepared to pick your favorites with the D23 EXPO Schedules release. Be sure to get a Stagepass to get access to the events in the priority line. 

D23 EXPO Events and Panels


The Hall D23 Events are the most difficult to land, but also have the biggest events! Disney Legends show up here, news on Disney Movies, and Disney Plus projects, and more. This is where the Biggest News is shared, and where there are the most seats! But we still highly recommend lining up as early as possible ( i.e. in the middle of the night) for anything you want to see here. The Sneak Peek at What’s Coming to the Disney Parks event usually happens Sunday morning and is a MUST-SEE for any Disney fan. 

EPCOT Posters at D23 EXPO

D23 EXPO Panels and News

Disney D23 EXPO Tiana Restaurant ni Reflections Lakeside Lodge

D23 EXPO Arena

The D23 Expo Arena stage features behind-the-scenes panels, with information on new shows coming to Disney Plus and an inside look at special Disney attractions. 

Stage 28

Stage 28 features new projects and real-life stories. National Geographic, Marvel, Disney Cast Member content, Disney careers, and Imagineers show up here. 

Walt Disney Archives Stage

Digging deep into the archives, this stage honors stories from the Walt Disney Company’s Past! From holiday magic to an inside look at incredible artifacts and finds from the Walt Disney Family Museum, this is where you can learn the stories that makeup Disney. 

D23 EXPO Exhibit Rooms Avatar

Costumes from disney Films at D23 Expo

Exhibit Rooms

All across the convention center are exhibit rooms that are open for browsing. Costumes, Movie Props, special collections honoring favorite films, and more are all part of this immersive experience. 

Disney Dream Store at D23 EXPO


As part of the experience, guests can roam through aisles and aisles of vendors and merchants selling Disney wares. shopDisney and specialty shops also all have floor space at this event, complete with lines to get in.  Get a Storepass to get priority access in line. 

D23 EXPO Panels and Celebrities

D23 Celebrity Signings and Photos

Another part of the event is special access to favorite celebrities across the Disney stratosphere. Be sure to get a Talentpass if you’re hoping to meet your favorite people. 

D23 2022 Announcements

What will be announced at the D23 EXPO 2022? In 2022, we’re sure to learn more about many things. Here are a few places we’re likely to see announcements.

Film and Television. We’ll learn more about the upcoming films that are making up Disney’s Live-Action catalog, as well as big projects like Avatar, and Star Wars. and Marvel. Check out the current lineup of Disney Movies and Disney Plus Shows Coming Soon

Disney Parks. Disneyland is set to welcome Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and a possible park expansion to include two new lands, so we’ll surely hear more about that in 2022. Walt Disney World will be waiting on the Princess and the Frog Ride set to replace Splash Mountain as well as plans that had been put on hold as a result of the pandemic. New resorts, ride completions and more are probably all on the docket for Disney Parks news. 

Disney Cruise Line. Information on Disney’s second private island, Lighthouse Point, was hinted at, but nothing has come to fruition yet, so we’re hoping to see more news on that, as the Disney Wish sets sail in 2022. 

Disney Plus Shows and TV planned at D23 EXPO 2022

D23 EXPO Panels Exhibits

D23 EXPO Tips and Strategies

Bring a Phone Charger or several of them.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, the absolute lack of outlets available when over… people are all needing to charge their phones at once is an issue. Even the D23 Member Lounge, which is just a small gated-off section on the main floor, was absolutely full throughout the entire weekend, with charging stations completely full by others.

When does the D23 EXPO happen?

Every other year

What is D23?

D23 is a Disney fan organization that includes exclusive website access to certain parts of the D23 website, invitations to special VIP events hosted by D23, a 10% discount on shopDisney.com, access to D23 EXPO tickets, and a quarterly magazine called D23 that highlights everything happening with the Walt Disney Company.

What does D23 stand for?

In 1923 Walt Disney arrived in California and dreams of magic, hence the name D23 for Disney 1923.

How much does a D23 Membership Cost?

Currently, available as an Individual Membership at $99.00 or as a Duo Membership at $129.99 a year for two people. Learn more about the membership on the D23 Membership Page.   Check out everything to know about being a D23 Member in our D23 Membership Review post. 

d23 Disney Virtual Vacation how to do disney at home

D23 EXPO in Anheim California is going to be bigger than ever! Check out the dates and everything to know before you go. We'll be updating this post with ticket prices, panels, details and more!

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  • Thanks for all the info! I did have a follow up question, what if I wanted to do a more casual D23 Expo visit, is it worth to buy a ticket? To clarify…if I don’t want to line up overnight/early for exclusive panels or merch. All the tip sites I visited pretty much recommend going super early but not really touching on the fact if I want a more casual experience (walk in 11-12 and just cruise the show floor) is that a realistic expectation?

  • Hey there, thanks for reading. And yes, if you want to just have a slow day wandering the show floor, a ticket could be worth it, if you aim for a Saturday ticket. At that point, all the booths are set up and could give you plenty to look at. There are also often exhibits, and specialty shops on the show floor and second floor that you do sometimes have to wait in line for, but could enrich the experience for you and don’t require a reservation or the need to wake up early. 🙂

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