D23 EXPO 2024 Tickets, Schedule and Changes UPDATED

D23 EXPO 2024 Tickets, Schedule and Changes UPDATED

As the Disney Fan Club the world over, the news that the D23 EXPO returns to the Anaheim Convention Center August 9-11, 2024 is happy news indeed! With this event comes the promise of tons of Disney news for the Disney Parks, Films, Disney Cruise Line, Disney+ Plus, and more! In addition to all the Disney Announcements for Parks and Cruises from Destination D23. The event is located across both the Anaheim Convention Center and the Honda Center. Here is everything to know about this years D23 Disney Fan Event. 

D23 EXPO 2022 Disney100

D23 EXPO 2024 Details

Bringing Disney Fans together from all over the world, this bi-annual Disney Fan Convention, takes place in Anaheim, California. Featuring the chance to learn new Disney News regarding the Parks, Cruises, Films and more, this 3-day event showcases upcoming Disney projects, and experiences. Featuring all the Disney subsidiaries, fans get a glimpse not only into Disney but also Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, Disney Plus+, and Hulu news. 

What is D23?

To clarify, D23 is a Disney fan organization that offers special events for Disney fans, membership perks and exclusive website access to certain parts of the D23 website. As a Free Member, you can get a first look at news, and events. As a paid member, the Gold D23 membership includes invitations to special VIP events hosted by D23, a 10% discount on shopDisney.com, access to D23 EXPO tickets, and a quarterly magazine called D23 that highlights everything happening with the Walt Disney Company. Check out all the benefits of a D23 Membership. 

What does D23 stand for?

In 1923 Walt Disney arrived in California where he started his animation studio with his brother, Roy Disney. From here, they created Mickey Mouse, and began the Disney legacy. Hence the name D23 for Disney 1923.

What is the D23 EXPO?

The D23 EXPO is a 3-day event for Disney fans. Showcasing EVERYTHING happening at the Disney company and what fans can expect in the coming years. Luckily, this includes any Disney Parks changes, like new rides, restaurants, services, shows, entertainment, etc to keep you in the know. It also includes what’s coming to Disney Plus, New Disney Movies on the way, Disney Cruise Line Updates, new Disney merchandise, partnerships, and more. If it’s happening, you’ll learn about it here.

This convention consists of presentations, exhibits, pop-up shopping, displays, meet and greets contests, panels, and discussions, and a slew of celebrities sharing what movies and TV shows are on the way. If you’re generally star-struck then this is the event for you!

d23 Membership Gift 2022

Who can go to D23 EXPO?

*NEW* for 2024, D23 Expo guests MUST BE A D23 Member to purchase tickets. Fans can join D23 with a Gold Membership ($99.99), Gold Duo Membership ($129.99), or General Membership (complimentary) at JoinD23.com 

Are Kids allowed at the D23 EXPO?

Yes, absolutely. However, tickets cost the same for both children and adults. And all guests under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend this D23 event and will require an event ticket for admission. All children 2 years of age and older must have a ticket for admittance. ( *NEW* 2024 Rules)

Disney100 Mickey Mural by Arcy

D23 EXPO 2024 Dates

In 2024, the D23 EXPO takes place from August 9-11, 2024.This event is close to nearby Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure theme parks, as well as Downtown Disney. And as it’s the end of summer, a perfect time to extend your visit. D23 is hosting additional member events beginning August 4, 2024 in the Anaheim area. Check out the Disneyland 2024 Events Calendar for all the happenings during your visit. 

When is the D23 EXPO in 2024?

The D23 EXPO in Anaheim, California is August 9-11, 2024 at the Anaheim Convention Center and Honda Center Locations. 

How Often does the D23 EXPO happen?

While the D23 EXPO happens every other year, ( 2024, 2026, 2028 , etc.), you can experience a variety of Destination D23 mini events, as well as exclusive behind the scenes and social meet ups throughout the year. 


D23 Expo 2024 Locations *NEW*

NEW for 2024, the D23 EXPO 2024 takes places across two locations. While the Anaheim Convention Center will continue to house the event featuring panels, presentations, shopping and exhibits, the largest presentations have moved to the Honda Center Arena. See below for maps of both D23 EXPO locations.  

Where is the D23 EXPO?

This year the D23 EXPO is held at the Anaheim Convention Center near Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California AND the Honda Center. This multiple venue change for 2024 is NEW. So take note of the change. As a major destination capital, prepare to snag Anaheim Hotel Rooms for D23 EXPO early, as they fill up fast as soon as the Expo is announced. 

  • Anaheim Convention Center Location
    • Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim California is located at 800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802.
  • Honda Center Arena Location *NEW* D23 EXPO 2024 Location
    • Honda Center, Anaheim California: 2695 E Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806

Will the D23 EXPO have a Shuttle for 2024?

Yes, in order D23 EXPO guests will have access to a complimentary round-trip shuttle service for transportation to and from the Honda Center and the Anaheim Convention Center. The 2024 D23 EXPO Shuttle will be available between the Anaheim Convention Center and the Honda Center before and after the evening shows, offered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to limited availability. For awareness, since this service is complimentary and not guaranteed, take note of location addresses and other means of transportation available below. 

Distance from Anaheim Convention to Honda Center

For 2024, D23 has arranged for shuttles to transport the 150,000 people that attend this event. Space on the shuttles is limited to a first come, first serve basis. While this has been largely a walking experience for many, the walking distance between these to locations is 1-hour. As such we highly recommend you arrive early for your shuttle transportation, or consider other means of transport. Here is the distance between the Anaheim Convention Center and the Honda Center. 

  • Driving: 10 minutes
  • Transit Bus: 28 minutes
  • Biking: 21 minutes
  • Walking: 1 hour and 1 minute

Anaheim Convention Center to Honda Center Map D23 EXPO 2024

d23 EXPO at Anaheim Convention center

D23 EXPO 2024 Tickets- SOLD OUT 

In 2024 there are 3 Types of Tickets available for D23 EXPO. You can choose tickets by day ( Friday, Saturday or Sunday) or as a 3-Day Pass, as well as by location; Anaheim Convention Center ONLY or both Anaheim Convention Center and Honda Center. For each ticketing tier, including the D23 Gold Member Exclusive Preferred Ultimate Fan Pass (3-day only), D23 Ultimate Fan Pass (1-day or 3-day), or D23 Fan Pass (1-day or 3-day), guests can purchase up to 8 total passes.

D23 EXPO Tickets 2024

d23 EXPO Ticket Prices

ticket prices at d23 expo 2024

What are the D23 Gold Membership Benefits at the D23 EXPO?

Apart from the discounted ticket prices, there are a few benefits to being a D23 Gold Member. 

  • Access to the D23 Gold Member Lounge. This gives you access to a private area with phone charging stations, games and ice cream bars.
  • Discounts on Merchandise. There is a lot of shopping to be done at the EXPO, as a member, you can keep an eye out for the “Gold Member Offer Spot” for exclusive offers on select merchandise and discounts across the stores.
  • D23 Gold Member Gift
  • Typically a collectible print, D23 Gold Members can grab this at the D23 Member Gift Pick-Up counter.

D23 EXPO Panels Exhibits

D23 EXPO Panel Reservation and Standby Queues * NEW*

In 2024, the D23 EXPO is expanding reservation opportunities for panels and presentations at the convention center. Guests are allowed to make reservation selections for up to eight (8) total guests for most shows and presentations at the Anaheim Convention Center ONLY. Guests will also have the opportunity to add, modify, or cancel their reservations before the event.

  • Standby queues will be available at all stage venues for guests who do not receive a reservation for panels or presentations, as well as Talent Central, and for most experiences across the show floor.
  • For the health and safety of all guests, overnight queuing is not available for the event and will not be allowed around the perimeter of the Anaheim Convention Center or the Honda Center.

D23 EXPO 2024 Map of the Honda Center

If you’re hoping to attend any of the Big Three presentations at D23 EXPO, all are located in the Honda Center Arena. As such,  you will need the D23 Ultimate Fan Pass or the D23 Ultimate Preferred Fan Pass. As noted from the image above, you can see the Arena Levels for each price point, so you know which tickets to buy. You can additionally see the Honda Center Area layout below, so that you’re aware of the 200, and 400 level locations noted on the tickets for purchase. The D23 Events taking place at the Honda Center are Disney Entertainment & Film (Friday), Disney Experiences, Parks & Cruise (Saturday), and Disney Legends Ceremony (Sunday).


D23 EXPO 2024 Map of Anaheim Convention Center

You can grab the full map for the 2024 D23 EXPO once it’s released on the D23 EXPO website. Previous map layouts of the main spaces included can be seen on the 2022 map below. However, the Anaheim convention center map for D23 tends to cover the entire first floor, with breakout panels in smaller rooms, and larger events in the Hall. Now that the three main events have been moved to the Honda Center, these spaces will hopefully allow more guests per panel, and give people the chance to see the events they want. 

D23 EXPO Map convention Center Anaheim 2022


Parking for D23 EXPO at Anaheim Convention Center

  1. Parking is available at the Anaheim Convention Center for a nominal fee, payable by credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay (cash is not accepted). Please allow ample time for parking, as some lots may be off-site. Accessible parking is on a first-come, first-served basis at Car Park 1 and Car Park 4. Overnight parking is prohibited at the Anaheim Convention Center.
  2. For those parking at the Anaheim Convention Center, all vehicles must be cleared by 10 p.m. to avoid being towed.

D23 EXPO 2024 Schedule Honda Center

D23 EXPO 2024 Honda Center Schedule 

Located at the Honda Center Arena, the Big Three Presentations are D23 EXPO are those that feature Disney Entertainment, Experiences and Legends. These presentations include a mix of Disney News shared by top Disney executives, Performances, and first look video at new plans for the parks, films, cruises, and more. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect at each. 

Friday, August 9 | Disney Entertainment Evening Showcase 7:00 PM Honda Center

The Disney Entertainment Evening Showcase is sure to highlight Disney Films, Disney+ and Disney Channel Plans for the coming years. Featuring News on Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney+, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, Hulu, Fox and ESPN, you can plan on an array of announcements, from New Disney Movies to  New Disney+ Series. Appearances by popular Movie stars, and Disney Channel stars typically happen at this event. Attendees also typically receive an exclusive gift, like a movie poster, or a treat.  The Disney Entertainment Evening Showcase begins at 7:00 PM at the Honda Center.

Enjoy the magic of Disney Entertainment in a star-studded showcase featuring the best of Disney storytelling onstage and onscreen. Get an exclusive look at the movies, series, and shows fans love, and a glimpse into what to look forward to from Disney’s film studiostelevision and streaming serviceslive stage shows on Broadway, and beyond. Join some favorite stars as they give a peek behind the curtain at upcoming projects, never-before-seen footage and art, surprise announcements and special guests, musical performances, and exclusive new content coming to the big screen, to smaller screens, and to the stage… all from Disney Entertainment.

Saturday, August 10 | Disney Experiences Evening Showcase 7:00 PM Honda Center

Another popular event, the Disney Experiences Evening Showcase features all the Disney News on Disney Parks, domestic and international. As well as plans for Disney Cruise Line, Video Games, Interactive Experiences, Apps, and what’s in store. Expected announcements for 2024 include the Animal Kingdom Tropical Islands expansion ( replacing Dino Land). A potential Magic Kingdom Expansion at Walt Disney World ( covering the area beyond Big Thunder Mountain). The 3rd Disney Cruise Ship Name and theme. A Disneyland Forward Project Update. And the role of Disney’s recent acquisition of EPIC Games. Nevertheless the announcements will be many, but not necessarily new as these things were all hinted at in both the D23 2022 Expo, as well as the Destination D23 event in September of 2023. Disney Parks Chair Josh D.Amaro leads this event. The Disney Experiences Evening Showcase starts at 7:00 PM at the Honda Center. 

Join Disney Experiences Chairman Josh D’Amaro for a special showcase featuring the latest on new and highly anticipated projects in development around the world for Disney Parks, experiences, and beyond. With global announcements, special surprises, and showstopping performances, this will be a show that the biggest Disney fans won’t want to miss.

Sunday, August 11 | Disney Legends Evening Showcase 5:00 PM Honda Center

The Disney Legends Evening Showcase takes place at 5:00 PM at the Honda Center. This year’s honorees include Colleen Atwood, Angela Bassett, Martha Blanding, James L. Brooks, James Cameron, Jamie Lee Curtis, Miley Cyrus, Steve Ditko, Harrison Ford, Mark Henn, Frank Oz, Kelly Ripa, Joe Rohde, and John Williams.

For nearly four decades, the Disney Legends Awards program has honored gifted animators, Imagineers, songwriters, actors, business leaders, and more for the significant impact they’ve had on the Disney legacy. This year, we’ll be honoring the 2024 class of Disney Legends during D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event on Sunday, August 11, at 5 p.m. at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, this ceremony will celebrate the new class and look back at their many contributions to Disney magic.

D23 EXPO 2024 Expected Announcements 

Updated throughout the EXPO on D23’s social channels, be sure to follow @DisneyD23 and @D23EXPO for in-the-moment reporting of what is being announced across all panels throughout the weekend. 

Entertainment Showcase

As Disney has a slew of planned New Disney Movies from now until 2031 and Disney+ Shows already in the works, we’re expecting updates on previously released entertainment teasers at the D23 EXPO, if not before. 

Release Dates are Expected for the following Disney films at D23 EXPO. 

  • Zootopia 2  
  • Frozen 3 
  • The Aristocats Live Action Release Date
  • Cruella 2 Update
  • Sword and the Stone Live Action Update
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Update
  • Jungle Cruise 2 Update
  • Tower of Terror Feature Film Update

Plans for Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar films are also set to be shared across both feature film releases and Disney+ Plus releases. With several untitled films already set with placeholders throughout 2026, we’re anticipating that a slew of new content will announced. 

Parks, Attractions and Experiences

We shared all the details of projects in the works for Everything Coming to Disney Parks 2024 and Beyond. For a snapshot of the kind of things to expect you can take a look at everything announced at Destination D23. 

  • New Attractions Coming to Walt Disney World
    • Country Bear Musical Jamboree Opening Date
    • Pirates of the Caribbean Tavern at Magic Kingdom Opening Date
    • Magic Kingdom Park Expansion
      • Beyond Big Thunder Area Rumors
        • Cars Radiator Springs Racers Attraction
        • Villains Area
    • Test Track Re-Imagining Opening Date
    • Animal Kingdom Expansion (DinoLand USA Replacement)
    • Zootopia Show in the Animal Kingdom Tree of Life Update
  • New Disney Cruise Line Announcements 2024 and Beyond
  • Disneyland Resort
    • Disneyland Forward Project Update
    • Disneyland Avengers Campus Expansion
  • International Parks
    • Space Mountain Transformation Tokyo DisneySea 
    • Disneyland  Paris Adventure World ( 2nd Park Plans)
  • Experiences
    • Role of new EPIC Games Acquisition across Disney properties

D23 EXPO Panels and Celebrities

D23 EXPO 2024 Anaheim Convention Center Schedule | August 9- 11, 2024

Located at the Anaheim convention Center, the D23 EXPO offers a slew of vendors, panels, exhibits, and events that are well worth the visit. If you’re headed to the EXPO and wondering if you need to spend the extra for the Honda Center Ticket, then here’s a quick glance at some of the things we’ve done in the past. Other panels and spaces included Virtual Disney on Broadway, the Disney Cruise Line exhibit, showcasing future projects, the Hulu exhibit featuring new shows, Marvel, National Geographic, and Star Wars spaces and more. 

Friday, August 9 – Sunday, August 11, 2024 at the Anaheim Convention Center

Offered all day at the convention center, you can find the following Disney experiences. “Fan-favorites will return to the show floor, including pavilions from Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney+, Marvel Studios, Disney Experiences, and Lucasfilm. Along with the pavilions, fans can experience returning favorites such as photo spots, interactive displays, pin trading, and concessions.”

  • Panels & Presentations
  • Shopping & Merchandise Exclusives
  • Immersive Experiences

Walt Disney Archives Exhibit A Great Big Beautiful Car Show 

A, and a first-of-its-kind exhibition from the Walt Disney Archives titled “A Great Big Beautiful Car Show. Throughout the exhibition, the Archives will display some of the most iconic—and more than a few unusual—vehicles from beloved stories across the many worlds of Disney that have traveled on the big screen, television, and even down Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park. 

Mousequerade | Premiere Stage

This costume ceremony features fan made costumes that are inspired by Disney, and are truly some of the best. Held at the Premiere Stage, previous winners have taken months to create the perfect costume, and this parade of costumes is well worth seeing. Premiere Stage seats 3000.  

The fan-favorite ultimate costume contest, Mousequerade, will return to this stage once again as a host of celebrity judges critique the most incredible handmade costumes designed and created by D23 fans. Registration for Mousequerade is now open.

Niche Sessions| Hyperion and Backlot Stage 

Documentaries and behind-the-scenes events typically take place at the Backlot Stage ( seating 1200). A select audience demographic, this stage still accommodates a decent crowd. Niche topics find a home on the Hyperion Stage. Duffy and Friends, children’s programming, and women in fashion are all found on this stage. 

Special Panels and Conversations | Walt Disney Archives Stage

The Walt Disney Archives Seats 700, and accommodates a range of historical shows, panels, and presentations. 

An expanded Walt Disney Archives Stage will host a variety of panels, creative discussions, and engaging presentations that will speak to many aspects of Disney history, spanning the entire legacy of The Walt Disney Company. Session topics include Walt’s famous trip to Latin America in the 1940s, hosted conversations with members of the newest class of Disney Legends, and more.

Storytellers and Stars | Spotlight Stage *NEW*

New in 2024, the Spotlight Stage is moved to the main floor of the convention center and offers a variety of opportunities for fans to connect with storytellers and stars throughout the day. 

Spotlight Stage will be located on the main show floor for deeper conversations with stars and storytellers as well as interactive entertainment for fans throughout the day.

D23 EXPO Events and Panels

D23 EXPO 2024 Spaces at the Anaheim Convention Center

One of the biggest parts of the D23 Expo is simply browsing around. If you’re lucky enough to make it through the difficult and challenging virtual queue to get into panels, then much of your time will be spent learning what’s new across the world of Disney. But, if you’re stuck out in the cold, wondering what to do, then you can grab a spot in line to shop at a variety of pop-up stores, browse vendor tables, or meander through pavilions featuring exhibits of the parks, films, and archives. Here are the spaces you can find all over the convention center; some which host events, panels, and exhibits. 

HALL D23 | Seats 7,000

The Hall D23 used to be home to the biggest events. This year, since those big presentations have moved to the Honda Center we’ll wait and see what shows up in this space. 

Premier Stage | Seats 3,000

This stage is typically reserved for mid-size events that will draw a large crowd. Disney plus series, Imagineering, and National Geographic are often found here. 

Backlot Stage | Seats 1,200

Documentaries and behind-the-scenes events typically take place here. A select audience demographic, this stage still accommodates a decent crowd. 

Hyperion Stage 

Niche topics find a home on the Hyperion Stage. Duffy and Friends, children’s programming, and women in fashion are all found on this stage. 

Walt Disney Archives Stage | Seats 700

Digging deep into the archives, this stage honors stories from the Walt Disney Company’s Past! From holiday magic to an inside look at incredible artifacts and finds from the Walt Disney Family Museum, this is where you can learn the stories that make up Disney. 

d23 EXPO Live Stage

D23 EXPO Live Stage

The D23 Expo Arena stage features behind-the-scenes panels, with information on new shows coming to Disney Plus and an inside look at special Disney attractions. This is right out in the open. So if you don’t get reservations to panels, you can hang out near this stage for fun events happening all weekend long. 

Disney Parks and Experiences Pavilion

This pavilion from Disney Parks and Experiences offers behind-the-scenes details about the newest rides, attractions, shows, Disney Cruise Line updates, and more. Everything coming to Disney World and Disneyland, and all the global Disney Parks. 

Marvel Studios Pavilion

Head to the Marvel pavilion to see costume displays, and participate in exclusive giveaways, photo ops, and more. Highlighting Marvel merchandise new feature films, and shows on Disney Plus, the Marvel pavilion highlights the entire franchise. 

Journey Into Storytelling Pavilion

Highlighting Disney-purchased properties, like ABC, Freeform, Hulu, National Geographic, FOX, and more, this pavilion offers Interactive experiences that give guests the chance to immerse themselves in a variety of favorite programming.  scenes!

Walt Disney Animation Studios Pavilion

Featuring a behind-the-scenes look at animation projects past, present, and future, this pavilion will share highlights from the upcoming Strange World and Pixar’s Elemental. As well as have opportunities for a Buzz Lightyear and Turning Red photo op. Autograph signings and open presentations are part of what will be running nonstop from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily throughout the D23 Expo. 

Costumes from disney Films at D23 Expo

Walt Disney Archives Pavilion

By far one of the best pavilions on the show floor, the Walt Disney Archives presents archival displays honoring Disney’s current focus. In the past we saw costume exhibitions, the 100th anniversary restoration pieces and more from the Archives to help celebrate Disney’s history. 

Walt's Plane Exhibit

D23 EXPO Exhibit Rooms

All across the convention center are exhibit rooms that are open for browsing. Costumes, Movie Props, special collections honoring favorite films, and more are all part of this immersive experience. 

D23 EXPO 2022 Mysterious Benedict Society

national treasure d23 expo 2022

Disney+ Plus, Hulu and ESPN Pavilion

The Disney Plus Pavilion is filled with programs that happen throughout the day. Often open to all who pass by, these sessions are hosted and offer an inside look at the behind-the-scenes excitement at Disney+.

Disney Publishing Pavilion

Grab all the Disney books your suitcase can carry at the D23 EXPO. And you can even get them signed! 

Disney Broadway Pavilion

Settle into watching a VR experience of any of your favorite Disney Broadway shows. Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, and more are all part of this showroom floor pavilion. 

Disney Dream Store at D23 EXPO

D23 EXPO 2024 Shopping at the Anaheim Convention Center

As part of the experience, guests can roam through aisles and aisles of vendors and merchants selling Disney wares. shopDisney and specialty shops also all have floor space at this event, complete with lines to get in. Get a Storepass to get priority access in line. Attendees can sign up via Virtual Queue to get in line. And you can mobile checkout to save time. 

D23 EXPO Marketplace

This new and immersive retail experience is all about Disney products from a plethora of franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, Disney, Pixar, and more. Plus, special items celebrating Disney100, and D23 are all available throughout the expo. You can grab products from shopDisney.com, Disney Store, Disney Parks, and more. Featured collections included to debut are the Marvel World of Wakanda and Disney Munchlings.

Mickey of Glendale’s Shop 

This shopping experience is courtesy of Walt Disney Imagineering. and includes three special spaces; Main Shop, Pin Store, and D23 Expo Shop x Mickey of Glendale store. 

D23 EXPO Panels and News

D23 EXPO 2024 Celebrity Signings and Photos

Another part of the event is special access to favorite celebrities across the Disney stratosphere. Be sure to get a Talentpass if you’re hoping to meet your favorite people. 


D23 EXPO 2024 Hotels Within Walking Distance of Disneyland

While there are a bunch of Hotels within Walking Distance of Disneyland, there are a couple that is just closer to the Anaheim Convention Center. However if you’re hoping to stay close to the big events, then the Hotels Close to the Honda Center Arena are a little farther way.  Nevertheless, choosing something close to the arena, may be important if you don’t want to wait for the shuttle transport in the evenings. 

Hilton Anaheim

The Hilton Anaheim Resort is perfect if you’re heading to the Anaheim Convention Center for the D23 EXPO. Grab a suite for a full kitchen in your room. You can also enjoy a grab-and-go breakfast option at the hotel, as well as a pool, large rooms, and dining, and is close walking distance to the parks. Our best strategy here is to walk to the Toy Story parking lot and grab the shuttle to the entrance of the parks.  Walking Time to Disneyland Resort: 21 minutes

Hyatt House Anaheim

We are fans of Hyatt almost anywhere we travel. And the Disneyland Area Hyatt House is no exception. Located in between the Convention Center and the Disneyland Resort, this hotel sits atop shopping and restaurants on the corner of Harbour and Katella. This means you get access to Blaze Pizza, and Walgreens for necessities, and more. This hotel offers apartment-style rooms with a full kitchen and complimentary breakfast. Hyatt Place at the Convention Center is also a great option. Walking Time to Disneyland Resort: 13 minutes. 

Starbucks Near D23 EXPO Anaheim Convention Center

If you’re anything like us, while we love traveling there are 2 things we always need to know. How close is Target and Where is the Starbucks? As Ohioans, we’re strangely blessed with multiple Starbucks locations, often in the same city. But in other states, we have not found this to be true. As such, if you’re expected to wake up at 3 am to go wait in line for a Hall D23 presentation at the D23 EXPO, there best be a Starbucks nearby you can visit at least 2-3 times while you’re waiting.

The closest Starbucks to the D23 EXPO Anaheim Convention Center is located in the Hilton Anaheim Hotel located at 777 W Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802. It Open hours are from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. The second closest Starbucks is at the Hyatt House Anaheim, a little bit farther walking distance. Located at 1800 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802, this location opens at 5 p.m. and closes at 2 p.m. And lastly, if you’re coming from the Disneyland Resort area, you can grab coffee at the Downtown Disney Starbucks, open from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. 

Disneyland Resort Good Neighbor Hotels Map

D23 EXPO 2024 Food

One of the biggest challenges during D23 was finding decent food to eat! While the Anaheim Convention Center does have a cafeteria with a variety of quick-service convention food, better food was a mystery for a bit. Thankfully, at the D23 EXPO, the best food can be found just outside the Anaheim Convention Center at the visiting Food Trucks. As well as a little way down the road at Blaze Pizza.

Since NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED inside the D23 Expo ( P.S. No one followed this rule, we saw Starbucks in the hands of everyone). Unless you want the cafeteria-style food inside. Either way, there will be pockets throughout the day where you’re not in a panel, and good to take a break to find food elsewhere. Which we highly recommend. Check out all the rules on the D23 EXPO Things to Know page. 

Cafes at Anaheim Convention Center

One of the conveniences at the convention center is that cafes are available throughout the expo. From burgers, to wraps, to fruit, and breakfast items, you can plan on being able to get your meals and snacks at D23 EXPO. 

Food Trucks at D23 EXPO

A big perk as part of the D23 EXPO Food options are the local food trucks that form a cul de sac space just outside the Convention center. These trucks offer a gamut of food choices. Indian, Mexican, Pizza, Vegetarian foods, and more can all be found, depending on the Food Truck vendors chosen for the event. 

How Much Does Food Cost at D23 EXPO?

Considered fast food, you can expect to pay between $15-20 per meal, whether you’re getting it inside or at the food trucks, food is generally more expensive in California, to begin with. And the ease of not having to walk away from the convention center lends to the prices being a bit higher. 

Coffee at D23 EXPO Convention Center

If you’re on the search for coffee, there is a small coffee bar at the Anaheim Convention Center that offers basic coffee, and some specialty coffees. They’re not Starbucks, so probably can’t work up any complex coffees, but you can count on alternative milks and packages to go foods as needed. 

Moonknight at Marvel Pavilion D23 EXPO 2022

D23 Member Experiences August 4-8, 2024 * NEW*

*NEW* in 2024, D23 is offering a slew of D23 Member  exclusive experiences in Anaheim leading up to the EXPO event. So, if you’re arriving in town early for the EXPO you’ll have even more chances to add more magic to your stay. Featuring a day at the ballgame, a day at Disney and other behind the scenes, Disney themed fun, be sure to check out D23.com for the latest information and to register for these extra events. 

Sunday, August 4th, 2024 — D23 Day at Angel Stadium

Grab your peanuts and cracker jack and head to the ballgame in Anaheim! Special for D23 members, you can grab specially priced tickets for the  D23 Day at Angel Stadium here!

The first ever D23 Day at Angel Stadium will take place on Sunday, August 4, 2024, as the Angels take on the New York Mets. The stadium will come to life with D23 fun, including special trivia, photo spots, and more. The first 23,000 fans in the gate will also receive a commemorative and one-of-a-kind D23 Mickey Mouse bobblehead. Specially priced tickets are on sale now for D23 Members. 

Image of the event name D23 Night at the Anaheim Packing District with the Anaheim Packing District Est. 1919 logo on a blue gradient background.

Tuesday, August 6th, 2024 —D23 Night at the Anaheim Packing District

Get ready for a night out on the town, complete with food, drinks and trivia at the D23 Night at the Anaheim Packing District. In addition to a night out in the Packing district, fans can learn to play games and add a little more magic to the evening. 

On Tuesday, August 6, fans can meet up for a “D23 Night” at the Anaheim Packing District in the heart of Downtown Anaheim to enjoy local foods, drinks, trivia, and special D23 touches. No ticket is required; fans can mix and mingle and get ready for the week ahead! D23 will also be partnering with Ravensburger to create a game night integration where Fans can learn to play the Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game or try out some of their other games like Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil and Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition). 

Image of Jack-Jack, waving one hand and smiling in a red onesie. Disney. Pixar. The Incredibles 20th Anniversary, Outdoor Screening, Pearson Park Amphitheatre, Anaheim, California. D23: The Official Disney Fan Club in collaboration with Street Food Cinema, A Til Events Production.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2024 —Incredibles Outdoor Movie at Pearson Park Amphitheater

If you’re in the area early for D23 EXPO you can celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Incredibles at Pearson Park Amphitheater for a screening of the film, alongside your D23 friends. 

D23, in collaboration with Street Food Cinema, will present an outdoor screening of The Incredibles to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The event will take place at Pearson Park Amphitheater in Downtown Anaheim. Tickets are available here.

Graphic image of the Event Name “D23 Day at Disneyland” on top of colorful artwork featuring Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland and the Carthay Circle restaurant at Disney California Adventure Park. This is on a black background.

Thursday, August 8th, 2024 — D23 EXPO 2024 Day at Disneyland Resort

For the first time ever, you can head to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure for special cavalcades, photo ops, and more to honor D23 fans. Valid Disney Park Ticket still required. 

“Before the magic of Disney comes to life during D23: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event, guests can kick off the weekend’s festivities at the first-ever D23 Day at Disneyland Resort on Thursday, August 8, 2024. Both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park will welcome ticketed D23 fans from rope drop to late night, featuring unique offerings for fans, including a custom cavalcade, an energetic dance party, special photo opportunities, and more.”

D23 The Ultimate Disney Sweepstakes

As part of the new offerings from D23 this year, D23 Fans can enter to win exclusive prizes and a chance to win a cruise! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Open only to legal residents of the 50 U.S./D.C., 18+, who are current D23 Members (D23 General Plan is free). Void where prohibited. Begins 7/8/24 and ends 8/11/24. For Official Rules including prize and odds, visit fantasticprizes.d23.com.

Fans can also enter an unparalleled sweepstakes, one of the most expansive in Disney history.  D23: The Ultimate Disney Sweepstakes – FANtastic Prizes is a spectacular lineup of exclusive prizes and engaging experiences that only Disney can deliver! One of the spectacular prizes includes a sailing on the seven-night maiden voyage of the newest Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Treasure. 

D23 EXPO 2024 Details

Hopefully, this post has helped you get a handle on what to expect at the D23EXPO. A fun event, it’s everything you’d expect from a Disney Convention filled with Disney Fans. It’s a crazy, fun and fast-paced weekend. Get ready for coffee and lots of it. 

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2 thoughts on “D23 EXPO 2024 Tickets, Schedule and Changes UPDATED”

  • Thanks for all the info! I did have a follow up question, what if I wanted to do a more casual D23 Expo visit, is it worth to buy a ticket? To clarify…if I don’t want to line up overnight/early for exclusive panels or merch. All the tip sites I visited pretty much recommend going super early but not really touching on the fact if I want a more casual experience (walk in 11-12 and just cruise the show floor) is that a realistic expectation?

    • Hey there, thanks for reading. And yes, if you want to just have a slow day wandering the show floor, a ticket could be worth it, if you aim for a Saturday ticket. At that point, all the booths are set up and could give you plenty to look at. There are also often exhibits, and specialty shops on the show floor and second floor that you do sometimes have to wait in line for, but could enrich the experience for you and don’t require a reservation or the need to wake up early. 🙂