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Using Photography Presets for Better Travel Photos

Using Photography Presets for Better Travel Photos
Do you use photography presets for better photography? Why bother, when better photos can be easily achieved by purchasing the latest and greatest iPhone. Sometimes.  And most  photographers will tell you it’s all about the lenses. With the right lighting. And even more photography aficionados will tell you it’s all about the post processing. Still, with so many factors going into the perfect photo how can you make sure they always look good, or rather, are always on theme for your Instagram feed? This is where photography presets come in.

Loving the ability to elevate the look of a photo with a simple click of the button on your phone? We do. Read about all our Preset favorites and why we create and use them. 

Everything you need to know about Presets

As bloggers, photographers, designers, etc. we don’t always have tons of time to put into post processing. We also are usually taking pics on the go and don’t always have the right lens handy. This is where Photography Presets come in.

How do you use Photography Presets?

It’s no secret that Adobe Lightroom is the product to use for any serious photographer. Thankfully, you can grab the FREE Lightroom CC App on your phone for all your photo editing needs.  Check it out for iPhone here and Android here. As a photo editing app it’s pretty robust and can adjust your pictures to the nines, if you know what you are doing. Of course, if you don’t know what you are doing and just need your photos to have a consistent theme, then grab a preset. We share the instructions in our listings in our Preset shop and have a video that shows you how to use them. 

What are Presets?

Presets are simply a series of lighting settings that overlay your picture. A good preset can help you get the same lighting, colors, shadows, highlights, etc. in every photo. These are perfect if you are a Travel Blogger, Photographer, Taking Wedding Pictures, or just Branding your Instagram Feed to a more consistent elevated look.

Our Favorite Presets

As travel bloggers and girls on the go, we’ve crafted presets that always ensure a great picture. From the everyday preset that ensures good lighting, to more dramatic and holiday looks, these are some of our best selling travel photography presets.

Everyday Presets

We use several general light settings for our everyday photography to make sure our whites look bright and our colors pop. You can grab Fresh Pixie, shown here to help freshen up your photos. 

Pop Color Presets

We also love presets that accent certain colors. Whether its making your dark colors darker, your reds more festive or your blues brighter. Our Cheerful present, shown here, helps all colors pop a little brighter. Making it the perfect preset to elevate your best photos.

Seasonal Photography Presets

Our favorite part about photo presets is the ability to align all our photos to a theme. Nothing does this better than some of our seasonal presets, like Festive, Holiday and Winter, shown here

Being able to align your photos to a theme, whether seasonal or simply for coherent branding on your Instagram theme is really what presets are perfect for. 

Photography Presets

If you’re ready to give your photos a little more life and some finesse check out all our digital photography presets for any photo need you may have. Downloads Instantly. Shop the Collection.
Ever Consider using Photography Presets for your Photos? Whether you're just looking for better pictures, or a theme for your Instagram feed, Presets can get you there. Here's all our favorite presets and HOW to use them! #lightroompresets #travelpresets #photographypresets #betterphotos

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